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Trailblazer Scheme

Ms Walley: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what consultation he has with (a) the Department of Trade and Industry and (b) regional development agencies when determining Trailblazer status. [32852]

John Healey: A representative from the Department of Trade and Industry was part of an interdepartmental shortlisting panel selection workshop last December in Sheffield, where a consensus was reached on all 31 expressions of interest received for Trailblazer status.

The regional development agencies were not consulted during the selection process. An economic analysis of the skill needs of each sector was available to the shortlisting panel.

Ms Walley: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills which sector skills councils were awarded Trailblazer status; and what is the (a) budget and (b) location of each. [32854]

John Healey: From the 31 expressions of interest received, the following five sectors were invited to form a Trailblazer Sector Skills Council:

Each will have up to £100,000 for their development phase and up to £1 million for support of core activities in their first year.

The Trailblazer SSCs will operate throughout the UK. Each Trailblazer SSC will be responsible for deciding the location of their own offices.

Ceramic Industry

Ms Walley: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills if she will meet the Chairman for

5 Feb 2002 : Column 885W

Ceramic Training and Development to discuss options for the ceramics industry in respect of sector skills councils. [32853]

John Healey: I am very pleased that the Chairman for Ceramic Training and Development has shown this level of interest in the development of sector skills councils. I understand that he has already met with an official from my Department to discuss options for the ceramics industry. It is, I believe, appropriate during the development of SSC's or during the negotiation of other arrangements, that contact remains between officials and potential SSC members. I have asked officials to continue the dialogue with the ceramics industry and look forward to receiving a report on the progress in due course.

School Standards Fund

(Kensington and Chelsea)

Ms Buck: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills if she will list the Standards Fund received by schools in Westminster and in Kensington and Chelsea in (a) 2000–01 and (b) 2001–02. [33043]

Mr. Timms: The following table shows allocations for the Standards Fund for Westminster local education authority and for Kensington and Chelsea local education authority in 2000–01 and 2001–02. The figures include both Government and local authority contributions. The amount actually paid to schools depends on local expenditure decisions by schools and the local authority.

