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Direct Grants

Shona McIsaac: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills if she will list the direct grants for schools in north Lincolnshire and north-east Lincolnshire in (a) 2000–01 and (b) 2001–02. [29908]

Mr. Timms: The tables show School Standards Grant payable for each school in north Lincolnshire and north- east Lincolnshire in 2000–01 and 2001–02.

School standards grant—north Lincolnshire LEA

School number School name 2000–01 2001–02
1103Millbrook Holme PRU3,0007,000
1105Young Parents Unit3,0000
2001Westcliffe Primary School9,00024,000
2100Alkborough Primary School3,0007,000
2101Althorpe and Keadby Primary School9,00024,000
2105Bottesford Junior School9,00024,000
2106Brigg Primary School9,00030,000
2107Broughton Infant School6,00013,500
2108Burton-upon-Stather Primary School9,00024,000
2115Crowle Primary School9,00024,000
2116East Halton Primary School3,0007,000
2118Goxhill Primary School9,00024,000
2120Hibaldstow Primary School6,00013,500
2121Kirton Lindsey Primary School9,00024,000
2122Luddington and Garthorpe Primary School3,0007,000
2123Messingham Primary School9,00024,000
2125Killingholme Primary School6,00013,500
2126Scawby Primary School9,00024,000
2129Brumby Junior School9,00030,000
2130Bushfield Road Infant School6,00013,500
2133Frodingham Infant School9,00024,000
2134Henderson Avenue Primary School9,00048,000
2136Lincoln Gardens Junior School9,00024,000
2137Lincoln Gardens Infant School9,00024,000
2138South Ferriby Primary School3,0007,000
2140Winteringham Primary School3,0007,000
2141Worlaby Primary School3,0007,000
2143Priory Lane Infant School6,00013,500
2146Priory Lane Junior School9,00024,000
2147Grange Lane Infant School9,00024,000
2148Grange Lane Junior School9,00024,000
2149Riddings Infant School9,00013,500
2150Rochdale Road Junior School9,00024,000
2152Riddings Junior School9,0002,400
2155Enderby Road Infant School6,0007,000
2159Leys Farm Junior School6,00013,500
2168Parkwood Infant School6,00013,500
2169Parkwood Junior School9,00024,000
2171Sunway Infant School6,00013,500
2172Berkeley Infant School9,00024,000
2173Bottesford Infant School6,00024,000
2174Berkeley Junior School9,00024,000
2180Winterton Junior School9,00024,000
2567Holme Valley Primary School6,00013,500
2568Bowmandale Primary School9,00024,000
2880Broughton Junior School9,00024,000
2890Epworth Primary School9,00024,000
2907Crosby Primary School9,00030,000
2940Castledyke Primary School9,00024,000
3055St. Barnabas CofE Primary School, Barnetby6,00013,500
3056John Harrison CofE Primary School6,00013,500
3057Barton St. Peter's CofE Primary School9,00024,000
3058Belton All Saints CofE Primary School9,00024,000
3063Gunness and Burringham CofE Primary School3,0007,000
3064Haxey CofE Primary School6,00013,500
3067Kirmington CofE Primary School3,0007,000
3071Scunthorpe CofE Primary School9,00024,000
3073West Butterwick CofE Primary School3,0007,000
3074Westwoodside CofE Primary School6,00013,500
3075Winterton CofE Infant School6,00024,000
3076Wrawby St. Mary's CofE Primary School6,00013,500
3077Wroot Travis Charity Church of England Primary School3,0007,000
3078New Holland Church of England and Methodist Primary School3,0007,000
3079Ulceby St. Nicholas Church of England Primary School6,00013,500
3320St. Martin's CofE Primary School6,0007,000
3322Wootton St. Andrew's CofE Primary School3,0007,000
3323St. Mary's Catholic Primary School6,00013,500
3324Saint Norbert's Catholic Primary School3,0007,000
3325St. Bernadette's Catholic Primary School9,00024,000
3326Saint Augustine Webster Catholic Primary School9,00030,000
3330Eastoft Church of England Primary School3,0007,000
4074Huntcliff School40,00070,000
4075Brumby School40,00070,000
4076Foxhills Comprehensive School40,00070,000
4077Thomas Sumpter School40,00070,000
4081South Leys School30,00058,000
4082North Axholme School30,00058,000
4083South Axholme Community School40,70070,000
4087Frederick Gough School40,00070,000
4088High Ridge School30,00058,000
4090Winterton Comprehensive School40,00070,000
4091Vale of Ancholme School30,00058,000
4491Baysgarth School40,00070,000
4501Sir John Nelthorpe School40,00070,000
4700St. Bede's Catholic School40,00070,000
7019St. Hugh's School15,00028,000
7020St. Luke's School15,00020,000

