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IT Contacts

Richard Younger-Ross: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what has been the total expenditure of his Department on IT systems and support in each year from

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1041W

May 1997 to date; how many IT contracts have been let in each of those years; of the other main contracting party in each of those contracts, how many have been (a) companies whose registered office is in (i) England and Wales, (ii) Scotland and (iii) Northern Ireland and (b) foreign companies; and what are the names of the companies falling within category (a). [33689]

Ruth Kelly: The information is as follows:

HM Treasury
£ million

IT expenditure

The Treasury has let the following IT contracts over this period:

All companies mentioned are registered in England.

The decline in spend on computer equipment and maintenance over the last four years can be explained by the implementation of a PFI contract in HM Customs and Excise, which means that we no longer purchase our IS infrastructure equipment but pay a service charge for its provision by our PFI provider.The Department has one main IS provider through a PFI, this being ICL. This is a 10 year contract awarded on 25 August 1999 with a TOU issued on 31 March 2000. We are currently novating nearly all our IT contracts (including software licences

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1042W

obtained through various local offices) into this contract. The number is around 182 although it is expected to grow. ICL is an English registered company.

Debt Management Office (DMO)

£ million IT expenditure
1998–99 0.7

The DMO has an on going contract with Computacenter Ltd. who have provided the Department with IT equipment since 1999. Computacenter is registered in England. Inland Revenue

The Department currently has three major contracts in place to provide its IT systems and support. We have two strategic technology partners, EDS and Accenture, who provide support, development and maintenance of our IT systems and one framework contract (with Computacenter) for the supply of IT equipment.

The IT Services contract was let to EDS in 1994 for 10 years.

The NIRS 2 contract for operational services was awarded to Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in May 1995 and runs to 2004.

In November 1994 the Department let the IROS contract for the supply of desktop equipment to CSC/Computacenter. This was replaced in June 2000 by the e-IROS contract with Computacenter. Total annual expenditure under these contracts from April 1997 to January 2002 is as follows:

£ million IT expenditure

All of the companies mentioned have registered offices in England.

The parent companies of CSC and EDS are US based.

Tax Polarisation

Mr. Flight: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what he expects to be the impact on the revenue arising from abolishing polarisation in respect of (a) VAT, (b) capital gains tax and (c) other taxes. [33953]

Ruth Kelly: All taxes are kept under review, as are the revenue implications of other policy changes.

Temporary Employees

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what positions in (a) his Department and (b) all executive agencies for which his Department is responsible are

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1043W

filled by employees who are employed on temporary contracts of (i) 51 weeks' and (ii) less than 51 weeks' duration. [25513]

Ruth Kelly: The information is given as follows:

HM Treasury
(i) 51 weeks
Range E3
Range D6
Range C2
Range B3
(ii) Less than 51 weeks
Range E7
Range D15
Range C3
Range B1
HM Customs and Excise
(i) 51 weeks0
(ii) Less than 51 weeks
Information and Library Resource Manager2
Information Specialist 2
Photographic Officer1
Advice, Support and Process Contact Officer1
Business Support Administrator12
Corporate Services Admin Officer1
Advice Centre Support1
Business Support Administrator27
Business Support Assistant319
Corporate Services Assistant9
Customs Assistant21
Fast Keyer11
IS Operational Support Officer3
Kennel Assistant2
Revenue constable9
UK Revenue Assistant18
Inland Revenue
(i) 51 weeks0
(ii) Less than 51 weeks
Government Actuary's Department
(i) 51 weeks0
(ii) Less than 51 weeks
Trainee Actuaries4
National Savings
(i) 51 weeks0
(ii) Less than 51 weeks
Accounts Manager1
Personnel Assistant1
Administrative Assistant1
Supplier Relationship Manager1
Contracts Assistant1
Performance Analyst1
Office of National Statistics
(i) 51 weeks0
(ii) Less than 51 weeks
Royal Mint
(i) 51 weeks0
(ii) Less than 51 weeks
Collector Coin Packers9
Store Person1
Non-Industrial Staff
Valuation Office
(i) 51 weeks0
(ii) Less than 51 weeks
Clerical staff57
Higher Executive Officers4
Senior Executive Officer1
Total numbers for all Departments
(i) 51 weeks12
(ii) Less than 51 weeks1,866

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1044W

EC Budgets

Mr. Austin Mitchell: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will list the main items of income and expenditure of the general budgets of the European Community for each year from 1995 to the latest available year in the manner of the answer of 11 February 1997, Official Report, columns 119–22W. [35875]

Ruth Kelly: The information from 1995 to 2000, based on currently available EU documents and at 2000 prices, is set out in the following tables.

Table 1: European Community Budget—Expenditure
Million euro(104)

EAGGF Guarantee37,85542,10842,47840,24940,06140,506
Percentage of total general budget51.851.050.648.347.348.6
Structural Funds25,906
Percentage of total general budget31.1
EAGGF Guidance2,7773,5983,7623,6283,831
Percentage of total general budget3.
Percentage of total general budget12.613.814.414.616.8
Percentage of total general budget6.
Percentage of total general budget0.
Cohesion Fund1,8652,0052,4412,4072,7731,685
Percentage of total general budget2.
Percentage of total general budget3.
Percentage of total general budget5.
Percentage of total general budget12.511.

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1045W

Table 2: European Community Budget—Revenue
Million euro(104)

Agricultural levies2,1341,9502,0232,0142,184
Percentage of total revenue2.
Customs duties13,72912,59512,87012,52311,881
Percentage of total revenue16.714.515.214.413.5
Percentage of total revenue52.241.842.539.235.937.9
Percentage of total revenue18.929.033.441.443.240.5
Percentage of total revenue9.712.
Traditional Own Resources15,267
Percentage of total revenue16.5

(104) Figures are in millions of euro at constant 2000 prices


1. figures are for outturn. As yet outturn figures are not available for 2001.

2. Figures converted to constant 2000 prices using EU15 deflator throughout.

3. Items are denominated in euro as that is the unit of account for the EC Budget.

4. Other spending includes spending on external policies and internal policies other than research.


1. The Community Budget: The facts in figures, 2000 Edition; European Commission.

2. European Court of Auditors Report on the 2000 Budget (Official Journal C359, 15 December 2001).

3. Allocation of 2000 EU operating expenditure; European Commission (September 2001).

4. European Economy, Number 72, 2001 (Table 24, page 161); European Commission.

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