Standards Fund allocations£
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Administrative Support for Small Schools58,983
Beacon Schools187,750
Best Practice Research Scholarships2,500
City Learning Centres703,331
Developing and Extending Maintained Nursery School Services28,421
Devolved Formula Capital for Schools292,590
Early Years Training and Development16,168
Education and Health Partnerships23,424
Ethnic Minority Pupils and Traveller Achievement1,219,975
Excellence in Cities818,518
Excellence in Cities: Excellence Challenge10,584
Key Stage 3 Numeracy: Secondary Schools Conference3,823
Literacy and Numeracy: Summer Schools and Key Stage 344,000
Local Education Authority Music Services23,280
Maintained Nursery Capital69,478
National Grid for Learning226,701
New National Curriculum23,200
Performance Management Training67,930
Primary Literacy and Numeracy Strategies259,500
Pupil Support Allowance70,000
School Improvement405,343
School Laboratories for the 21st Century75,947
School Leadership43,072
School Security32,452
Seed Capital Challenge82,294
Small School Support Fund23,879
Social Inclusion, Drugs and Youth304,361
Special Educational Needs70,029
Study Support56,281
Summer Schools for Gifted and Talented Pupils18,000
Support for Parent Governor Representatives1,200
Teacher Incentives13,650
Teaching Assistants32,613
Teenage Pregnancies26,100
Working Environment Fund36,165
Year 6 Literacy and Numeracy Booster Classes62,921
Advanced Skills Teachers57,500
Beacon Schools279,750
Children in Public Care13,404
City Learning Centres895,000
Classrooms of the Future225,000
Devolved Capital468,815
Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco37,530
Early Professional Development124,900
Early Years Training and Development24,239
Education Health Partnerships23,065
Ethnic Minority Achievement1,164,506
Excellence in Cities(19)904,690
Excellence in Cities: Excellence Challenge57,610
Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers184,877
Information Management Strategy44,510
Key Stage 3: National Implementation214,743
Literacy and Numeracy Summer Schools20,000
Local Education Authority Music Services77,400
Maintained Nursery School Service56,802
National Curriculum23,996
National Grid for Learning346,722
NDS Condition Funding211,019
Performance Management45,257
Primary Literacy and Numeracy Strategies309,037
Pupil Learning Credits84,496
Pupil Support Allowance70,000
Recruitment and Retention Fund204,000
School Achievement Awards214,550
School Improvement256,000
School Laboratories119,894
School Leadership75,081
School Security32,641
Seed Capital Challenge89,166
Sick Children 3,830
Small Schools Fund88,159
Social Inclusion: Pupil Support305,524
Special Educational Needs139,784
Study Support191,361
Summer Schools for Gifted and Talented Children9,000
Supported Early Retirement Scheme for Heads40,000
Teachers' Sabbaticals12,000
Teaching Assistants32,800
Teenage Pregnancies26,100
Traveller Children Achievement55,469
Year 6 Booster Classes64,895
Year 9 Booster Classes18,000
City of Westminster
Administrative Support for Small Schools120,072
Advanced Skills Teachers189,000
Beacon Schools100,000
Best Practice Research Scholarships3,000
Developing and Extending Nursery School Services25,036
Devolved Formula Capital for Schools443,863
Early Excellence Centres76,260
Early Years Training and Development57,038
Education and Health Partnerships38,337
Ethnic Minority Pupils and Traveller Achievement2,136,538
Excellence in Cities1,364,696
Excellence in Cities: Excellence Challenge11,303
Expanding Local Authority Music Services363,500
Key Stage 3 Numeracy: Secondary Schools Conference6,372
Literacy and Numeracy: Summer Schools and Key Stage 377,000
Maintained Nursery Capital71,210
National Grid for Learning365,898
New National Curriculum40,300
Performance Management Training47,967
Primary Literacy and Numeracy Strategies363,518
Pupil Support Allowance163,000
School Improvement742,811
School Laboratories for the 21st Century107,290
School Leadership67,141
School Security50,141
Seed Capital Challenge104,705
Small School Support Fund39,075
Social Inclusion, Drugs and Youth656,125
Special Educational Needs119,071
Specialist Schools96,538
Study Support107,586
Summer Schools for Gifted and Talented Pupils9,000
Support for Parent Governor Representatives1,200
Support for Performance Management Training47,967
Teaching Assistants336,453
Teenage Pregnancies44,300
Working Environment Fund51,562
Year 6 Literacy and Numeracy Booster Classes93,408
Adult:Pupil Ratios in Reception Classes41,854
Advanced Skills Teachers194,630
Beacon Schools175,000
Child Protection Co-ordinators39,600
Children in Public Care21,780
Class Size Initiative16,333
Devolved Capital340,330
Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco44,060
Early Excellence Centres170,000
Early Years Training and Development38,108
Education Health Partnerships25,160
Ethnic Minority Achievement2,136,538
Excellence in Cities(20)1,458,320
Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers247,056
Information Management Strategy68,988
Key Stage 3: National Implementation230,343
Literacy and Numeracy Summer Schools50,000
Local Education Authority Music Services181,800
Maintained Nursery School Service50,376
National Curriculum41,528
National Grid for Learning530,618
NDS Condition Funding613,298
Performance Management80,789
Primary Literacy and Numeracy Strategies380,129
Pupil Learning Credits232,713
Pupil Support Allowance163,000
Recruitment and Retention Fund343,000
School Achievement Awards276,200
School Improvement529,000
School Laboratories107,290
School Leadership66,269
School Security50,591
Seed Capital Challenge114,877
Sick Children 6,223
Small Schools Fund160,289
Social Inclusion: Pupil Support740,000
Special Educational Needs201,928
Specialist Schools269,816
Study Support321,429
Summer Schools for Gifted and Talented Children9,000
Supported Early Retirement Scheme for Heads40,000
Teachers' Sabbaticals84,0005
Teaching Assistants511,567
Teenage Pregnancies44,300
Truancy Buster Awards8,000
Year 6 Booster Classes103,329
Year 9 Booster Classes36,000

(20) Including Gifted and Talented Children, Learning Support Units and Learning Mentors

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