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Mortality Rates

Mr. Burstow: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will set out for each NHS (a) region, (b) health authority and (c) trust the mortality rate (i) in hospital and (ii) within 30 days of discharge of people aged 75 and over in each quarter in the last four years, giving (A) the actual number and (B) the proportion of the total of those aged 75 and over admitted in each case. [31876]

Jacqui Smith [holding answer 31 January 2002]: The information requested is shown in the tables.

The mortality rate in hospital for patients aged over 75 is only available at national, regional and health authority level. (Table 1—regional rate and table 2—health authority rate).

The mortality rate within 30 days of discharge for patients aged 75 and over is available only at national level (table 3).

Hospital episode statistics: Discharge episodes aged 75 and over with death rates by regional office of treatment: NHS hospital trusts in England 2000–01

Discharged TotalDeath rate
Regional officeLiveDeathnumber discharged(percentage)
Northern and Yorkshire regional247,46621,057268,5237.8
Trent regional office198,43817,330215,7688.0
West midlands regional office185,53817,812203,3508.8
North-west regional office266,00222,366288,3687.8
Eastern regional office201,05017,659218,7098.1
London regional office213,80921,605235,4149.2
South-east regional office278,14826,701304,8498.8
South-west regional office225,35618,159243,5157.5


Figures in this table have not yet been adjusted for shortfalls in data


Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), Department of Health

5 Feb 2002 : Column 927W

Hospital episode statistics: Discharge episodes aged 75 and over with death rates by health authority of treatment, England 2000–01

