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New Schools

Mr. Laws: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what her estimate is of the number of (a) beacon schools, (b) academy schools, (c) specialist schools and (d) new faith schools in each year from 1997 to 2007; and if she will make a statement. [29207]

Mr. Timms: The information is as follows:

YearSpecialist schoolsBeacon schools
September 19972580
September 199833075
September 1999403200
September 2000536550
September 20016851,000

YearFaith schools opened in each calendar year

Targets for increasing the number of specialist schools and beacon schools are as follows:

YearSpecialist schoolsBeacon schools
2002At least 8301,150
2003At least 1,0001,350
2005At least 1,500

At present no city academies are open. The target is to expand the city academy programme year on year and for at least 20 academies to be open by 2005.

23 Jan 2002 : Column 906W

Secondary Schools

Mr. Laws: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what her estimate is of the number of secondary schools for the period 1997 to 2007. [29208]

Mr. Timms: The available information requested is shown in the table:

Number of secondary schools(5) as at January each year 1997 to 2001

JanuaryNumber of schools

(5) Includes middle deemed schools.


Annual Schools' Census.

The Department does not produce forecasts for the number of new schools. Planning the provision of new schools is the responsibility of local education authorities.

Expenditure (Scotland)

Annabelle Ewing: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what percentage of her Department's budget has been spent in Scotland since the institution of her Department in its present form. [29518]

Estelle Morris [holding answer 22 January 2002]: Most of the expenditure on education and skills in Scotland is devolved to the Scottish Executive.

My Department does, however, incur some expenditure in Scotland on Career Development Loans and Investors in People (£1.5 million and £0.1 million respectively in 2001–02). Expenditure in Scotland on those programmes makes up less than 0.01 per cent. of my Department's budget for 2001–02.

There is also some expenditure by the Student Loans Company (SLC) on student support for those studying in Scotland. Information on relevant student support is not held centrally but the SLC has agreed to write to the hon. Member further on this.

Parental Choice

Mr. Andrew Turner: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills in respect of each local education authority and for England, how many pupils did not obtain admission to the secondary school of their first choice in the most recent year for which information is available, in (a) absolute terms and (b) as a proportion of the total number of pupils transferring to secondary schools. [29659]

Mr. Timms: This information is not held centrally. However, research undertaken by the Office for National Statistics, on behalf of the Department for Education and Skills, looked at parents' experiences of the process of choosing a secondary school. Findings from this nationally representative survey of parents of children starting secondary school in September 1999 and September 2000 found that 92 per cent. of parents received an offer of a place in the school listed as their first preference.

23 Jan 2002 : Column 907W

Sixth Form Funding

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills which local education authorities she estimates to be entitled to education budget transitional support grant on the basis of the transfer of post-16 support to learning and skills councils in 2002–03; and if she will estimate the size of the grant in each case. [29714]

Mr. Timms: The transfer of sixth form funding to the LSC from April 2002 will be cost neutral at LEA level—the adjustments to individual SSAs to take account of the transfer will match the payments that LEAs get back from the LSC. But we propose to pay a special grant to a minority of LEAs where the changes being made to the funding methodology would not fully eliminate the impact of the funding changes in 2002–03.

I expect details of the special grant to be released after consultation on the Local Government Finance Settlement has been completed at the end of the month.

Standard Spending Assessment

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what the standard spending assessment per secondary pupil in each local education authority was for (a) 1999–2000, (b) 2000–01 and (c) 2001–02; and if she will estimate this figure for each (i) local education authority and (ii) learning and skills council in 2003–04 in total and (A) for 11 to 16 and (B) post-16 years pupils. [29715]

Mr. Timms: The information requested from 1999–2000 to 2001–02 is in the table. Allocations for 2003–04 have not yet been made so figures for that year are not available.

We are currently working up a new funding system for introduction in 2003–04, and that will affect funding allocations from that year.