28 Jan 2002 : Column 117W

School standards grant: north-east Lincolnshire LEA

School number School name 2000–01 2001–02
1006Nunsthorpe Nursery School3,0007,000
1007Great Coates Nursery School3,0007,000
1012Scartho Nursery School3,0007,000
1101Phoenix House3,0007,000
1104Young Mothers Unit3,0007,000
2000Allerton Primary School9,00024,000
2001Yarborough Primary School9,00024,000
2002Woodlands Primary School9,00024,000
2003Nunsthorpe Community School024,000
2109William Barcroft Junior School9,00024,000
2112Elliston Infants' School9,00024,000
2113Queen Mary Infant School9,00024,000
2114Reynolds Junior School9,00024,000
2124New Waltham Primary School9,00024,000
2142Thrunscoe Infants' School6,00013,500
2144Pelham Infants' School6,00013,500
2145Enfield (New Waltham) Primary School6,00013,500
2151The Leas Junior School9,00024,000
2153Thrunscoe Junior School6,00013,500
2154Healing Primary School9,00024,000
2175Signhills Infants' School9,00024,000
2176Signhills Junior School9,00024,000
2178Eastfield Junior School6,00013,500
2179Eastfield Infants' School6,00013,500
2181The Leas Infants' School9,00024,000
2182Middlethorpe Primary School9,00024,000
2183Reynolds Infants' School9,00024,000
2184Elliston Junior School9,00024,000
2877Coomb Briggs Primary School9,00024,000
2892Weelsby Primary School9,00024,000
2895Edward Heneage Primary School9,00024,000
2896Fairfield Primary School9,00024,000
2897Great Coates Primary School9,00024,000
2898Springfield Primary School9,00024,000
2899Western Primary School9,00024,000
2900Willows Primary School9,00024,000
2919Grange Infant and Nursery School9,00024,000
2920Grange Junior School9,00024,000
2921Macaulay Infants' School9,00024,000
2922Macaulay Junior School9,00024,000
2923South Parade Infant School9,00024,000
2924South Parade Junior School9,00024,000
2925Strand Infants' School9,00013,500
2926Strand Junior School9,00013,500
2927Nunsthorpe Infants' School9,0000
2928Nunsthorpe Junior School9,0000
2929Scartho Infants' School6,00013,500
2930Scartho Junior School9,00024,000
2931Welholme Infants' School9,00024,000
2932Welholme Junior School9,00024,000
2933Wybers Wood Infant School6,00013,500
2934Wybers Wood Junior School9,00024,000
2935Old Clee Infants' School9,00024,000
2936Old Clee Junior School9,00030,000
2937Little Coates Primary School9,00013,500
2938Laceby Acres Primary School9,00024,000
2939Humberston Cloverfields Primary School9,00024,000
2943Bursar Primary School9,00024,000
3059St. Peter's CofE Primary School9,00024,000
3060East Ravendale CofE Primary School6,00013,500
3065The Humberston CofE Primary School9,00024,000
3066Immingham St. Andrew's CofE Junior School6,00013,500
3068Stanford Junior and Infant School9,00024,000
3072Stallingborough CofE Primary School3,0007,000
3300Lisle Marsden CofE Aided Primary School030,000
3512Lisle Marsden CofE (VA) Infant School9,0000
3513Lisle Marsden CofE (VA) Junior School9,0000
3514St. Joseph's RC Primary School6,00013,500
3515St. Mary's RC Primary School9,0007,000
4008Havelock School40,00070,000
4009Hereford Technology School40,00070,000
4011Whitgift School40,00070,000
4013The Western Technology School40,00070,000
4038Wintringham School40,00058,000
4073The Immingham School40,00070,000
4078Toll Bar School50,00082,000
4084Healing Comprehensive School40,00070,000
4086The Lindsey School and Community Arts College50,00082,000
4092Humberston Comprehensive School40,00070,000
4503Matthew Humberstone Church of England School50,00082,000
4627St. Mary's Catholic School30,00058,000
7011Humberston Park School15,00020,000
7033Cambridge Park School15,00028,000

28 Jan 2002 : Column 119W

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