Discharged TotalDeath rate
Health authorityLiveDeathnumber discharged(percentage)
QA2Hillingdon HA5,6027106,31211
QA3Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster HA17,6961,17018,8666
QA4Enfield and Haringey HA6,1999767,17514
QA5Redbridge and Waltham Forest HA16,5221,97218,49411
QA6Bedfordshire HA14,5091,29615,8058
QA7Berkshire HA21,8282,37024,19810
QA8Buckinghamshire HA16,1441,57717,7219
QAABexley and Greenwich HA11,6261,41213,03811
QACBromley HA9,75588110,6368
QADCroydon HA7,1418417,98211
QAEEast Kent HA24,6302,52627,1569
QAFWest Kent HA27,7733,19130,96410
QAGKingston and Richmond HA10,2611,12011,38110
QAHLambeth, Southwark and Lewisham HA20,0261,88821,9149
QAJMerton, Sutton and Wandsworth HA20,7322,22622,95810
QAKEast Surrey HA210182288
QALWest Surrey HA21,7902,15623,9469
QAMEast Sussex, Brighton and Hove HA31,5612,78934,3508
QANWest Sussex HA37,5323,41240,9448
QAPBarking and Havering HA13,1971,51514,71210
QAQBarnet HA12,6541,43814,09210
QARBrent and Harrow HA9,32972210,0517
QATCamden and Islington HAS24,0161,48325,4996
QAVEaling, Hammersmith and Hounslow HA15,2341,75716,99110
QAWEast London and The City HA13,8191,49415,31310
QAXNorth Essex HA28,3853,13831,52310
QAYSouth Essex HA23,5752,42626,0019
QC1South Lancashire HA5,3124625,7748
QC2Liverpool HA16,5591,14017,6996
QC3Manchester HA29,3001,97431,2746
QC4Morcambe Bay HA14,0221,28715,3098
QC5St. Helens and Knowsley HA10,1711,04111,2129
QC6Salford and Trafford HA13,5261,25914,7859
QC7Sefton HA20,7791,77622,5558
QC8QC8 Stockport HA11,8011,00612,8078
QC9West Pennine HA16,9351,54618,4818
QCCNorthamptonshire HA17,4191,61519,0348
QCEOxfordshire HA18,9074,65920,5668
QCFSuffolk HA23,1062,18925,2959
QCGBarnsley HA8,0867788,8649
QCHNorth Derbyshire HA13,0201,10514,125/
QCJSouthern Derbyshire HA20,7381,55022,2887
QCKDoncaster HA13,7811,07114,8527
QCLLeicestershire HA27,7382,38330,1218
QCMLincolnshire HA21,5482,23623,7849
QCNNorth Nottinghamshire HA17,2331,65018,8839
QCPNottingham HA27,6752,45030,1258
QCQRotherham HA8,3238219,1449
QCRSheffield HA26,2142,13028,3448
QCTBury and Rochdale HA11,1431,12712,2709
QCVNorth Cheshire HA11,2731,03412,3078
QCWSouth Cheshire HA20,2131,88422,0979
QCXEast Lancashire HA18,7821,45020,2327
QCYNorth West Lancashire HA31,7351,91433,6496
QD1North and Mid Hampshire HA13,2811,11914,4008
QD2Portsmouth and South East Hampshire HA23,4072,03925,4468
QD3Southampton and South West Hampshire HA19,4871,68121,1688
QD4 Isle of Wight HA4,1795494,72812
QD5Somerset HA18,6881,55620,2448
QD6South and West Devon HA28,8712,22731,0987
QD7Wiltshire HA17,0971,77018,8679
QD8Avon HA47,2213,89951,1208
QD9Birmingham HA45,9414,28850,2299
QD1Wigan and Bolton HA19,0711,98821,0599
QDC Wirral HA15,3801,47816,8589
QDD Bradford HA20,3811,56321,9447
QDE County Durham HA17,1091,49818,6078
QDF East Riding HA17,1811,46118,6428
QDG Gateshead and South Tyneside HA12,4511,32313,77410
QDH Leeds HA28,3762,28430,6607
QDK Newcastle and North Tyneside HA24,3651,43025,7956
QDK North Cumbria HA11,9601,08613,0468
QDL South Humber HA14,0821,15615,2388
QDM Northumberland HA17,0311,63818,6699
QDN Sunderland HA13,9491,19215,1418
QDP Tees HA22,9061,91624,8228
QDQ Wakefield HA12,6551,11113,7668
QDR North Yorkshire HA29,7372,76232,4998
QDT Calderdale and Kirklees HA19,3651,79321,1588
QDV Cornwall and Isles of Scilly HA19,6361,50621,1427
QDW Dorset HA44,8303,35848,1887
QDX North and East Devon HA26,5471,88828,4357
QDY Gloucestershire HA22,4661,95524,4218
QEA Coventry HA13,5791,44015,01910
QEC Dudley HA10,2721,11511,38710
QED Herefordshire HA7,5985968,1947
QEE Sandwell HA7,8528568,43810
QEF Shropshire HA16,0381,24217,2807
QEG Solihull HA155121677
QEH North Staffordshire HA20,6461,71022,3568
QEJ South Staffordshire HA15,0191,41116,4309
QEK Walsall HA6,1239897,11214
QEL Warwickshire HA14,3261,44615,7729
QEM Wolverhampton HA11,9861,04013,0268
QEN Worcestershire HA16,2731,66717,9409
QEP East and North Hertfordshire HA14,4651,39315,8589
QEQ West Hertfordshire HA14,0951,25415,3498
QER Cambridge HA27,9592,38430,3438
QET Norfolk HA54,9563,57958,5356


Figures in this table have not yet been adjusted for shortfalls in data


Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), Department of Health

5 Feb 2002 : Column 929W

Deaths in hospital within 30 days of surgery

EnglandNumber of patients(36) with operationsNumber of deathsPercentage who died
Emergency admissions:
Non-emergency admissions:

(36) Aged 75 and over


1. Rounded to the nearest 100.

2. "Surgery" includes many medical interventions and is consistent with definitions used in Clinical Indicators.


NHS Performance Indicators, Department of Health, July 2000, ad hoc analysis

5 Feb 2002 : Column 930W

Lister Hospital

Mr. Heald: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will make a statement on the future of the accident and emergency department at the Lister hospital. [32298]

Jacqui Smith: [holding answer 1 February 2002]: The Hertfordshire and south Bedfordshire acute services review aims to explore the best way to provide local

5 Feb 2002 : Column 931W

people with much better acute services and to meet NHS plan targets for modernising and improving patient services over the next 10 years.

The proposals have not progressed as far as to put forward specific recommendations for accident and emergency departments and the review will continue with ongoing work.

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