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Nursing Vacancies

Virginia Bottomley: To ask the Secretary of State for Health which 10 health authorities have (a) the highest and (b) the lowest percentage of nurse vacancies; and what the number of nurses is in each case. [36908]

Mr. Hutton: The information requested is shown in the table.

Department of health vacancies survey, March 2001 vacancies in NHS trusts by health authority areas, qualified nurses

Highest three month vacancies Three month vacancy rates (Percentage)Three month vacancy (Number)Staff in post
Bromley HA10.9100800
Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham HA8.86306,590
Bexley and Greenwich HA8.21802,040
Barking and Havering HA8.11301,470
Buckinghamshire HA7.82302,680
North Cheshire HA7.81402,680
Southampton and South West Hampshire HA7.62201,690
Kensington. Chelsea and Westminster HA7.53302,660
East London and The City HA7.43604,110
Hillingdon HA6.83603,960
Lowest 3 month vacancies60840
Wolverhampton HA0.3101,450
Sunderland HA0.4101,700
Southern Derbyshire HA0.5102,380
Kingston and Richmond HA0.5101,400
County Durham and Darlington HA0.5102,620
Suffolk HA0.6102,450
South Humber HA0.6101,340
Cornwall and Isle of Scilly HA0.6102,250
Morcambe Bay HA0.7101,840
North Yorkshire HA0.7203,300


1. Three month vacancies are vacancies as at 31 March 2001 which trusts are actively trying to fill, which had lasted for three months or more (whole time equivalents).

2. Three month vacancy rates are three month vacancies expressed as a percentage of three month vacancies plus staff in post from the September 2000 workforce censuses (whole time equivalent).

3. HA Figures are based on Trusts, and do not necessarily reflect the geographical provision of healthcare.

4. Staff in post figures quoted cannot be used to calculate the vacancy rates.

5. Percentages rounded to one decimal place.

6. Figures are rounded to the nearest 10.

Source: Department of Health Vacancies Survey 2001

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1005W

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Mr. Heald: To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) if he will publish (a) the action plan for East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and (b) revisions to it; and if he will make a statement; [36888]

Jacqui Smith: Additional work on the performance improvement plan submitted by East and North Hertfordshire National Health Service to the Eastern Regional Office is in progress. A further assessment of the trust's performance will be made in April and will include feedback from the forthcoming Commission for Health Improvement visit to the trust.

Liver Disease

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what was the incidence of chronic liver disease (a) in total, (b) for men and (c) for women, in residents of each

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1006W

health authority in England and Wales in (i) 1996 and (ii) for the most recent available year; and how far local health authority rates deviate from the national average. [37037]

Ms Blears: The incidence of chronic liver disease in England in 1996–97 and in 2000–01 (the last year for which figures are available) was as follows:

Number of cases per 100,000 population


The tables show detailed information about the incidence of chronic liver disease among men and women in each English health authority for these two years. Information about the incidence of the disease and the deviation from the national average is expressed in terms of the number of cases per 100,000 population in each health authority.

Admissions, rate per 100,000 population and deviation from national average for chronic liver disease by health authority of residence and gender—NHS Hospitals, England 2000–01

