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Lost/Stolen Property

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Solicitor-General if she will list those items valued at less than £50 each which have been stolen or lost from her Department in each of the last four years. [34210]

The Solicitor-General [holding answer 11 February 2002]: I am not aware of any items valued at less than £50 being stolen from or lost by the Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers during the years 1998–2002.

The details of the other Departments for which the Attorney General is responsible are as follows:

Crown Prosecution Service

No items valued at less than £50 have been recorded as lost or stolen by the Crown Prosecution Service in any of the last four years.

CPS systems focus on more expensive items and it is not considered cost effective to maintain detailed records of items valued at less than £50. It is possible that such items have been stolen or lost but not reported.

11 Mar 2002 : Column 664W

Treasury Solicitor's Department

No items valued at less than £50 have been recorded as lost or stolen by the Treasury Solicitors Department in any of the last four years.

Serious Fraud Office

The records regarding losses and thefts of official items from February 1998 to February 2002 have been examined. Up to the end of December 1999 there were no recorded losses or thefts of official items valued at £50 or under. From January 2000 policy was changed so that no records are made of any official items lost or stolen if their value is under £50.

Crown Prosecution Service

Mrs. Curtis-Thomas: To ask the Solicitor-General how many staff, broken down by type, the CPS budget provided for in each CPS region; and how many vacancies there were per type of staff in each year since the inception of the CPS. [35942]

The Solicitor-General [holding answer 14 February 2002]: A budget to meet basic running costs needs—excluding fixed accommodation costs—is allocated to each CPS area. Its use is not prescribed. Areas are empowered to apportion it between staffing and any other costs in accordance with their judgment of local circumstances. Thus staffing mix can vary from area to area, depending on the local judgments made in each area.

In their business plans for the 2001–02 financial year completed in March 2001, CPS areas profiled their estimated staffing numbers on a monthly basis. The results for each of the existing staffing groups—Chief Crown Prosecutors, lawyers and administration—are set out in the tables.

The CPS does not keep historical data on the number of vacancies within the Department. Areas decide the numbers and mix of staff against the budget available to them, rather than against an overall complement figure.

