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Government Properties

Norman Baker: To ask the Prime Minister in respect of (a) the flat above No. 10 Downing Street, (b) the flat above No. 11 Downing Street, (c) the flat in 1 Carlton Gardens, (d) Flat 1 in Admiralty House, (e) Flat 2 in Admiralty House, (f) Flat 3 in Admiralty House and (g) Government House in Pimlico (i) who the present occupants are, (ii) how much has been spent on (A) routine maintenance and (B) other building works in each year since 1995 and (iii) which have their council tax liabilities met by the inhabitants. [34369]

The Prime Minister [holding answer 7 February 2002.]: The flats above numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street have traditionally been the residences of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The flat in 1 Carlton Gardens is currently occupied by the President of the Council. The flats in Admiralty House and the Government House in Pimlico, which in the past have been assigned to a variety of Ministers, are currently occupied by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Home Secretary. One flat in Admiralty House is currently unoccupied.

Payment for routine maintenance and other building works is the responsibility of the occupying Minister's department. Expenditure on work to the flat above No. 11 Downing Street is as follows:

Figures for 1995 to 1997 are not available in this form.

The level and responsibility for payment of council tax is determined on whether the property is the Minister's main or secondary residence. If a main residence, the responsibility for payment of the tax falls to the Minister. I am responsible for meeting the full cost of the council tax on the flat above number 11 Downing Street.

Norman Baker: To ask the Prime Minister how many receptions have been held at No. 10 Downing Street since 1 May 1997; and if he will list (a) the date, (b) the purpose, (c) the host, (d) the estimated number in attendance and (e) the cost to public funds of each reception. [34439]

The Prime Minister [holding answer 7 February 2002]: The programme of events at No. 10 is designed to give access to as many people as possible and includes regular children's tea parties and receptions for a wide cross-section of the community.

Over 280 official and charity receptions have been held at 10 Downing Street since 1 May 1997. I have placed a list in the Library.

28 Feb 2002 : Column 1446W

Total costs are not available in the form requested. However, the total cost to my office for all official entertainment at 10 Downing Street and Chequers was as follows:

The costs of the charity receptions are funded by the charities involved.

As was the practice under previous administrations, I have hosted a number of political events at Downing Street. The costs of these were met by the Labour Party.

