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Statutory Instruments

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list the statutory instruments issued by his Department in the last 12 months, indicating (a) the purpose of each and (b) the cost of each to (i) public funds, (ii) businesses and (iii) individuals. [36231]

Mr. Leslie: The Cabinet Office has issued one statutory instrument during the last 12 months:

The cost of implementation to (i) public funds was nil, (ii) businesses nil and (iii) individuals nil.

Entertainment Costs

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list for 1997–98 and each subsequent financial year the amount spent by (a) his Department, (b) its agencies and (c) its non-departmental public bodies in respect of hotel and other similar privately-provided accommodation (i) in the UK and (ii) abroad for (A) Ministers, (B) staff and (C) other persons; if he will list the proportion of this cost incurred in respect of (x) food and (y) alcohol in each case; and if he will list the average cost per hotel room or similar unit of accommodation provided in each case. [34390]

Mr. Leslie: Since 1999 this Government have published an annual list of all visits overseas undertaken by Cabinet Ministers costing £500 or more during each financial year. The Government have also published on an annual basis the cost of all Ministers' visits overseas. The 1999 list contained information on all such visits undertaken from 2 May 1997 to 31 April 1999. Copies of the lists are available in the Libraries of the House.

All travel is undertaken fully in accordance with the rules set out in the Ministerial Code and Travel by Ministers, copies of which are available in the Libraries of the House.

The additional detailed information requested is not held centrally and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list for 1997–98 and for each subsequent financial year, including the current year to date, the amount spent by (a) his Department, (b) its agencies and (c) its non- departmental public bodies on (i) food and (ii) alcohol, indicating how much was spent on guests, and how much in respect of (A) Ministers and (B) staff, broken down to show how much was provided directly by his Department and how much reclaimed. [34452]

Mr. Leslie: The information requested is not held centrally and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

14 Feb 2002 : Column 560W


Mr. Bercow: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what his estimate is of the cost of buildings refurbishment carried out by his Department in each of the last four years. [27958]

Mr. Leslie: Information requested covering 1997–98 to 2000–01 (inclusive) is as follows:



Figures include fees, furniture/office equipment and VAT

The increase between 1998–99 and 1999–2000 is mainly attributable to the commencement of the project to refurbish Admiralty Arch (completed in 2000–01) and the Ripley and Kirkland buildings (due for completion in 2002–03). The Ripley and Kirkland project is a major change project involving a complete refurbishment (including the installation of new mechanical, electrical and plumbing services and lifts). This will create modern office space. When the project is completed this will form 22 Whitehall; one of the Department's major buildings.

Ms Walley: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister (1) how much has been spent on timber for the refurbishment of the Ripley and Kirkland building; [35686]

Mr. Leslie: Approximately £460,000 of timber is being used in the refurbishment of 22 Whitehall (the Ripley and Kirkland buildings). With the exception of around £50,000 of timber which has been reclaimed (ie it is recycled) the remainder is all certified.

The contract used with the main contractor for the refurbishment of 22 Whitehall places a requirement on the contractor to provide timber from certifiable sustainably managed sources upon which certificates are to be made available. Evidence provided by the main contractor indicates that all the timber supplied so far has been derived from sustainable and legal sources, ie the timber has been purchased under certified logging schemes. Secondments

Dr. Cable: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list the names of staff who have been seconded to his Department from the private sector since May 1997, indicating (a) the names of the organisation from which each has come, (b) their responsibilities and civil service grades within his Department, (c) the organisation responsible for paying their salary and (d) the start and end dates of their secondment. [35842]

14 Feb 2002 : Column 561W

Mr. Leslie: Secondments are part of the interchange programme, which promotes the exchange of people and good practice between the civil service and other organisations. Before an interchange can occur all parties must be satisfied that no conflict of interest arises.

The secondees to the Cabinet Office, in the table, between May 1997 and 1 February 2002, worked in a variety of jobs from Cabinet Office B2 (equivalent to Higher Executive officer) to the senior civil service. They worked in a wide range of areas where we could benefit from their knowledge and expertise from the private sector.

14 Feb 2002 : Column 562W

I am not prepared to identify individual secondees by name or responsibilities for reasons of employee confidentiality. Secondees are employed on the basis that they can contribute valuable expertise and good practice to the civil service, and on the basis that no conflict of interest arises. Where appropriate, their names are published in directories such as the Civil Service Year Book, as are those of permanent staff. But they are not separately identified as being on secondment.

In all cases agreements are reached with the parent organisation on the salary reimbursed by the Cabinet Office to ensure it fall in the civil service pay range appropriate to the post.

Completed secondments into the Cabinet Office from the private sector from May 1997

Personal gradeStart dateLoaned organisationTermination date
SCS1997Alexander Blackford Communications1999
A9 November 1998National Westminster Bank9 November 1999
SCS-41 January 1999Andersen Consulting31 December 2000
A4 January 1999PricewaterhouseCooper31 August 2000
SCS-14 May 1999Oracle30 April 2001
A10 May 1999BT5 May 2000
A17 May 1999KPMG30 June 2001
AJune 1999PricewaterhouseCoopers2000
A23 August 1999Frontier Economics Ltd.31 December 1999
A9 September 1999BT28 July 2000
A27 September 1999Carillion19 October 2001
A27 September 1999KPMG12 May 2000
A4 October 1999Wragg and Co.24 February 2000
SCS-125 October 1999Unilever19 October 2001
A6 December 1999Andersen Consulting21 July 2000
A6 December 1999Hay Management Consultants17 May 2000
A13 December 1999Microsoft Ltd.21 July 2000
A10 January 2000PricewaterhouseCoopers10 January 2002
A7 February 2000Zurich Financial Services7 April 200
A17 April 2000Hay Management Consultants28 July 2000
B227 March 2000British Airways23 March 2001
A3 July 2000Energis31 October 2000
SCS-318 September 2000European Bank for Reconstruction and Development16 March 2001
A21 November 2000GlaxoSmithKline30 June 2001


Central Cabinet Office records

Secondees currently in the Cabinet Office from the private sector

Personal grade Start date Loaned organisation
A9 November 1999Marks and Spencer plc
SCS-113 March 2000Sun Microsystems
B216 October 2000BUPA
B229 January 2001Environmental Resources Management Ltd.
A2 April 2001Ford Motor Company
A23 April 2001KPMG
A23 April 2001Worksystems Inc.
SCS-14 June 2001Oxera Consulting Ltd.
A18 June 2001Oracle
A16 July 2001Attfield James Ltd.
A25 June 2001Financial Times
A1 October 2001Arthur Andersen
A1 August 2001Bates, Wells and Braithwaite
A3 October 2001PriceWaterhouseCoopers
A22 October 2001Unilever
SCS-11 November 2001ICI
A19 November 2001Accenture
A3 January 2002KPMG
B23 January 2002KPMG


Central Cabinet Office records

Tom Brake: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many staff were seconded between (a) BP, (b) Shell, (c) Enron, (d) Exxon-Mobil, (e) Conoco, (f) Texaco and (g) TotalFinaElf and his Department in (i) 1999–2000, (ii) 2000–01 and (iii) April 2001 to the latest date for which figures are available. [33214]

Mr. Leslie: During the period 1 April 1999 to 1 February 2002 there were no secondees into or out of the Cabinet Office from: BP, Shell, Enron, Exxon-Mobil, Conoco, Texaco or TotalFinaElf.

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