Admissions Population
Health Authority Male FemaleNot known/ not specified Total Male Female Total
QA2 Hillingdon 1405127,271128,429255,700
QA3 Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster86014221,268213,662434,930
QA4 Enfield and Haringey 613019248,121246,435494,556
QA5 Redbridge and Waltham Forest 1015025224,519227,873452,392
QA6 Bedfordshire 99018282,220283,528565,748
QA7 Berkshire 917026403,506399,272802,778
QA8 Buckinghamshire 913022345,303347,588692,891
QAA Bexley and Greenwich 416020215,507223,035438,542
QAC Bromley 2709147,820154,616302,436
QAD Croydon 4408168,681171,194339,875
QAE East Kent618024298,494316,082614,576
QAF West Kent1327040485,598497,858983,456
QAG Kingston and Richmond46010172,580174,490347,070
QAH Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham1021031376,727383,778760,505
QAJ Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth68014316,416323,290639,706
QAK East Surrey0808210,221219,401429,622
QAL West Surrey914023321,648329,377651,025
QAM East Sussex, Brighton and Hove 1834052363,545395,166758,711
QAN West Sussex320023367,796395,894763,690
QAP Barking and Havering1708190,201196,645386,846
QAQ Barnet2709173,142172,350345,492
QAR Brent and Harrow2709238,184231,614469,798
QAT Camden and Islington109019190,438190,607381,045
QAV Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow2124045349,712340,942690,654
QAW East London and The City1117028321,535313,983635,518
QAX North Essex723030448,914464,419913,333
QAY South Essex623029351,582364,047715,629
QC1 South Lancashire1016026154,731159,631314,362
QC2 Liverpool108018224,379232,959457,338
QC3 Manchester1110021218,398221,151439,549
QC4 Morecambe Bay115016152,766159,503312,269
QC5 St. Helens and Knowsley720027163,037169,039332,076
QC6 Salford and Trafford1016026220,746223,589444,335
QC7 Sefton912021137,702148,797286,499
QC8 Stockport2406140,950150,152291,102
QC9 West Pennine1611027232,091238,445470,536
QCC Northamptonshire711220310,462315,433625,895
QCE Oxfordshire97016315,662316,451632,113
QCF Suffolk1234046335,113344,802679,915
QCG Barnsley89017112,321115,757228,078
QCH North Derbyshire1312025183,974187,857371,831
QCJ South Derbyshire2160081285,522287,327572,849
QCK Doncaster76013143,407146,737290,144
QCL Leicestershire818127467,726470,967938,693
QCM Lincolnshire1112023310,014324,334634,348
QCN North Nottinghamshire722029194,776197,287392,063
QCP Nottingham2028048315,416323,731639,147
QCQ Rotherham519024125,661127,546253,207
QCR Sheffield1014024264,894265,209530,103
QCT Bury and Rochdale712019194,980198,786393,766
QCV North Cheshire512017154,344157,305311,649
QCW South Cheshire1312126331,426341,236672,662
QCX East Lancashire916025251,682256,394508,076
QCY North West Lancashire814022230,328238,606468,934
QD1 North and Mid Hampshire210012278,627283,667562,294
QD2 Portsmouth and South East Hampshire310013269,283276,748546,031
QD3 Southampton and South West Hampshire412016272,940275,273548,213
QD4 Isle of Wight5601163,00466,444129,448
QD5 Somerset817025241,728254,566496,294
QD6 South and West Devon1123034289,186308,338597,524
QD7 Wiltshire1322035303,514309,973613,487
QD8 Avon3228060504,509510,9751,015,484
QD9 Birmingham1521137500,013510,4141,010,427
QDA Wigan and Bolton1727044287,498292,063579,561
QDC Wirral818026157,543169,925327,468
QDD Bradford219021240,071246,002486,073
QDE County Durham924033298,232308,451606,683
QDF East Riding1340053283,271290,005573,276
QDG Gateshead and South Tyneside1215027171,082178,485349,567
QDH Leeds711018360,292365,842726,134
QDJ Newcastle and North Tyneside923032226,886237,665464,551
QDK North Cumbria414018156,631160,218316,849
QDL South Humber610016151,391156,318307,709
QDM Northumberland615021152,433157,934310,367
QDN Sunderland821029141,459148,026289,485
QDP Tees315018273,255283,438556,693
QDQ Wakefield0505158,896161,486320,382
QDR North Yorkshire1836054370,009383,937753,946
QDT Calderdale and Kirklees413017290,182298,681588,863
QDV Cornwall and Isles of Scilly1019029243,126256,257499,383
QDW Dorset816024338,697359,633698,330
QDX North and East Devon713020238,631251,117489,748
QDY Gloucestershire618024278,986285,855564,841
QEA Coventry311014149,539152,330301,869
QEC Dudley617023155,363156,687312,050
QED Herefordshire1901083,09886,215169,313
QEE Sandwell510015141,936146,500288,436
QEF Shropshire313016216,949218,963435,912
QEG Solihull1506100,322104,507204,829
QEH North Staffordshire716023232,411235,638468,049
QEJ South Staffordshire517123295,600296,062591,662
QEK Walsall 215017129,553131,346260,899
QEL Warwickshire223025252,585257,374509,959
QEM Wolverhampton4307118,707121,804240,511
QEN Worcestershire913022267,120274,325541,445
QEP East and North Hertfordshire521026251,538255,550507,088
QEQ West Hertfordshire1809269,189274,551543,740
QER Cambridge1225037363,340366,843730,183
QET Norfolk1230042394,940409,030803,970

