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National Insurance Contributions

Mr. Salmond: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will estimate additional revenues that would arise in (a) the United Kingdom and (b) Scotland from a policy of (i) abolishing the upper limit on employees' national insurance contributions, (ii) raising the limit to 50,000, (iii) raising the limit to 100,000 and (iv) charging a rate of (A) 5 per cent., (B) 10 per cent., and (C) 15 per cent. on income between the current upper limit and (X) 50,000, (Y) 100,000 and (Z) 250,000. [39328]

Dawn Primarolo [ holding answer 28 February 2002]: This information is not readily available for Scotland and could be provided only at disproportionate cost. Available estimates for the UK, provided by the Government's Actuary's Department (GAD), are shown in the table.

Estimated full-year effects—UK

2002–03 ( billion)
Abolishing the Upper Earnings Limit (UEL) for employees+3.35
Raising the UEL to 50,000 per year+2.05
Raising the UEL to 100,000 per year+3.00
AX 5 per cent. between UEL and 50,000 per year1+1.75
AY 5 per cent. between UEL and 100,000 per year1+2.55
AZ 5 per cent. between UEL and 250,000 per year1+2.75
BX 10 per cent. between UEL and 50,000 per year1+3.50
BY 10 per cent. between UEL and 100,000 per year1+5.10
BZ 10 per cent. between UEL and 250,000 per year1+5.55
CX 15 per cent. between UEL and 250,000 per year1+5.25
CY 15 per cent. between UEL and 250,000 per year1+7.65
CZ 15 per cent. between UEL and 250,000 per year1+8.30

Note 1: Assuming UEL for contracted-out rebates will remain unchanged, with a rate of 5/10/15 per cent. being charged on earnings (whether or not the person is contracted-out) between the UEL and the specified limit.

Corporate Venturing

Mr. Hoban: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what the cost was of the tax relief granted in respect of corporate venturing; and what assessment he has made of the economic impact on the tax relief for corporate venturing. [38511]

Dawn Primarolo [ holding answer 28 February 2002]: The cost of tax relief for corporate venturing is expected to be about 50 million in a full year. The corporate venturing scheme was only introduced on 1 April 2000. It is too early in the life of the scheme for any reliable economic impact assessment to be undertaken.

1 Mar 2002 : Column 1574W

Pension Rules

Chris Grayling: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what rules apply to a bereaved partner in relation to the payment of (a) the state pension an (b) SERPS in cases where both partners have contributed fully to national insurance throughout their working lives. [28550]

Mr. McCartney: I have been asked to reply.

The rules governing state pensions for widows and widowers depend on the individual circumstances of the people concerned.

Generally, where both the contributor and the surviving spouse are over state pension age when the contributor dies, and both have full national insurance records, the survivor can combine their own pension with a pension based on their spouse's national insurance record.

However, the maximum amount of basic pension and additional (SERPS) pension cannot exceed the amount of a single person could get based on their own National Insurance record.

The hon. Gentleman may wish to know that:

Newspaper Advertising

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what has been the expenditure of her (a) Department, (b) agencies and (c) non-departmental public bodies on newspaper advertising by title in each year since 1997. [26978]

Ms Hewitt: Expenditure on press advertising through COI is as follows:

Subject area
Import Licence Announcements57,075
Export Licence Announcements5,749
Languages for Export21,165
Queen's Awards66,258
Business Links1,258,122
IT For All357,451
Import Licence Announcements47,891
Queen's Awards94,148
Export Licence Announcements7,208
Firework Safety49,800
Working Time Regulations599,995
Business Links432,585
Trade UK7,068
Languages for Export7,013
National Minimum Wage752,764
Miners' Compensation149,940
Information Society Initiative439,757
Queen's Awards47,883
Export Website Awareness16,191
Export USA2,436
National Minimum Wage15,476
Import Licence Announcements57,358
Export Licence Announcements14,081
National Minimum Wage963,552
Import Licence Announcements45,470
Export Licence Announcements17,214
Small Business Service84,647
Distance Selling16,366
Queen's Awards for Enterprise43,542
Miners' Compensation134,674
UK Online for Business1,233,442
Smart Awards138,128
Paid Annual Leave1,179,543
Small Business Service—Business Link589,878
2001–02 (to date)
Business Links313,046
Quality Mark Scheme464,037
Queen's Award for Enterprise15,056
National Minimum Wage310,020
UK Online for Business288,872
UK Online for Business (Supplement Advertising)387,257
Business Link Foot and Mouth130,111
Export Licence Announcements6,240
Import Licence Announcements37,556

All figures exclude VAT.