SSA per secondary pupil (aged 11–15) expressed in real terms

201 City of London10,01024,04013,730
202 Camden4,2004,3504,430
203 Greenwich4,1004,2404,320
204 Hackney 4,8004,9205,000
205 Hammersmith and Fulham4,3404,4504,510
206 Islington4,5004,6504,780
207 Kensington and Chelsea4,2004,3604,450
208 Lambeth4,9705,1405,210
209 Lewisham4,3504,4404,520
210 Southwark4,4504,5704,660
211 Tower Hamlets4,7004,8004,910
212 Wandsworth4,0204,1004,150
213 Westminster3,9804,1004,170
301 Barking and Dagenham3,5603,6603,760
302 Barnet3,2803,3703,470
303 Bexley3,1803,2603,330
304 Brent3,9103,9804,080
305 Bromley3,1203,1803,260
306 Croydon3,4703,5603,660
307 Ealing3,6803,7903,900
308 Enfield3,4303,5103,630
309 Haringey4,0504,1604,270
310 Harrow3,3203,4103,540
311 Havering3,1503,2203,310
312 Hillingdon3,2903,3703,460
313 Hounslow3,4703,5603,680
314 Kingston upon Thames3,1203,1903,290
315 Merton3,3703,4503,560
316 Newham4,0104,1104,230
317 Redbridge3,3403,4303,540
318 Richmond upon Thames3,0403,1203,220
319 Sutton3,1503,2003,280
320 Waltham Forest3,7103,7903,900
330 Birmingham3,3003,4103,460
331 Coventry3,1003,1903,220
332 Dudley2,8302,9102,950
333 Sandwell3,1303,2103,270
334 Solihull2,8102,8702,900
335 Walsall2,9903,0703,100
336 Wolverhampton3,1603,2303,280
340 Knowsley3,5203,6503,670
341 Liverpool3,3703,5103,550
342 St. Helens2,9903,0803,130
343 Sefton2,9503,0603,070
344 Wirral3,0803,1803,220
350 Bolton2,9703,0503,080
351 Bury2,8502,9402,990
352 Manchester3,5503,6903,720
353 Oldham3,0403,1403,190
354 Rochdale3,1003,2003,240
355 Salford3,1503,2403,290
356 Stockport2,8302,9102,950
357 Tameside2,9303,0303,080
358 Trafford2,9102,9803,010
359 Wigan2,8502,9302,970
370 Barnsley2,9903,0803,140
371 Doncaster3,1003,1803,200
372 Rotherham2,94030203,060
373 Sheffield3,0203,1103,150
380 Bradford3,1703,2703,320
381 Calderdale2,9803,0703,120
382 Kirklees3,0103,1003,510
383 Leeds2,9703,0703,110
384 Wakefield2,8902,9803,030
390 Gateshead3,0303,1203,170
391 Newcastle upon Tyne3,1803,3003,340
392 North Tyneside2,9603,0503,090
393 South Tyneside3,0803,1803,230
394 Sunderland3,0403,1303,180
420 Isles of Scilly5,3705,5905,530
800 Bath and North East Somerset2,7602,8302,860
801 Bristol, City of3,0803,1703,210
802 North Somerset2,8502,9202,950
803 South Gloucestershire2,7702,8402,870
805 Hartlepool3,0403,1503,200
806 Middlesbrough3,2403,3603,430
807 Redcar and Cleveland3,0403,1203,170
808 Stockton-on-Tees3,0003,1003,140
810 Kingston Upon Hull, City of3,1503,2603,310
811 East Riding of Yorkshire2,8502,9302,980
812 North East Lincolnshire3,0303,1303,190
813 North Lincolnshire2,9803,0703,120
815 North Yorkshire2,8902,9803,020
816 York2,8602,9402,970
820 Bedfordshire2,9803,0803,160
821 Luton3,2703,3603,440
825 Buckinghamshire2,9903,0903,170
826 Milton Keynes3,1103,1903,270
830 Derbyshire2,8402,9202,970
831 Derby3,0303,1403,180
835 Dorset2,8502,9302,960
836 Poole2,8102,8702,920
837 Bournemouth2,9303,0103,050
840 Durham2,9903,0903,140
841 Darlington2,9703,0803,110
845 East Sussex3,0603,1703,250
846 Brighton and Hove3,1603,2603,340
850 Hampshire2,9203,0103,090
851 Portsmouth3,1403,2103,280
852 Southampton3,1903,3003,380
855 Leicestershire2,7702,8502,890
856 Leicester3,2203,3303,380
857 Rutland2,7502,8802,830
860 Staffordshire2,8102,8802,930
861 Stoke-on-Trent2,9903,1003,170
865 Wiltshire2,9002,9703,000
866 Swindon2,8802,9602,990
867 Bracknell Forest3,0703,1603,240
868 Windsor and Maindenhead3,0103,1103,190
869 West Berkshire2,8702,9603,050
870 Reading3,1803,2703,380
871 Slough3,6703,7603,870
872 Wokingham2,7902,8702,950
873 Cambridgeshire2,8902,9603,000
874 Peterborough3,0703,1703,220
875 Cheshire2,8202,9002,930
876 Halton3,1203,2203,280
877 Warrington2,8102,8902,930
878 Devon2,9603,0403,070
879 Plymouth2,9403,0403,080
880 Torbay2,9803,0803,110
881 Essex3,0503,1503,230
882 Southend-on-Sea3,1003,2003,280
883 Thurrock3,2503,3503,420
884 Herefordshire2,9803,0603,090
885 Worcestershire2,8202,9002,940
886 Kent3,0503,1503,230
887 Medway3,0203,1203,200
888 Lancashire2,9503,0403,090
889 Blackburn with Darwen3,1803,2803,310
890 Blackpool3,0303,1303,170
891 Nottinghamshire2,8702,9603,000
892 Nottingham3,3203,4103,460
893 Shropshire2,8902,9603,010
894 Telford and Wrekin2,9903,0903,130
908 Cornwall2,9903,0603,110
909 Cumbria2,9403,0303,080
916 Gloucestershire2,8702,9402,970
919 Hertfordshire3,0803,1703,250
921 Isle of Wight3,1303,2603,360
925 Lincolnshire2,9603,0403,080
926 Norfolk2,9603,0503,100
928 Northamptonshire2,9002,9703,010
929 Northumberland2,9303,0103,060
931 Oxfordshire2,9703,0703,160
933 Somerset2,9102,9803,020
935 Suffolk2,8802,9603,000
936 Surrey3,0403,1303,220
937 Warwickshire2,8402,9202,950
938 West Sussex2,9503,0403,130


1. Figures rounded to the nearest £10

2. Figures in 2000–01 prices using GDP Deflators published by Treasury on 20 December 2001

23 Jan 2002 : Column 909W

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