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1007W

Admissions, rate per 100,000 population and deviation from national average for chronic liver disease by health authority of residence and gender—NHS Hospitals, England 2000–01

Rate per 100,000 population Deviation from national average
Health AuthorityMaleFemaleTotalMaleFemaleTotal
QA2 Hillingdon 132-2-3-3
QA3 Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster4330-3-1
QA4 Enfield and Haringey 254-1-1-1
QA5 Redbridge and Waltham Forest 476101
QA6 Bedfordshire 3330-3-2
QA7 Berkshire 243-1-2-1
QA8 Buckinghamshire 343-1-2-2
QAA Bexley and Greenwich 275-110
QAC Bromley 153-2-2-2
QAD Croydon 222-1-4-2
QAE East Kent264-10-1
QAF West Kent3540-1-1
QAG Kingston and Richmond233-1-3-2
QAH Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham3540-1-1
QAJ Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth222-1-4-3
QAK East Surrey042-3-3-3
QAL West Surrey3440-2-1
QAM East Sussex, Brighton and Hove 597222
QAN West Sussex153-2-1-2
QAP Barking and Havering142-3-3-3
QAQ Barnet143-2-2-2
QAR Brent and Harrow132-2-3-3
QAT Camden and Islington5552-10
QAV Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow677312
QAW East London and The City3540-10
QAX North Essex253-2-1-1
QAY South Essex264-10-1
QC1 South Lancashire6108344
QC2 Liverpool4341-3-1
QC3 Manchester5552-20
QC4 Morecambe Bay195-230
QC5 St. Helens and Knowsley4128163
QC6 Salford and Trafford576111
QC7 Sefton787323
QC8 Stockport132-2-4-3
QC9 West Pennine7564-21
QCC Northamptonshire233-1-3-1
QCE Oxfordshire3230-4-2
QCF Suffolk4107042
QCG Barnsley787423
QCH North Derbyshire767402
QCJ South Derbyshire721144159
QCK Doncaster5442-20
QCL Leicestershire243-1-2-2
QCM Lincolnshire4440-2-1
QCN North Nottinghamshire4117053
QCP Nottingham698323
QCQ Rotherham4159195
QCR Sheffield4551-10
QCT Bury and Rochdale465000
QCV North Cheshire385011
QCW South Cheshire4441-3-1
QCX East Lancashire465000
QCY North West Lancashire365000
QD1 North and Mid Hampshire142-2-3-3
QD2 Portsmouth and South East Hampshire142-2-3-2
QD3 Southampton and South West Hampshire143-2-2-2
QD4 Isle of Wight898534
QD5 Somerset375000
QD6 South and West Devon476111
QD7 Wiltshire476111
QD8 Avon6563-11
QD9 Birmingham3440-2-1
QDA Wigan and Bolton698333
QDC Wirral5118243
QDD Bradford184-220
QDE County Durham385021
QDF East Riding5149185
QDG Gateshead and South Tyneside788423
QDH Leeds232-1-3-2
QDJ Newcastle and North Tyneside4107132
QDK North Cumbria396-131
QDL South Humber465101
QDM Northumberland497132
QDN Sunderland61410385
QDP Tees153-2-1-1
QDQ Wakefield032-3-3-3
QDR North Yorkshire597232
QDT Calderdale and Kirklees143-2-2-2
QDV Cornwall and Isles of Scilly476111
QDW Dorset243-1-2-1
QDX North and East Devon3540-1-1
QDY Gloucestershire264-100
QEA Coventry275-110
QEC Dudley4117153
QED Herefordshire1106-241
QEE Sandwell475011
QEF Shropshire164-20-1
QEG Solihull153-2-1-2
QEH North Staffordshire375010
QEJ South Staffordshire264-10-1
QEK Walsall 2117-252
QEL Warwickshire195-230
QEM Wolverhampton3230-4-2
QEN Worcestershire3540-1-1
QEP East and North Hertfordshire285-120
QEQ West Hertfordshire032-3-3-3
QER Cambridge375010
QET Norfolk375011


ICD-10 (diagnosis) codes used were: K70.4, K71.1, K71.3, K71.5, K72.1, K73, K74.3, K76.1

Please note that these figures are for admissions to hospital, and not incidence rates.

Figures in this table have not yet been adjusted for shortfalls in data.


Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), Department of Health

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1011W

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