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Tuesday 5 Mar 2002

Volume No. 381 Part No. 109

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Westminster Hall Debates for
5 Mar 2002

Column: 1WH

National Institute for Clinical Excellence [5 Mar 2002]

9.30 am
Angela Watkinson (Upminster)

Column: 2WH

Column: 3WH

9.40 am
Mrs. Cheryl Gillan (Chesham and Amersham)

Column: 4WH

Column: 5WH

Mr. Oliver Heald (North-East Hertfordshire)

Mrs. Gillan

Column: 6WH

9.51 am
Mr. Mark Hoban (Fareham)

Column: 7WH

Column: 8WH

10 am
Mr. David Tredinnick (Bosworth)

Column: 9WH

Dr. Evan Harris (Oxford, West and Abingdon)

Mr. Tredinnick

Mr. Heald

Mr. Tredinnick

Column: 10WH

Dr. Harris

Mr. Tredinnick

Column: 11WH

Mrs. Gillan

Column: 12WH

Mr. Tredinnick

Column: 13WH

Column: 14WH

10.24 am
Dr. Evan Harris (Oxford, West and Abingdon)

Mr. Heald

Column: 15WH

Dr. Harris

Mr. Heald

Dr. Harris

Column: 16WH

Column: 17WH

Column: 18WH

10.38 am
Mr. Oliver Heald (North-East Hertfordshire)

Column: 19WH

Column: 20WH

10.49 am
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Ms Hazel Blears)

Column: 21WH

Mr. Heald

Ms Blears

Column: 22WH

Column: 23WH

Mr. Deputy Speaker

Column: 24WH

Political Participation (Young People) [5 Mar 2002]

11 am
Vernon Coaker (Gedling)

Column: 25WH

Mr. Andy Reed (Loughborough)

Vernon Coaker

Column: 26WH

Column: 27WH

Column: 28WH

11.20 am
Mr. Jonathan Shaw (Chatham and Aylesford)

Column: 29WH

Column: 30WH

Column: 31WH

11.32 am
Ms Meg Munn (Sheffield, Heeley)

Column: 32WH

Column: 33WH

11.42 am
Mr. Hilton Dawson (Lancaster and Wyre)

Column: 34WH

Column: 35WH

11.54 am
Ms Claire Ward (Watford)

Column: 36WH

Mr. Reed

Column: 37WH

Ms Ward

12.2 pm
Matthew Green (Ludlow)

Column: 38WH

Liz Blackman (Erewash)

Column: 39WH

Matthew Green

12.13 pm
Mr. Charles Hendry (Wealden)

Column: 40WH

Column: 41WH

Column: 42WH

12.22 pm
The Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office (Mr. Christopher Leslie)

Column: 43WH

Colin Burgon (Elmet)

Column: 44WH

Mr. Leslie

James Purnell (Stalybridge and Hyde)

Mr. Leslie

Column: 43WH

Column: 45WH

Age-related Macular Degeneration [5 Mar 2002]

12.30 pm
Mr. Paul Burstow (Sutton and Cheam)

Mr. David Heath (Somerton and Frome)

Column: 46WH

Mr. Burstow

Column: 47WH

Column: 48WH

12.45 pm
The Minister of State, Department of Health (Mr. John Hutton)

Column: 49WH

Column: 50WH

Valerie Davey (Bristol, West)

Mr. Hutton

Column: 51WH

Column: 52WH

Mr. Burstow

Mr. Hutton

Column: 53WH

Column: 54WH

Mortgages (Regulation) [5 Mar 2002]

1 pm
Mr. Barry Gardiner (Brent, North)

Column: 55WH

Column: 56WH

Mr. Gareth R. Thomas (Harrow, West)

Mr. Gardiner

Column: 57WH

Column: 58WH

1.20 pm
The Economic Secretary to the Treasury (Ruth Kelly)

Column: 59WH

Column: 60WH

Mr. Gardiner

Ruth Kelly

Column: 59WH

Column: 61WH

Greater Manchester Police Funding [5 Mar 2002]

1.29 pm
Mr. Graham Brady (Altrincham and Sale, West)

Column: 62WH

Mrs. Lorna Fitzsimons (Rochdale)

Mr. Brady

Mrs. Fitzsimons

Mr. Brady

Column: 63WH

1.39 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department (Mr. Bob Ainsworth)

Mr. Brady

Mr. Ainsworth

Column: 64WH

Mr. Brady

Column: 65WH

Mr. Ainsworth

Mr. Brady

Mr. Ainsworth

Column: 66WH

Mr. Brady

Mr. Ainsworth

Mrs. Fitzsimons

Column: 67WH

Mr. Ainsworth

Mrs. Patsy Calton (Cheadle)

Column: 68WH

Mr. Ainsworth

Mr. Brady

Mr. Bill O'Brien

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