AreaApril 2001May 2001June 2001July 2001August 2001September 2001October 2001November 2001December 2001January 2002February 2002March 2002
Estimated lawyer staff in post
P01 Avon and Somerset44.
P02 Bedfordshire18.
P03 Cambridgeshire19.
P04 Cheshire33.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.8
P06 Cleveland24.826.826.828.830.830.830.830.830.830.830.830.8
P07 Cumbria23.
P08 Derbyshire29.929.930.930.930.930.930.930.930.930.930.930.9
P09 Devon and Cornwall37.
P10 Dorset16.818.818.818.818.818.818.818.818.818.818.818.8
P11 Durham23.
P12 Dyfed/Powys21.421.421.421.421.421.421.421.421.421.421.421.4
P13 Essex39.839.839.839.839.839.839.839.839.839.839.839.8
P14 Gloucestershire16.415.415.415.415.416.416.416.416.416.416.416.4
P15 Greater Manchester114.1118.1126.1130.7130.7130.7130.7130.7130.7130.7130.7130.7
P16 Gwent23.529.529.529.529.529.529.529.529.529.529.529.5
P17 Hampshire and Isle of Wight50.
P18 Hertfordshire26.626.626.625.825.826.626.626.626.627.427.427.4
P19 Humberside28.630.630.630.630.630.630.630.630.630.630.630.6
P20 Kent44.744.746.746.748.748.750.750.750.750.750.750.7
70.4P21 Lancashire70.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.4
P22 Leicestershire28.
P23 Lincolnshire16.
P24 Merseyside67.768.370.370.371.373.373.373.375.376.376.376.3
P25 Metropolitan and City270.0270.0270.0315.0315.0315.0315.0315.0315.0315.0315.0315.0
P26 Norfolk26.426.427.427.427.427.427.427.427.427.427.427.4
P27 Northamptonshire19.819.819.821.821.821.823.823.823.823.823.823.8
P28 Northumbria66.969.971.971.971.971.971.971.971.971.971.971.9
P29 North Wales22.922.422.422.422.422.422.422.422.422.422.422.4
P30 North Yorkshire17.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.4
P31 Nottinghamshire49.
P32 South Wales60.966.966.966.966.966.966.966.970.970.970.970.9
P33 South Yorkshire44.
P34 Staffordshire36.
P35 Suffolk18.619.619.619.619.619.619.619.619.619.619.619.6
P36 Surrey19.
P37 Sussex40.
P38 Thames Valley50.
P39 Warwickshire11.
P40 West Mercia31.
P41 West Midlands112.3112.3122.3124.3128.3135.3140.3140.3140.3140.3140.3140.3
P42 West Yorkshire91.091.0101.0104.0104.0110.0110.0110.0110.0110.0110.0110.0
P43 Wiltshire18.418.418.418.418.418.418.418.418.418.418.418.4
Estimated Total Administration and SCS Staff in Post
P01 Avon and Somerset65.
P02 Bedfordshire30.
P03 Cambridgeshire30.438.
P04 Cheshire60.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.470.4
P06 Cleveland48.
P07 Cumbria33.
P08 Derbyshire58.
P09 Devon and Cornwall63.468.468.468.468.468.469.469.469.469.469.469.4
P10 Dorset27.630.
P11 Durham34.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.837.8
P12 Dyfed/Powys30.331.331.334.334.334.333.333.333.333.333.333.3
P13 Essex68.568.568.568.568.568.567.567.567.567.567.567.5
P14 Gloucestershire30.730.730.730.730.730.730.730.730.730.730.730.7
P15 Greater Manchester182.7205.7229.0229.0229.0229.0229.0229.0229.0229.0229.0229.0
P16 Gwent46.446.448.447.447.447.447.447.447.447.447.447.4
P17 Hampshire and Isle of Wight108.0113.0116.0116.0121.0126.0126.0126.0136.0136.0136.0136.0
P18 Hertforeshire42.945.945.945.945.945.945.945.946.946.946.946.9
P19 Humberside51.
P20 Kent77.
P21 Lancashire124.0124.0124.0124.0124.0124.0124.0124.0124.0124.0124.0124.0
P22 Leicestershire57.763.766.766.770.770.770.770.770.770.770.770.7
P23 Lincolnshire24.327.327.327.329.329.329.329.329.329.329.329.3
P24 Merseyside126.0130.0131.0132.0136.0138.0138.0138.0138.0138.0138.0138.0
P25 Metropolitan and City635.0694.0694.0759.0772.0772.0772.0772.0772.0772.0772.0772.0
P26 Norfolk39.
P27 Northamptonshire33.633.633.633.633.633.633.633.633.633.633.633.6
P28 Northumbria122.7128.7141.7141.7141.7141.7141.7141.7141.7141.7141.7141.7
P29 North Wales40.640.640.640.640.640.640.640.640.640.640.640.6
P30 North Yorkshire26.626.626.626.626.626.626.626.626.626.626.626.6
P31 Nottinghamshire92.692.692.696.496.496.496.496.496.496.496.496.4
P32 South Wales136.6142.6142.6142.6142.6142.6136.6136.6132.6132.6132.6132.6
P33 South Yorkshire93.093.695.695.695.695.695.695.695.695.695.695.6
P34 Staffordshire63.
P35 Suffolk35.841.841.841.841.841.841.841.841.841.841.841.8
P36 Surrey35.
P37 Sussex59.661.661.663.663.663.665.665.665.665.665.665.6
P38 Thames Valley74.477.478.477.476.477.678.678.678.678.678.678.6
P39 Warwickshire19.719.719.719.719.719.719.719.719.719.719.719.7
P40 West Mercia60.
P41 West Midlands202.6202.6209.5230.5240.5240.5240.5240.5240.5240.5240.5240.5
P42 West Yorkshire169.7169.7183.7191.7191.7191.7191.7191.7191.7191.7191.7191.7
P43 Wiltshire25.425.425.425.425.425.425.425.425.424.424.424.4
Estimated Total Chief Crown Prosecutors in post
P01 Avon and Somerset1.
P02 Bedfordshire1.
P03 Cambridgeshire1.
P04 Cheshire1.
P06 Cleveland1.
P07 Cumbria1.
P08 Derbyshire1.
P09 Devon and Cornwall1.
P10 Dorset1.
P11 Durham1.
P12 Dyfed/Powys1.
P13 Essex1.
P14 Gloucestershire1.
P15 Greater Manchester1.
P16 Gwent1.
P17 Hampshire and Isle of Wight1.
P18 Hertforeshire1.
P19 Humberside1.
P20 Kent1.
P21 Lancashire1.
P22 Leicestershire1.
P23 Lincolnshire1.
P24 Merseyside1.
P25 Metropolitan and City4.
P26 Norfolk1.
P27 Northamptonshire1.
P28 Northumbria1.
P29 North Wales1.
P30 North Yorkshire1.
P31 Nottinghamshire1.
P32 South Wales1.
P33 South Yorkshire1.
P34 Staffordshire1.
P35 Suffolk1.
P36 Surrey1.
P37 Sussex1.
P38 Thames Valley1.
P39 Warwickshire1.
P40 West Mercia1.
P41 West Midlands1.
P42 West Yorkshire1.
P43 Wiltshire1.

11 Mar 2002 : Column 667W

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