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Free Museum Entry

David Wright: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what impact free museum entry in London has had on admission numbers. [39751]

Dr. Howells: There has been a 76 per cent. increase in visitors on average at those museums and galleries in London which previously charged for admission, in the two months following the introduction of free entry compared with the same period in 2000–01. This is a tremendous endorsement of the Government's free access policy.

David Wright: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what proposals are being considered to expand the programme of free museum entry across the United Kingdom. [39750]

Dr. Howells: There are no plans to extend free entry to museums beyond free entry to the permanent collections of the main museums and galleries in England to which the Government are committed to ensure universal free access. Entry to the national museums in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is a matter for their devolved Administrations.

Digital Television

Mr. Yeo: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport which television channels are subject to a must-carry requirement on (a) digital satellite, (b) digital terrestrial and (c) digital cable. [38956]

Dr. Howells: No television channels are, in practice, subject to a must-carry requirement.

For satellite, access is a matter of commercial negotiation, and is regulated by Oftel under the Advanced Television Services Regulations 1996 (SI 1996/3151), as amended by SI 1996/3197.

In the case of digital services carried by cable, the ITC can, under section 78A of the Broadcasting Act 1990 (as amended), require digital local delivery services to carry public service television channels; but has not considered it appropriate to do so.

In the case of digital terrestrial television, provision exists in section 28 of the 1996 Act, and through the allocation of radio spectrum by the Secretary of State under section 65 of the 1990 Act and section 6 of the 1996 Act, by which sufficient space is reserved on multiplexes for the carriage of public service channels.

5 Mar 2002 : Column 269W

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (1) what her Department's timetable is for the upgrading of digital television transmitters to widen the distribution of digital television services; [39405]

Dr. Howells: The Digital Television Action Plan, issued on 20 December, sets out a series of actions, with intended completion dates, for Government and stakeholders collectively to determine and agree a target level of coverage for digital terrestrial television and to produce a plan to achieve this. We commenced a three-month consultation on 11 December to inform the spectrum planning process. It is for the digital broadcasters to determine proposals to develop the digital terrestrial transmission network, in consultation with the Independent Television Commission and the Radiocommunications Agency.

English Tourism Council

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what plans she has to give the English Tourism Council a marketing budget in order to market England; and if she will make a statement. [39506]

Dr. Howells: We are considering how to provide stronger co-ordination of the promotion and marketing of England's tourism assets.


Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport how many (a) unique visitors and (b) page impressions have been received by (i) the DCMS website and (ii) the Golden Jubilee website. [39402]

Dr. Howells: From February 2001 to February 2002, the DCMS website received (a) 312,150 unique visitors, and (b) 4,351,594 page impressions.

Since its launch in June 2001 up to February 2002, the Golden Jubilee website received (a) 155,653 unique visitors and (b) 6,131,517 page impressions.

Job Advertisements

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport if she will list the job advertisements placed by her Department in the last 12 months specifying where the advertisements were placed and the cost in each case. [39061]

Dr. Howells: Details and costs of the job advertisements placed by my Department in the last 12 months are shown in the table:

Job Advertisements£
March 2001
Collection Assistant (Government Art Collection)
Museums Association Journal 1,760
April 2000
Assistant Librarian
Library Association Journal806
June 2001
Head of News
October 2001
Management Opportunities Recruitment Scheme
Evening Standard
Ethnic Media Group10,386
November 2001
Director of Strategy and Communications
Times/Sunday Times
Ethnic Media Group20,540
January 2002
Administration Opportunities Recruitment Scheme
Evening Standard

5 Mar 2002 : Column 270W


Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport how many publications her Department has published in each of the past seven years; if she will list those publications; what the total cost of each publication was; what the total production run for each publication was; what the total distribution for each publication was; how many of those publications are available for download from her Department's website; and if she will make a statement. [38134]

Dr. Howells: The publications issued by my Department in the last seven years are listed and those published since 1999 are available electronically on the Department's website.

Information on the total cost, the production run and the total distribution run of each document could be supplied only at disproportionate cost. I have, however, included the overall yearly figures spent on publications since 1998 to 1999—the period for which information is available electronically.


(19) To date

A Candidate's Guide booklet
A Board Member's Guide
Library and Information Matters 1994
Sports White Paper
Film policy document
Heritage Green Paper
Building the Audience
Digital TV consultation document
Draft BBC Charter and Agreement
Press Privacy White Paper
GAC Catalogue
Reviewing Committee annual report 1995–96

