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Listed Places of Worship Scheme

Mr. Letwin: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport if she will make it her policy to include church organs as part of the fabric of the building for the purposes of the listed places of worship scheme. [39692]

Dr. Howells [holding answer 1 March 2002]: There are no plans to include church organs in the list of eligible criteria for the listed places of worship scheme. In devising a scheme that is as simple and straightforward as possible to operate, the Government have kept as close as possible to the existing VAT law for listed building alterations, so that if and when a reduced rate is introduced, its scope will mirror as nearly as possible that of the grant scheme.

Radio Licences (Religious Broadcasters)

Miss McIntosh: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport on what basis radio licences are allocated to religious broadcasters. [40358]

Dr. Howells: The Radio Authority, which licences all independent radio services in the UK, is given discretion under the Broadcasting Act 1990 to award local analogue, short-term restricted service, satellite and cable licences to religious bodies.

Religious bodies may apply to the Radio Authority for any of these licences. The Radio Authority will assess such applications against its criteria, as set out in its Code on News and Current Affairs and Programming, and its guidelines on ownership, particularly in respect of

5 Mar 2002 : Column 265W

compliance with the authority's religious broadcasting guidelines, and ensuring spectrum is available for the service before issuing a licence.

United Christian Broadcasters

Ms Walley: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport how many representations have been received in support of the removal of existing prohibitions on United Christian broadcasters. [39484]

Dr. Howells: We have received over a long period a large number of representations supporting the removal of all prohibitions on ownership of broadcasting licences by religious organisations, including those in support of United Christian Broadcasters. Following my Department's recent consultation on media ownership rules, we received over 8,000 responses from individuals supporting the lifting of the current restrictions. We will

5 Mar 2002 : Column 266W

announce our decisions on this issue in the draft Communications Bill which we expect to publish in the spring.

Lottery Projects

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport if she will list for the end of each financial year from establishment of the fund to the latest date for which figures are available, the amounts of lottery money allocated to projects but not yet transferred by (a) the New Opportunities Fund, (b) the Heritage Lottery Fund, (c) the Millennium Commission, (d) UK Sport, (e) Sport England, (f) the Community Fund, (g) the Arts Council of England and (h) the Film Council. [30408]

Mr. Caborn [holding answer 25 January 2002]: The following table show the amount committed, but not paid out, to project operators, by each of the lottery distributors mentioned in the hon. Gentleman's question at 31 March in each year from 1998 to 2001 inclusive. This information is not available prior to 1998.

Outstanding commitments at 31 March each year

New Opportunities Fund0221,126,000327,734,699560,355,483
Heritage Lottery Fund767,635,904864,789,300725,425,525984,208,744
Millennium Commission1,517,898,0001,195,673,000666,405,000375,100,000
UK Sport002,154,24171,612,785
Sport England464,228,095503,767,997549,508,000638,145,000
Community Fund476,130,613510,198,796616,534,332649,184,443
Arts Council of England456,527,849380,842,709307,865,661272,902,320
Film Council009,361,26631,964,901

Golden Jubilee

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (1) what meetings have taken place to discuss sponsorship of events related to the Golden Jubilee celebrations; which (a) members of the Government, (b) companies, (c) organisations and (d) individuals took part; and what the date was of each meeting; [39404]

Tessa Jowell: The national events in central London over Jubilee Weekend are being organised by The Queen's Golden Jubilee Weekend Trust which was set up independently of Government. The trust is chaired by Lord Sterling who has responsibility for private sector fundraising. He has approached a number of companies, organisations and individuals about the possibility of their making a contribution. No member of the Government has been involved in that process. Details of the companies that have made donations were released to the press by Lord Sterling on 22 February 2002.

Television Licensing Authority

Mr. Gibb: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (1) under what powers Television Licensing Authority officers visit households seeking permission to enter those premises; [39353]

Dr. Howells: The BBC, as Television Licensing Authority, contracts the day to day administration and enforcement of the licensing system to its agent, TV Licensing (TVL). While there is clearly no benefit in visiting an address if it is known that there is no television receiver there, this information is not always available without a visit. I understand that, in the past, a declaration that no television was in use at an address was normally accepted by TV Licensing as proof of the matter, but that a significant proportion of such declarations turn out to be false. The BBC has indicated that its current policy is therefore that TV Licensing should visit all addresses in respect of which it has received a declaration that no television is in use.

TV Licensing officials may enter a person's home only with their consent or if authorised to do so by a warrant issued by a magistrate. Under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 (as amended), in order to issue such a warrant a magistrate must be satisfied, by information provided on oath, that there is reasonable ground for suspecting that an offence under the Act has been or is being committed.

5 Mar 2002 : Column 267W

Culture Online

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (1) how many users she expects the Culture Online project to have (a) from its launch and (b) in each year until 2010; [39391]

Dr. Howells: £5 million was allocated to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport as part of the 2000 spending review to allow initial development of the project, including the creation of a business case to support continued investment in Culture Online; the cost of developing our proposals for Culture Online so far is £1,833,555.

5 Mar 2002 : Column 268W

We are currently considering a number of alternative options for Culture Online and we hope to make an announcement in the near future. This will include details of any further funding available for Culture Online and what user groups Culture Online will target.

We have involved a large number of cultural educational and ICT organisations in the development of Culture Online. Details of those involved in the Culture Online steering group and Talent Bank are included in the Vision report, which was placed in the Libraries of the House. None of these organisations or companies has made financial contributions to Culture Online.

Inland Revenue

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport if she will list the (a) number, (b) type and (c) value of items that have been accepted by the Inland Revenue in lieu of tax (i) since May 1997 to the most recent date for which figures are available and (ii) between May 1990 and April 1997. [39392]

Dr. Howells: The information requested is in the following table:

Year NumberTypeValue (£)
1997–9818Archives, paintings, musical clock, manuscript, silver wine set, chattels, Celtic miniature shields6,892,500
1998–99299th century stone cross, archives, drawings, Handel memorabilia, Phaeton carriage, needlework casket, illuminated manuscript, watercolours, Delft pottery, leather coffer, judicial robe, paintings25,992,104
1999–200013Military medals, sculpture, antiquities, archive, paintings, silverware, pastel portraits2,558,740
2000–0124Paintings, drawings, furniture, silverware, Limoges enamels, archives, medieval books, sculptures, communion set, ivory mirror back, ceramics, land16,020,063
1990–9115Paintings, drawings, musical instruments, furniture, stamps1,353,002
1991–9213Porcelain, paintings, motor car, motorcycle, silverware, chattels, sporting memorabilia3,423,446
1992–9316Marble busts, chattels paintings, sculpture, silver gilt cup and cover, archive, model gun ship, 17th and 18th century glass, land6,382,475
1993–941817th and 18th century glass, two surrealist hats, paintings, manuscript, race cup, furniture, sketchbooks, Joseph Hayden Autograph, land3,115,000

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