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Data Treatment

Mr. Todd: To ask the Secretary of State for Health, pursuant to his answer of 26 November 2001, Official Report, column 737W, if he will establish standards to facilitate data quality maintenance, data transfer and data sharing. [25351]

Ms Blears: The National Health Service Information Authority is responsible for the development of NHS data standards, and supports the independent Information Standards Boards that approve data standards for use by the NHS.

The NHS Information Authority has also been commissioned to maintain and develop data quality standards for use by NHS hospital trusts in the collection of data required for management purposes. The process enables a trust to demonstrate that it has systems in place that meet pre-defined standards of data quality to fulfil its own management information requirements, and those of the commissioners of the trust's services.

In addition, the NHS is to adopt standards for the transfer and sharing of data compliant with the electronic Government interoperability framework (e-GIF). Implementing the e-GIF within the NHS will be managed as an integral part of the NHS Information for Health strategy. The e-GIF standards are mandated on all new systems. The NHS Information Authority is leading work on migrating existing legacy systems to comply with e-GIF standards.

Parliamentary Questions

Norman Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many answers to parliamentary questions

11 Feb 2002 : Column 128W

have not been answered by his Department under exemption 13 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information in each year since 1994. [29421]

Ms Blears [holding answer 22 January 2002]: The information requested is not available centrally.

Departmental Expenditure (Publications)

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what his estimate is of the expenditure of his Department on newspapers, magazines and periodicals in each of the last four years. [30085]

Ms Blears: Estimates of expenditure on newspapers, magazines and periodicals in the Department in the last four years are as follows:


This expenditure covers central purchasing through the Department's library, the regional offices and direct purchasing by individual units. Expenditure of agencies has been excluded.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Mr. Clapham: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many people were diagnosed with musculoskeletal injuries in the last year for which figures are available; and how many (a) GP consultations, (b) physiotherapy sessions and (c) hospital beds were taken up in that year with those injuries. [30190]

Jacqui Smith [holding answer 25 January 2002]: Information on general practitioner consultations and physiotherapy sessions are not collected centrally. Figures for musculoskeletal injuries and bed days are shown in the table.

Admissions and bed days where main diagnosis may be related to musculoskeletal injuries—NHS Hospitals, England 2000–01

AdmissionsBed days
S02 Fracture of skull and facial bones26,97046,500
S03 Dislocation sprain and strain of joints and ligaments of head302344
S07 Crushing injury of head42
S08 Traumatic amputation of part of head118282
S09 Other and unspecified injuries of head37,46666,600
S12 Fracture of neck1,68624,078
S13 Dislocation sprain and strain of joints and ligaments at neck level1,1634,739
S14 Injury of nerves and spinal cord at neck level4436,873
S15 Injury of blood vessels at neck level47275
S16 Injury of muscle and tendon at neck level55103
S17 Crushing injury of neck2033
S19 Other and unspecified injuries of neck1,0842,649
S22 Fracture of rib(s), sternum and thoracic spine7,71854,913
S23 Dislocation sprain/strain of joints and ligaments of thorax71470
S24 Injury of nerves and spinal cord at thorax level521,244
S28 Crush injury thorax and traumatic amputation part of thorax37251
S29 Other and unspecified injuries of thorax4901,813
S32 Fracture of lumbar spine and pelvis11,504150,123
S33 Dislocation sprain and strain joint ligaments lumbar spine and pelvis1611,012
S34 Injury nerves lumbar spinal cord abdomen low back and pelvis61828
S38 Crushing injury/trauma amputation of part of abdomen lower back and pelvis55230
S39 Other and unspecified injuries of abdomen lower back and pelvis2,7259,964
S42 Fracture of shoulder and upper arm18,450122,002
S43 Dislocation sprain and strain of joints and ligaments of shoulder girdle2,99511,893
S46 Injury of muscle and tendon at shoulder and upper arm level3781,101
S47 Crushing injury of shoulder and upper arm39
S48 Traumatic amputation of shoulder and upper arm10164
S49 Other and unspecified injuries of shoulder and upper arm4561,966
S52 Fracture of forearm48,698134,031
S53 Dislocation sprain and strain of joints and ligaments elbow1,0361,630
S56 Injury of muscle and tendon at forearm level1,9252,891
S57 Crushing injury of forearm52283
S58 Traumatic amputation of forearm16220
S59 Other and unspecified injuries of forearm283952
S62 Fracture at wrist and hand level17,33730,837
S63 Dislocation sprain strain joint and ligaments at wrist and hand level2,2993,125
S66 Injury of muscle and tendon at wrist and hand level9,59212,098
S67 Crushing injury of wrist and hand1,5051,943
S68 Traumatic amputation of wrist and hand3,3475,066
S69 Other and unspecified injuries of wrist and hand1,2812,141
S72 Fracture of femur63,3851,117,498
S73 Dislocation, sprain and strain of joint and ligaments7456,799
S76 Injury of muscle and tendon at hip and thigh level7564,254
S77 Crushing injury of hip and thigh17129
S78 Traumatic amputation of hip and thigh3180
S79 Other and specified injuries of hip and thigh2,06515,888
S82 Fracture of lower leg, including ankle42,930338,010
S83 Dislocation sprain and strain of joints and ligaments of knee4,8379,399
S84 Injury of nerves at lower leg level44164
S87 Crushing injury of lower leg73344
S88 Traumatic amputation of lower leg361,630
S89 Other and unspecified injuries of lower leg1,3776,986
S92 Fracture of foot, except ankle5,28832,747
S93 Dislocation sprain and strain joints and ligaments at ankle and foot level1,0344,325
S96 Injury of muscle and tendon at ankle and foot level356793
S97 Crushing injury of ankle and foot2161,323
S98 Traumatic amputation of ankle and foot91576
S99 Other and unspecified injuries of ankle and foot5022,177
T02 Fractures involving multiple body regions5166,820
T03 Dislocations sprains and strains involving multiple body regions2792
T04 Crushing injuries involving multiple body regions39325
T05 Traumatic amputations involving multiple body regions10213
T06 Other injuries involving multiple body regions NEC29352
T07 Unspecified multiple injuries2467
T08 Fracture of spine, level unspecified1121,572
T09 Other injuries of spine and trunk, level unspecified4212,530
T10 Fracture of upper limb, level unspecified28187
T11 Other injuries of upper limb, level unspecified5551,878
T12 Fracture of lower limb, level unspecified23276
T13 Other injuries of lower limb, level unspecified8505,066
T14 Injury of unspecified body region2,62410,701

11 Feb 2002 : Column 129W

These figures do not represent the number of patients, as a person may be admitted more than once within the year. The main diagnosis is the first of seven diagnosis fields in the hospital episode statistics data set, and provides the main reason why the patient was in hospital. Figures in this table have not yet been adjusted for shortfalls in data.

NHS Dentists

Mr. Paterson: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what funding is to be made available to the review of NHS dentistry in Shropshire and Staffordshire; when the review is due to be completed; and if it is his policy to follow up the recommendations of the review. [30386]

Ms Blears: West Midlands North National Health Service Workforce Confederation is currently undertaking a review of NHS Dentistry in Shropshire and Staffordshire on behalf of Shropshire health authority, South Staffordshire health authority and North Staffordshire

11 Feb 2002 : Column 130W

health authority. This work will enable the health authorities to quantify recruitment and retention issues and identify possible local solutions.

In keeping with our determination to decentralise decision-making in the NHS, and as this is a local review, all decisions with regard to funding and implementation will be a matter for the health authorities involved.

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