Official and charity receptions hosted by the Prime Minister and Mrs. Blair

13 MayPrime MinisterReception—Eve of Session120
14 JunePrime MinisterReception—Trooping the Colour100
26 JuneMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children40
2 JulyMrs. BlairCharity40
15 JulyMrs. BlairCharity40
22 JulyPrime MinisterReception—Design Industry150
30 JulyPrime MinisterReception—General200
8 OctoberMrs. BlairCharity40
15 OctoberPrime MinisterReception—General200
30 OctoberMrs. BlairCharity40
27 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
10 DecemberPrime MinisterReception—General200
18 DecemberMrs. BlairCharity40
29 JanuaryMrs. BlairTea—MP's/ Children40
11 FebruaryPrime MinisterReception—New Dealn/a
9 MarchPrime MinisterReception—New Designers' Competitionn/a
26 MarchMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
26 MarchPrime MinisterReception—Voluntary Sector200
1 AprilPrime MinisterTea—Women's Magazine Editorsn/a
6 AprilPrime MinisterReception—Eur Football Leadersn/a
23 AprilMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
27 AprilPrime MinisterReception—Crime and Drugs200
1 MayMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
13 MayMrs. BlairCharity40
21 MayPrime MinisterReception—Education200
2 JuneMrs. BlairCharity40
10 JuneMrs. BlairCharity40
13 JunePrime MinisterTrooping the Colour120
18 JuneMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
1 JulyPrime MinisterReception—Health200
2 JulyMrs. BlairCharity40
23 JulyMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
8 SeptemberMrs. BlairReception—Women Magazine Editorsn/a
17 SeptemberMrs. BlairCharity40
6 OctoberMrs. BlairCharity40
21 OctoberMrs. BlairCharity40
27 OctoberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
17 NovemberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
18 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
23 NovemberPrime MinisterReception—Eve of Session120
30 NovemberPrime MinisterReception—Developmentn/a
2 DecemberMrs. BlairCharity40
8 DecemberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
14 DecemberMrs. BlairCharity40
27 JanuaryPrime MinisterReception—Work & Leisure100
28 JanuaryMrs. BlairCharity40
28 JanuaryMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
9 FebruaryPrime MinisterReception—Education200
15 FebruaryPrime MinisterTechnology College Trustsn/a
18 FebruaryMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
24 FebruaryMrs. BlairTea—Readers of Women's Weekly30
23 FebruaryMrs. BlairCharity40
29 FebruaryMrs. BlairTea—Gold Start Awardsn/a
10 MarchMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
11 MarchPrime MinisterReception—Millennium Lecture on Science100
11 AprilMrs. BlairCharity40
15 AprilMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
15 AprilMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
19 AprilPrime MinisterReception—Regional Press Association80
11 MayMrs. BlairCharity40
13 MayMrs. BlairCharity40
20 MayMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
27 MayPrime MinisterReception—Wealth Creation100
12 JunePrime MinisterTrooping the Colour120
14 JunePrime MinisterReception—Older People100
15 JuneMrs. BlairCharity40
23 JuneMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
5 JulyMrs. BlairCharity40
7 JulyMrs. BlairCharity40
15 JulyPrime MinisterReception—Education100
19 JulyMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
14 SeptemberMrs. BlairCharity40
20 SeptemberPrime MinisterReception—British Fashion Council500
13 OctoberPrime MinisterReception—Arts & Culture100
27 OctoberMrs. BlairCharity40
4 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
8 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
16 NovemberPrime MinisterReception—Eve of Session100
18 NovemberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
25 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
18 NovemberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
8 DecemberPrime MinisterReception—Britishness100
13 DecemberPrime MinisterReception—Armed Forces350
15 DecemberMrs. BlairTea—Women's Own Children of Courage30
16 DecemberMrs. BlairTea MP's/Children70
17 JanuaryMrs. BlairCharity40
22 JanuaryPrime MinisterReception—Emergency Services200
25 JanuaryMrs. BlairCharity40
2 FebruaryPrime MinisterReception—Rural Community200
7 FebruaryMrs. BlairCharity40
24 FebruaryMrs. BlairCharity40
28 FebruaryPrime MinisterReception—NHS Doctors200
29 FebruaryMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
1 MarchMrs. BlairCharity27
2 MarchMrs. BlairCharity40
6 MarchPrime MinisterReception—Health100
14 MarchPrime MinisterReception—Top 50 Schools80
15 MarchMrs. BlairCharity40
22 MarchMrs. BlairCharity40
27 MarchMrs. BlairCharity40
29 MarchPrime MinisterTea—Daily Star Awards20
30 MarchMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
10 AprilMrs. BlairCharity40
12 AprilMrs. BlairCharity40
17 AprilPrime MinisterReception—Press Lobby100
10 MayPrime MinisterReception—UK/Caribbean200
15 JunePrime MinisterTea—Police Bravery Awards110
17 JunePrime MinisterTrooping the Colour130
28 JunePrime MinisterReception—Primary Care Sector200
25 JulyPrime MinisterTea—Football Foundation Launch40
13 SeptemberMrs. BlairCharity40
3 OctoberPrime MinisterReception—Student Press30
4 OctoberPrime MinisterReception—Better Buildings200
17 OctoberPrime MinisterReception—Museum of TV & Radio100
1 NovemberPrime MinisterReception—Ethnic Press75
8 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
9 NovemberPrime MinisterCharity30
14 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
23 NovemberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
4 DecemberPrime MinisterReception—Environment100
5 DecemberPrime MinisterReception—Eve of Session105
12 DecemberMrs. BlairTea—Women's Own Children of Courage28
14 DecemberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children?
9 JanuaryPrime MinisterReception—Regional Editors100
11 JanuaryPrime MinisterReception—Olympic Games100
22 JanuaryPrime MinisterReception—Floods200
25 JanuaryMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children40
6 FebruaryMrs. BlairCharity40
15 FebruaryMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
26 FebruaryPrime MinisterReception—NHS Doctors200
27 FebruaryPrime MinisterReception—Radio Academy's News175
28 FebruaryMrs. BlairCharity40
8 MarchMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
12 MarchMrs. BlairCharity40
14 MarchMrs. BlairCharity40
26 MarchPrime MinisterReception—Childcare150
28 MarchMrs. BlairCharity40
4 AprilMrs. BlairCharity40
5 AprilMrs. BlairTea—1951 Women European Tour17
20 AprilMrs. BlairTea—World Travel Leaders65
22 MayMrs. BlairCharity40
13 JuneMrs. BlairCharity40
16 JunePrime MinisterTrooping the Colour120
19 JunePrime MinisterReception—Eve of Session100
25 JuneMrs. BlairCharity40
26 JuneMrs. BlairCharity40
27 JuneMrs. BlairCharity40
3 JulyMrs. BlairCharity40
5 JulyPrime MinisterTea—Police Bravery Awards120
9 JulyMrs. BlairCharity40
23 JulyPrime MinisterReception—NHS200
10 SeptemberMrs. BlairCharity40
17 SeptemberMrs. BlairCharity40
19 SeptemberMrs. BlairCharity40
24 SeptemberPrime MinisterReception—Policing200
24 OctoberMrs. BlairCharity40
29 OctoberPrime MinisterReception—Higher Education200
31 OctoberMrs. BlairCharity40
1 NovemberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children56
8 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
8 NovemberPrime MinisterReception—President of Pakistan40
14 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
19 NovemberPrime MinisterReception—Women's Media70
20 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
27 NovemberMrs. BlairCharity40
4 DecemberMrs. BlairCharity40
6 DecemberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children40
7 DecemberMrs. BlairTea—MP's/Children70
10 DecemberMrs. BlairTea—Women in Public Services30
12 DecemberMrs. BlairTea—Children of Courage30
17 DecemberPrime MinisterReception—Africa100
18 DecemberMrs. BlairCharity50
9 JanuaryPrime MinisterReception—Regional Newspaper Editors80
17 JanuaryPrime MinisterReception—Faith Community180
21 JanuaryPrime MinisterReception—Communications Industry200
22 JanuaryMrs. BlairCharity40
30 JanuaryMrs. BlairCharity40
4 FebruaryMrs. BlairCharity40
5 FebruaryMrs. BlairCharity40

28 Feb 2002 : Column 1449W

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