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Pensioners Incomes

Mr. Frank Field: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions how many pensioners receiving one or more means-tested benefit have a weekly income of (a) up to £100, (b) £101 to £120, (c) £121 to £140, (d) £140 to £160, (e) £160 to £180, (f) £180 to £200, (g) £200 to £220, (h) £220 to £240 per week, (i) £240 to £260, (j) £260 to £280, (k) £280 to £300 and (l) over £300 per week. [35845]

Mr. McCartney: The information is in the table:

Number of pensioners in receipt of means-tested benefits by weekly
income band: Great Britain, May 2000

Total number of pensioners3,250,000
Up to £100 weekly income480,000
Between £100 and £119.99 weekly income220,000
Between £120 and £139.99 weekly income630,000
Between £140 and £159.99 weekly income540,000
Between £160 and £179.99 weekly income390,000
Between £180 and £199.99 weekly income280,000
Between £200 and £219.99 weekly income220,000
Between £220 and £239.99 weekly income190,000
Between £240 and £259.99 weekly income110,000
Between £260 and £279.99 weekly income70,000
Between £280 and £299.99 weekly income30,000
£300 and over weekly income80,000


1. The figures are based on a 1 per cent. sample and are therefore subject to a degree of sampling error.

2. The data refer to benefit units, which may be a single person or a couple.

3. Due to the estimation procedure to produce the figures, they have been rounded to the nearest ten thousand.

4. Pensioners are defined as a benefit unit where either the claimant and/or the partner are aged 60 and over.

5. Overlaps between jobseeker's allowance, minimum income guarantee, housing benefit and council tax benefit have been removed to calculate the total number of benefit units.

6. Includes income declared for the assessment of means-tested benefits (including disregarded income).


1. Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Management Information System, Annual 1 per cent. sample, taken in May 2000.

2. Income support 5 per cent. Quarterly Statistical Enquiry May 2000.

3. Jobseeker's allowance 5 per cent. Quarterly Statistical Enquiry May 2000.

12 Feb 2002 : Column 257W


Honours List

Mr. Andrew Turner: To ask the Prime Minister how many persons (a) knighted (or equivalent) and (b) admitted to each rank of the orders of chivalry in the recent New Year's honours list were honoured for their contribution as (i) employees of Her Majesty's Government or of a Government-sponsored organisation, (ii) employees of local government or of a local government-sponsored organisation, (iii) private sector employees, (iv) voluntary sector employees, (v) health service employees, (vi) staff of schools and (vii) volunteers. [30023]

The Prime Minister: The information available is as follows:

Mr. McNamara: To ask the Prime Minister how many persons in each parliamentary constituency in Northern Ireland were (a) knighted or equivalent and (b) admitted to each rank of the orders of chivalry in each Honours List since May 1997. [34124]

The Prime Minister: This information is not held in the format requested and can be provided only at disproportionate cost. However, the following table shows the number of awards made on my recommendation in each county in Northern Ireland since June 1999.

12 Feb 2002 : Column 258W

Numbers of Honours recipients in each county

Antrim (including Belfast)
Birthday 19991516
New year 2000121343
Birthday 200015724
New year 2001121518
Birthday 200111622
New year 2002111820
Birthday 19994
New year 200012
Birthday 20002
New year 200114
Birthday 200112
New year 200213
Birthday 199913513
New year 200021612
Birthday 2000158
New year 20012613
Birthday 200122311
New year 20023610
Birthday 199911
New year 200012
Birthday 20001
New year 20011
Birthday 200111
New year 20021
Birthday 199923
New year 200014
Birthday 2000114
New year 20016
Birthday 200113
New year 2002136
Birthday 199933
New year 20005
Birthday 200012
New year 20012
Birthday 200116
New year 20023

Suez Emergency 1951–54

Mr. Burstow: To ask the Prime Minister when he expects the Chairman of the Honours and Decorations Committee to conclude his review of the 1951 to 1954 Suez Emergency and its recognition by way of a General Service Medal. [31850]

The Prime Minister: The Committee on the Grants of Honours, Decorations and Medals is aware of the past history of the case and of the representations currently being made for a medal. It is considering these representations very carefully.

Departmental Retirement Ages

Mr. Webb: To ask the Prime Minister if he will list the retirement ages that apply to the employees of his office and its agencies, including how many and which categories of employees are affected by each; and if he will make a statement on his Department's policy on flexible retirement. [32815]

The Prime Minister: I refer the hon. Member to the answer given to him by my hon. Friend the Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office on 11 February 2002, Official Report, columns 59–60W.

12 Feb 2002 : Column 259W

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