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Thursday 7 Mar 2002

Volume No. 381 Part No. 111

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Westminster Hall Debates for
7 Mar 2002

Column: 133WH

Heritage Attractions [7 Mar 2002]

2.30 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (Dr. Kim Howells)

Column: 134WH

Column: 135WH

Column: 136WH

Column: 137WH

Column: 138WH

2.51 pm
Miss Anne McIntosh (Vale of York)

Column: 139WH

Column: 140WH

Dr. Howells

Miss McIntosh

Dr. Howells

Miss McIntosh

Column: 141WH

Dr. Howells

Miss McIntosh

Dr. Howells

Column: 142WH

Miss McIntosh

Mr. Andrew Love (Edmonton)

Miss McIntosh

Column: 143WH

3.17 pm
Jim Knight (South Dorset)

Column: 144WH

Column: 145WH

Column: 146WH

Dr. Howells

Jim Knight

Column: 147WH

Mr. Peter Pike

3.33 pm
Nick Harvey (North Devon)

Column: 148WH

Column: 149WH

Column: 150WH

3.45 pm
Mr. Bob Laxton (Derby, North)

Column: 151WH

Column: 152WH

Mr. Hugo Swire (East Devon)

Mr. Laxton

Column: 153WH

4.1 pm
David Wright (Telford)

Column: 154WH

Column: 155WH

4.11 pm
Alan Howarth (Newport, East)

Column: 156WH

Column: 157WH

Column: 158WH

Miss McIntosh

Column: 159WH

Alan Howarth

Column: 160WH

Column: 161WH

Column: 162WH

Column: 163WH

Column: 164WH

Column: 165WH

Column: 166WH

4.54 pm
Miss McIntosh

Column: 167WH

Column: 168WH

5.3 pm
Dr. Howells

Column: 169WH

Miss McIntosh

Dr. Howells

Miss McIntosh

Dr. Howells

Column: 170WH

Column: 171WH

Column: 172WH

Miss McIntosh

Dr. Howells

Column: 173WH

Column: 174WH

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