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Macmillan Cancer Relief

Miss McIntosh: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what representations he has received concerning the VAT on building costs paid by Macmillan Cancer Relief; and if he will take measures to support Macmillan Cancer Relief. [36913]

Mr. Boateng: The Government greatly appreciate the work of Macmillan Cancer Relief.

The Government have received a number of representations concerning the VAT implications of Macmillan Cancer Relief's building programme. Customs have recently had useful and constructive initial discussions with Macmillan, and are currently giving further consideration to the issues raised.

Tax Payments (Euros)

Dr. Cable: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether UK residents can pay their tax bills in euros. [36714]

Ruth Kelly: The Inland Revenue accepts payment of tax bills in euros, in the same way as it accepts payment in other foreign currencies.

GDP Expenditure (Public Services)

Lynne Jones: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what the average proportion of gross domestic product spent on public services was during (a) 1975 to 1979, (b) 1980 to 1990, (c) 1990 to 1997 and (d) 1998 to 2001; and what his estimate is of the proportion of GDP that will be spent on public services between 2002 and 2006. [36601]

Mr. Andrew Smith: The proportions of gross domestic product accounted for by public spending, defined as Total Managed Expenditure (TME), for each financial year from 1970–71 to 2000–01 were published in the pre-Budget report (Cm5318), table B23. The equivalent projections for future years are set out in the table.

TME as percentage of GDP

Rail Journeys

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what was the (a) percentage and number of rail journeys undertaken on first class tickets, (b) average cost of a first class journey by rail and (c) total cost of rail travel in each of the past four years broken down by grade of civil servant. [37502]

Ruth Kelly: In 2001, 1,057 first class rail tickets were purchased by the Treasury (43 per cent. of the total tickets purchased). The average cost of a first class journey in that year was £116. Total spending on rail tickets over the past three years is set out in the table. Information for 1998 is not available. No analysis by grade is available.

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1058W

Spending (£)


Mr. Ben Chapman: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what assessment he has made of the effect on the retail sector of changes in the level of insurance premiums since 11 September 2001. [37262]

Ruth Kelly: The terms, conditions and price of insurance products change constantly in response to market conditions. I am not aware of any significant changes directly attributable to 11 September, except in the availability of insurance against terrorism risk.

Royal Mint

Mr. Cameron: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many euros have been produced by the Royal Mint; and if he will make a statement. [37085]

Ruth Kelly: The Royal Mint has supplied euro blanks, mainly copper plated steel 1c, 2c and 5c blanks, to nine of the first wave countries. Most of the individual contracts are confidential but the total blanks supplied exceeds 11,000 tonnes.

Household Incomes/Consumption

Pete Wishart: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what was (a) household income and (b) individual consumption expenditure in total and as a percentage of the UK total; and what the annual percentage change was in each of the last five years in each nation and region of the UK. [37564]

Ruth Kelly: The information requested falls within the responsibility of the National Statistician. I have asked him to reply.

Letter from Len Cook to Mr. Peter Wishart, dated 25 February 2002:

Total household income by region 1995–99
£ million

United Kingdom(107)706,351749,815789,791830,192873,724
North East27,28628,75329,54230,32031,120
North West76,97581,44684,83688,27292,262
Yorkshire and Humber55,20859,15761,11263,95367,775
East Midlands46,65449,98652,76354,97157,445
West Midlands59,80862,27964,35867,61971,638
South East105,705113,456120,734127,477135,433
South West56,15259,59163,52266,26369,456
Northern Ireland16,85817,52718,68019,43420,287
UK less Extra-Regio705,791749,197789,175829,576873,108

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1059W

Percentage of UK Household Income (excluding extra-regio)

United Kingdom(107)100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
North East3.
North West10.910.910.710.610.6
Yorkshire and Humber7.
East Midlands6.
West Midlands8.
South East15.015.115.315.415.5
South West8.
Northern Ireland2.

Household income—year on year percentage change (excluding extra-regio)

United Kingdom(107)
North East4.
North West5.
Yorkshire and Humber4.
East Midlands5.
West Midlands6.
South East5.
South West7.
Northern Ireland6.

Individual consumption expenditure by region 1995–99
£ million

United Kingdom(107)454,934486,226517,909551,823586,906
North East18,24119,27220,15020,99820,659
North West50,71753,86457,48959,77464,133
Yorkshire and Humber36,79839,10841,25544,24844,956
East Midlands31,24532,86534,78736,26137,961
West Midlands39,10640,99343,30946,10749,416
South East68,11073,58578,92185,20792,024
South West35,71738,97941,78443,88747,384
Northern Ireland11,19211,97712,52113,10914,009

25 Feb 2002 : Column 1060W

Percentage of UK individual consumption expenditure

United Kingdom(107)100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
North East4.
North West11.
Yorkshire and Humber8.
East Midlands6.
West Midlands8.
South East15.
South West7.
Northern Ireland2.

Individual consumption expenditure—year on year percentage change

United Kingdom(107)
North East4.
North West3.
Yorkshire and Humber3.
East Midlands6.
West Midlands6.
South East4.
South West5.
Northern Ireland5.

(106) Provisional

(107) Components may not sum to totals as a result of rounding

(108) Parts of the UK economic territory that can not be attached to any particular region


Regional Accounts 2001 Part 2 Regional Household Income and ICE

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