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Immigration Appellate Authority

Mr. Rooney: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department, how many adjudicators in the Immigration Appellate Authority have (a) been dismissed and (b) resigned in each of the last five years. [29243]

Ms Rosie Winterton: No Immigration adjudicators have been dismissed during the last five years. The Lord Chancellor's Department does not have definitive records of resignations during the last five years but estimates that 26 Immigration adjudicators have resigned during that period.

21 Jan 2002 : Column 635W

Mr. Rooney: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what is the minimum qualification to serve as an adjudicator for the Immigration Appellate Authority. [29240]

Ms Rosie Winterton: All appointments are made under Schedule 3 to the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. All appointees must hold a seven year qualification within the meaning of section 71 of the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990, which is a right of audience in any class of proceedings in any part of the Supreme Court or in all proceedings in the county court or magistrates courts, or they should be an advocate or solicitor in Scotland of at least seven years' standing, a member of the Bar of Northern Ireland or a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Northern Ireland of at seven years' standing or have such legal or other experience as appears to the Lord Chancellor to make him or her suited for appointment.

Mr. Rooney: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what training is given to adjudicators in the Immigration Appellate Authority. [29241]

Ms Rosie Winterton: Qualification for appointment for adjudicators is laid out in Paragraph 2, Schedule 3 to the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. For adjudicators new to the jurisdiction there is a structured four-day induction programme of training. This includes judicial practice, immigration and asylum law, discussion groups and practical exercises. Inductees are mentored and sit in with an experienced adjudicator for at least three hearing days.

For existing adjudicators there is a regular series of training events. All adjudicators receive a minimum of three days training per annum. Such training covers new developments as well as providing opportunities to refresh existing knowledge and skills.

Mr. Rooney: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what written guidance is given to adjudicators in the Immigration Appellate Authority on the conduct and management of appeal hearings. [29242]

Ms Rosie Winterton: All adjudicators receive an extensive Bench Book covering all aspects of relevant law and practice. They are also provided with equal treatment guidance, standard legal texts and extensive guidance on determination writing. IAA Legal and Research support further provides regular updates on issues and developments in the immigration and asylum field.

Lost/Stolen Property

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department if she will list those items valued at more than £50 which have been stolen or lost from her Department in each of the last four years. [27995]

Ms Rosie Winterton: The figures are as in the table:

Date of incidentItems stolen/lostValue (£)
Financial year 1997–98
11 April 1997Cash200.00
26 April 1997Cash55.00
1 May 1997TV/video450.00
11 May 1997Cash500.00
11 May 1997Printers x 41,000.00
16 May 1997Video recorder350.00
20 May 1997Printer250.00
22 May 1997Laser printer and fax machine250.00
3 June 1997Laptop1,000.00
1 July 1997Recorder and CD1,000.00
17 August 1997Laser printer250.00
18 August 1997Pen150.00
9 September 1997Laptop1,500.00
15 September 1997Video recorder250.00
7 November 1997Desk tops x 5 and printer300.00
22 November 1997Video recorder250.00
16 December 1997PC1,500.00
22 December 1997Laptop1,500.00
6 January 1998Laptop1,000.00
9 January 1998PC1,000.00
12 January 1998Printer, keyboard and telephone250.00
17 February 1998Answering machine73.00
5 March 1998Assorted cutlery65.00
12 March 1998External security light100.00
19 March 1998Laptop50.00
19 March 1998Colour TV and file server50.00
20 March 1998File server and chips3,000.00
21 March 1998Cufflinks50.00
27 March 1998Cash160.00
29 March 1998Keyboards x 4, mouse and barcode reader300.00
Financial year 1998–99
3 April 1998Cash230.00
14 April 1998Contents of payphone80.00
18 May 1998PC150.00
19 May 1998CPU's missing1,000.00
29 May 1998Video recorder200.00
2 June 1998Mobile phone100.00
12 June 1998Computers x 44,000.00
12 June 1998PC250.00
24 June 1998Laptop1,300.00
27 June 1998TV and CD radio800.00
29 June 1998TV/video, TV, radio800.00
10 June 1998Wallet130.00
11 July 1998Safe and laser printer50.00
14 July 1998Laptop2,000.00
15 July 1998Safe1,015.00
20 July 1998Cash102.00
21 July 1998Roof lead1,500.00
21 July 1998External security camera200.00
24 July 1998Laptop1,300.00
27 July 1998First aid boxes148.00
5 August 1998Pen and lighter90.00
6 August 1998Office CD350.00
12 August 1998CD/radio129.00
20 August 1998 Mobile phone95.00
17 September 1998Video recorder350.00
24 September 1998Printer200.00
21 October 1998Handbag and contents110.00
29 October 1998Printer700.00
10 December 1998Laptop2,500.00
14 December 1998Handbag and contents50.00
16 December 1998Vacuum cleaner100.00
29 March 1999Specialist phone50.00
1 April 1999Payphone and cash500.00
Financial year 1999–2000
10 April 1999Cash67.00
26 April 1999Payphone505.00
9 May 1999Roof lead500.00
15 June 1999Mobile phone113.00
4 July 1999Union flag and rope65.00
11 August 1999PC1,500.00
17 August 1999Payphone340.00
20 August 1999Laptop1,500.00
20 August 1999Laptop1,500.00
24 August 1999Payphone340.00
15 September 1999Cash340.00
16 September 1999Payphone200.00
26 September 1999TV and CD player318.85
13 October 1999Mobile phone158.25
21 October 1999Mobile phone50.00
29 November 1999Wallet and contents120.00
9 December 1999Laptop200.00
10 January 2000Hard drives x 3600.00
13 January 2000Video camera500.00
2 February 2000Payphone50.00
16 March 2000Dictaphone69.81
19 March 2000Vending machine340.00
Financial year 2000–01
3 April 2000Barrier rope116.00
3 April 2000Rope116.32
12 April 2000Cash and cheques73,000.00
21 April 2000Electronic postal scales500.00
18 May 2000PC base units x 1515,000.00
13 June 2000Handbag and personal palm pilot400.00
22 June 2000TV/video250.00
28 June 2000PC's x 5416,000.00
1 July 2000Laptop1,500.00
3 July 2000Mobile phone50.00
3 July 2000Mobile phone50.00
27 July 2000Cash2,300.00
8 August 2000Mobile phone117.50
10 August 2000Laptop1,000.00
30 August 2000Union flag109.24
20 September 2000Payphone550.00
21 September 2000Laptop500.00
27 September 2000Laptop1,500.00
27 September 2000Laptop1,500.00
28 September 2000TV/video160.00
28 September 2000TV/video160.00
6 October 2000PC150.00
11 November 2000Laptops x 9, keyboards x 2, projector and mobile phone25,000.00
15 November 2000Laptop500.00
16 December 2000Cash140.00
11 January 2001Department mobile phone100.00
2 February 2001CCTV camera600.00

21 Jan 2002 : Column 637W

Theft and Fraud

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what her estimate is of the cost of theft and fraud to (a) her Department, (b) its agencies and (c) non-departmental public bodies in each of the last four years. [27983]

Ms Rosie Winterton: It is not possible to distinguish the figures between the Department and its agencies. Available figures for the cost of theft and fraud for each of the last financial years are:

Department and agencies (£)NDPBs (£ million)

Figures for the current financial years are not yet available.

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