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Bob Spink: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many (a) killings and (b) crimes causing personal injury involving all types of firearms there were in each of the last six years for which records exist. [36152]

Mr. Denham: The requested details for homicides and injuries caused by use of firearms, injuries caused by the use of handguns, and offences involving handguns and firearms in general in England and Wales are given in

26 Feb 2002 : Column 1234W

tables 3.1, 3.3 and 3.7 of 'Criminal Statistics England and Wales 2000', which was published in December 2001 and is available in the Library. The numbers of homicides in which a handgun was used are as follows:

Number of homicides using a handgun in England and Wales


(45) Calendar years

(46) Years ending March

Police Cells

Mr. Hurst: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many cells there were in police stations in England and Wales in 1999. [34852R]

Mr. Denham: Information on the number of cells in police stations is not held centrally.

Public Appointments

Mr. Forth: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list the appointments made by his Department since 1 May 1997 of chairmen of (a) non- departmental public bodies, (b) commissions, (c) inquiries, (d) agencies and (e) task forces; and if he will list their (i) term of office, (ii) salary and (iii) known political affiliation (A) past and (B) present. [33883]

Angela Eagle: The information requested is as set out. However, public appointees are not required to declare any political affiliation as this is a matter on which all citizens have the right to privacy.

Chairs of Non-Departmental Public Bodies

Advisory Board on Restricted Patients:
Judge Valerie Pearlman*3 months from 1 December 1997Nil
Judge Elizabeth Fisher3 years from 2 March 1998Nil
Judge Elizabeth Fisher*3 years from March 2001Nil
Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs:
Prof. David Grahame-Smith1 year from 1 November 1997Nil
Prof. Michael Rawlins4 years from 1 November 1998Nil
Alcohol Education and Research Centre:
Baroness Shreela Flather*3 years from February 1999Nil
Animal Procedures Committee:
Rev. Prof. Michael Banner4 years from 1 February 1998£200 per day
Rev. Prof. Michael Banner*4 years from 1 February 2002£206 per day
Commission for Racial Equality:
Sir Herman Ouseley*2 years from 1 April 1998£83,957pa
Gurbux Singh4 years from May 2000£111,755pa
Community Development Foundation:
Eddie O'Hara MP3 years from 1 January 1998Nil
Eddie O'Hara MP3 years from January 2001Nil
Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel:
Michael Lewer*4 years from 1 April 1998£57,728pa
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board:
Right hon. Lord Carlisle of Bucklow*2 years from 1 April 1998£38,486pa
Firearms Consultative Committee:
Lord Shrewsbury*11 year from 16 December 98Nil
David Penn6 months from August 1999Nil
David Penn*2 years from February 2000Nil
Gaming Board for Great Britain:
Peter Dean3 years from 1 July 1998£39,922pa
Peter Dean*5 years from June 2001£39,922pa
Horserace Betting Levy Appeals Tribunal:
Thomas Brudenell* (Appointed by the Lord Chancellor)3 years from 1 June 1998£265 per day
Horserace Betting Levy Board:
Robert Hughes3 years from 1 September 1998£48,250pa
Horserace Totaliser Board:
Lord Wyatt of Weeford*1 May 1997 to 30 June 1997£103,108pa
Lord Wyatt of Weeford*1 July 1997 to 31 July 1997£103,108pa
Peter Jones3 years from 1 August 1997£81,119pa
Peter Jones*3 years from August 2000£83,552pa
Misuse of Drugs Advisory Body:
Jean Southworth* (Appointed by the Lord Chancellor)April 1999 to 20 April 2001£363 per day
Misuse of Drugs Advisory Tribunal:
Helen Sarkany*3 years from 1 July 1997£422 per day
Helen Sarkany* (Appointed by the Lord Chancellor)3 years from 1 July 2000£452 per day
Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner:
John Scampion (Immigration Services Commissioner)5 years from May 2000£91,670pa
Parole Board:
Usha Prashar8 October 1997 to October 2000£58,524pa
David Hatch3 years from November 2000£55,000pa
Police Discipline Appeals Tribunal:
Louise GodfeyMay 1997 for an unspecified term£417 per day
Police Information Technology Organisation
Lt. Gen. Sir Edmund Burton2 years from January 2001£120,000pa
Prison/Probation Accreditation Panel:
Sir Duncan Nichol3 years from May 1999£500 per day
Sentencing Advisory Panel:
Prof. Martin Wasik (Appointed by the Lord Chancellor)3 years from July 1999£250 per day
Youth Justice Board for England and Wales
Lord Warner of Brockley5 years from 30 September 1998£85,000pa
Chairs of Commissions:
Charity Commission:
John Stoker (Chief Charity Commissioner)5 years from July 1999£92,112pa
Commission for Racial Equality:
See above.
Chairs of Inquiries:
Lawrence Inquiry:
Sir William Macpherson of Cluny31 July 1997 to 15 February 1999

* Reappointment.

26 Feb 2002 : Column 1235W

Entry Clearance Refusals

Mr. Cox: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many people from (a) the European Union, (b) the Commonwealth and (c) other countries were refused entry in the UK during 2001. [35996]

Angela Eagle: I regret that the information requested is not currently available.

26 Feb 2002 : Column 1236W

Statistics on the number of persons refused entry and subsequently removed by nationality are due to be published in the Command Paper "Control of Immigration Statistics 2001" later this year.

Police Complaints Authority

Lynne Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what discretion the Police Complaints Authority has to publish information to inform the public of the outcome of its investigations. [35975]

Mr. Denham: Section 80 of the Police Act 1996 allows the Police Complaints Authority to publish summary or other general statements which do not identify the person from whom the information is received or any person to whom it relates.

In accordance with section 79 of the 1996 Act, the Authority also publishes an annual report on the discharge of its functions, which includes statistical data on outcomes.

26 Feb 2002 : Column 1237W

Labour Party Conference (Policing)

Mr. Simon Thomas: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department (1) what representations he received urging him to make available additional resources to South Wales police to deal with the costs associated with the Labour Party's spring conference; and what they requested; [36245]

Mr. Denham: Representations were received from the Chief Constable of South Wales about the cost of policing in Labour Party spring conference. The additional costs were estimated at £406,000.

My right hon. Friend the Home Secretary has decided to exceptionally make a special grant to the South Wales police of £275,000.

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