5 Mar 2002 : Column 271W

Sport Raising the Game reprint
Treasure Trove annual report 1994–95
Public Lending Right annual report
DNH annual report 1995
Conservation Unit annual report
What Listing Means
Portable Antiquities Booklet
Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds
Benchmarking for the Small Hotel sector
Whitehall Urban Design Guidelines
Caring for Historic Buildings booklet
The Bannister report
BBC Charter booklet
Sport: Raising the Game Part 2
Museums Review
Museum Education report
Public Libraries Review
Competing with the Best booklet
Export of Works of Art 1995–96
Supporting the Voluntary Sector
People Taking Part
National Lottery report
Public Lending Right report 1995–96
Legal Deposit consultation paper
The Deakin report
Treasure Trove annual report 1995–96
DNH annual report 1996
Setting the Level of the TV Licence Fee
Hotels: The Consumer View—reprint
Export Licensing Notice Youth Volunteering Development Grants, Application Forms and Guidelines
Tourism Strategy document
It Could Be Your Good Cause
Youth Volunteering Development Grants Scheme
Youth Challenge document
Health and Safety Guide
ICT document
The First Five Years
National Lottery leaflet
National Lottery White Paper and popular version
Export of Works of Art 1996–97
A Guide to the Department
Government response to Select Committee Report on BBC and Future of Broadcasting
Interfaith millennium leaflet
What Listing Means
GAC leaflet
Government response to Library and Information Commission
DCMS annual report 1998
Response to millennium dome select committee

5 Mar 2002 : Column 272W

Sustainable Tourism report
Focus on Change report
Tourism Forum Bulletin
Treasure Trove annual report 1996–97
Children's Play leaflet
Library and Information Matters 1997–98
DCMS/Wolfson annual report
Lottery leaflet 1998
NOF consultation paper
Museum Education report
Treasure Act Code of Practice
Underwater Archaeology poster and leaflet
Government Art Collection: Tel Aviv catalogue
National Lottery White Paper
Film Policy Review Group report
UK presidency leaflet and booklet
Poetry and the presidency booklet
The Eyre Review
Export of Works of Art 1997–98
Response to the select committee on the multimedia revolution
Creative Industries mapping document
DCMS annual report 1998
Commonwealth and Museums report
Digital Convergence Green Paper
Portable Antiquities annual report
Building a Global Audience
Government response to the LIC report
DCMS/Wolfson fund annual report 1997–98
Children's Play leaflet
National lottery information leaflet
New Opportunities Fund consultation document
Interfaith millennium leaflet reprint
Museums in the Learning Age Sustainable
Tourism document
Tomorrow's Tourism strategy report
Government Art Collection leaflet
Export of Works of Art 1998–99
Government Art Collection Conditions of Loan booklet
Portable Antiquities annual report
World Heritage Sites
Treasure annual report
Finding Our Past leaflet
Building a Global Audience
The Future Funding of the BBC
Review of the BBC's financial projections
Creative Industries—report on the creative industries finance conference

5 Mar 2002 : Column 273W

Creative Industries—Exports: Our Hidden Potential
Creative Industries—Internet inquiry: Snapshot of a rolling wave
Creative Industries—Your Creative Future
Creative Industries—UK Television Exports inquiry
DCMS annual report 1999
Local Cultural Strategies
PAT 10—Policy Action Team 10: report to the social exclusion unit
A Sporting Future For All
Libraries for All: Social Inclusion in Public Libraries
The White Book—Option Appraisal of Expenditure Decision: A Guide for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and its Sponsored Bodies
Consumers Call the Tune—The Impact of New Technologies on the Music Industry
Report on the DCMS/Wolfson Fund 1998–99
Libraries and the Regions—A discussion paper
Appraisal of annual library plans 1999
British Library review
Regional Consortium leaflet
Efficiency and Effectiveness of Government-sponsored Museums and Galleries
Report of the Tourism Consumer Group
Guidance on Disposals of Historic Buildings
Treasure annual report
Vacant Plinth Advisory Panel report
Broadcasting Command Paper
Review of the Transparency of the BBC
Creative Industries Finance booklet
DCMS annual report 2000
Learning Power of Museums
Government Art Collection—Conditions of Loan Booklet
Public Appointments Guidance
Tax Relief for Charities Booklet
Music Industry report
Library Standard report
Coalfields and the lottery report
Museums Education report
Museums Social Inclusion report
New Opportunities Fund consultation paper
Better Public Buildings
A Sporting Future for All
Tourism Summit leaflet
Creative Industries mapping document 2001
DCMS Recruitment booklet
The Government's Plan for Sport
Culture and Creativity
Local Cultural Strategies
Music Industries Document: Consumers Call the Tune
Marching into the Millennium

5 Mar 2002 : Column 274W

Portable Antiquities annual report
A Vision for Culture online
London Open House leaflet
Banking on a Hit report
Cricket Disorder report
Operation of the National Lottery—select committee response
Staging International Sports Events—select committee response
Tourism—the Hidden Giant and Foot and Mouth—select committee response
Summer Supplementary Estimates
Lottery Achievements—The first seven years
A Force for our Future—The Government Statement on the Historic Environment
Library and Information Matters—report
DCMS Publicity Guidelines
DCMS Event Guidelines
Report of the Gambling Review Body
Digital TV—Information for Landlords
CIEPAG—Achievements leaflet
Media Ownership Rules consultation paper
Winter Supplementary Estimates
Viewers Panel report
English National Stadium Review
Public Appointments registration form
Reappointments declarations form
Public Reappointments booklet
DCMS Recruitment literature reprint
Audio Visual Industries Training Group Report
Honours Guidance Binder
Equal Opportunities document reprint
DCMS Identity Guidelines
Communications White Paper—select committee response
Biennial Conservation report
Creative Industries Finance Conference report
Export of Works of Art 2000–01.

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