British Trade International, which brings together international trade and investment support previously led by DTI and FCO, has spent 911,530 through COI on press advertising for Trade Partners UK in 2000–01.

Each campaign may use national and regional media. The target audience and information to be conveyed influences the choice of media used. For national campaigns a mix of broadsheets and tabloids is frequently used. For regional advertising, space has been taken in many prominent regional newspapers as well as hundreds of more local papers and the specialist press.

A breakdown of expenditure by title could be supplied only at disproportionate cost.

Information of this kind on NDPBs is not held centrally and could be obtained only at disproportionate cost.

I have asked each of the Chief Executives of the Agencies to reply to the hon. Member.

1 Mar 2002 : Column 1576W

Letter from Alison Brimelow to Mr. John Bercow, dated 1 March 2002:

Newspaper Advertising

Cardiff Advertiser306.00
Guardian Media Group4,415.50
Telegraph Group7,520.00
Western Mail/South Wales Echo7,868.28
South Wales Argus5,863.56
Bristol Evening Post/Bath Chronicle/Western Daily Press2,651.56
Total 1997–9832,604.56
Birmingham Post385.00
Cardiff Advertiser503.00
Guardian Media Group3,950.00
Professional Engineering1,250.00
Telegraph Group19,700.00
Western Mail/South Wales Echo11,182.81
South Wales Argus4,044.80
Bristol Evening Post/Bath Chronicle/Western Daily Press2,651.56
South Wales Evening Post2,815.80
Total 1998–9946,482.97
Cardiff Advertiser156.00
Guardian Group3,715.00
Midland Independent Newspapers246.00
The Times900.00
Telegraph Group5,860.00
Western Mail752.00
South Wales Argus1,251.18
Total 1999–200012,880.18
Cardiff Advertiser431.00
Guardian Media Group2,380.00
Telegraph Group13,850.00
Western Mail10,160.12
South Wales Argus7,035.50
Bristol Evening Post/Bath Chronicle/Western Daily Press3,686.40
Total 2000–0137,543.02

1 Mar 2002 : Column 1577W

Letter from Desmond Flynn to Mr. John Bercow, dated 1 March 2002:

Letter from David Hendon to Mr. John Bercow, dated 1 March 2002:

Newspaper Advertisingn/a108,99784,948253,058
Opinion polling0000
Focus groups01,5002,5002,500
Market research29,02300282,719

We do not have readily available figures for our newspaper advertising costs on 1997–98. However I would estimate these to be in line with the two following years.

You also asked for details on surveys we have commissioned. The market research expenditure in 1997–98 concerned a survey of the views of our customers. The expenditure in 2000–01 concerned a survey on external communications, and a series of surveys to determine the value of the radio spectrum.

Job No: 713438 Folios: 2006

Leter from John Holden to Mr. John Bercow, dated 1 March 2002:

1 Mar 2002 : Column 1578W

Letter from Roger Heathcote to Mr. John Bercow, dated 1 March 2002:

Letter from Mr. Iain MacGregor to Mr. John Bercow, dated 1 March 2002:

The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry has asked me to reply on behalf of NWML to your question regarding expenditure on newspaper advertising by DTI and its Agencies, for each year since 1997.

The figures for NWML are as follows:

Nil for each of the years

Letter from David Irwin to Mr. John Bercow, dated 1 March 2002:

2000–1: 548,878—excluding VAT

2001–2: 284,393—excluding VAT

Job No: 713438 Folios: 2013

The Small Business Service only came into existence at the beginning of April 2000 so previous years are not applicable.

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