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Mrs. Curtis-Thomas: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills if she will list the (a) selection criteria for the engineering specialist schools, (b) time scale for selection of the schools and (c) schools selected to become engineering specialists. [43573]

Mr. Timms: The criteria against which engineering colleges are selected are set out in the booklet "Specialist Schools Programme: Engineering Colleges Applications: A Guide for Schools" a copy of which has been placed in the Library. The closing date for the first engineering college applications was 15 March and we expect to announce the names of successful applicants in July.

Technology Skills

Mrs. Curtis-Thomas: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what instruction on the acquisition of technological and information technology skills are given to primary school teachers in their training. [43585]

John Healey: Before any trainee teacher, including trainee primary school teachers, can be awarded qualified teacher status they must demonstrate that they are competent in the use of ICT, both to teach their subject and to support their wider professional role.

Serving teachers in maintained schools have, since 1998, had an entitlement to undertake ICT training funded by the New Opportunities Fund. This is designed to bring them to the same level of competence and confidence in the use of ICT in the classroom as their counterparts now entering the profession.

The Government are now drawing up plans for further training in the use of ICT to support teachers' continuing professional development. A pilot scheme will be run in selected schools from April 2002.


Beef Exports

Mr. Peter Ainsworth: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what recent representations she has made to (a) the European Commission and (b) the French Government concerning beef exports to France; and if she will make a statement. [43034]

Margaret Beckett [holding answer 14 March 2002]: I made representations to both Commissioner Byrne and the then French Agriculture Minister during recent Agricultural Councils, making it clear that we expect

19 Mar 2002 : Column 257W

France to lift its ban as soon as possible. I also raised this issue with the new French Agriculture Minister during the Agricultural Council on 18 and 19 March.

We are confident the Commission will take the appropriate legal measures against the French if they continue to refuse to comply with the European Court of Justice Judgment.

Illegal Meat Imports

Mr. Peter Ainsworth: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, pursuant to her answer of 12 March 2002, Official Report, column 936W, on how many occasions, and when, members of the State Veterinary Service participated in exercises organised by Crawley borough council in respect of identifying illegal meat imports. [44229]

Margaret Beckett [holding answer 18 March 2002]: Since April last year, members of the State Veterinary Service have participated in four exercises with the Crawley borough council in respect of identifying illegal meat imports. The dates of which are 10 April 2001, 25 April 2001, 30 April 2001 and 8 March 2002.

BSE (Sheep)

Mr. Liddell-Grainger: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if there have been confirmed cases of BSE in sheep since 1996 in the UK. [43854]

Mr. Morley: To date, no cases of BSE have been found in the national sheep flock. The numbers tested are still relatively low because there is no validated, rapid method for differentiating between BSE and scrapie. We have to use a number of different tests, including where possible, bioassay in mice. Of course the Government have in place a comprehensive risk management strategy, should the theoretical risk of BSE in sheep become a real one. This includes: the National Scrapie Plan, aiming to reduce, and eventually eliminate, scrapie in the national sheep flock; a contingency plan, drawn up in conjunction with industry and other stakeholders; a major ongoing sheep TSE research programme, which is kept under review; and removal of specified risk material from the food chain. Independent advice from the Food Standards Agency remains unchanged: the risk of BSE in sheep is still entirely theoretical and the agency is not advising against the consumption of sheep or lamb.

Foot and Mouth

Paddy Tipping: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, pursuant to her answer of 27 February 2002, ref. 37621, if she will list (a) the 160 sites where ash has been removed and (b) those sites where foot and mouth carcases and ash were deposited in 2001, where deposits are planned to be moved. [41843]

Mr. Morley [holding answer 12 March 2002]: The following is a listing by county in England and Wales of (a) the sites from which ash has been removed and (b) sites where ash is programmed to be moved or which are undergoing site specific risk assessment to assess whether or not the removal of ash is required. The list is by county, since the Department is constrained by the

19 Mar 2002 : Column 258W

provisions of the Data Protection Act from providing full addresses of all the sites. There are no current plans to exhume carcases at any sites.

County in England and Wales
(a) Sites from where ash has been removed
County Durham10
Tyne and Wear2
(b) Sites planned for ash removal
County Durham4
Tyne and Wear2

Agricultural Produce (Balance of Trade)

Mr. Peter Ainsworth: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what the balance of trade was in agricultural produce between the United Kingdom and (a) the EU, (b) the USA and (c) the rest of the world in each of the last five years. [43037]

Margaret Beckett [holding answer 14 March 2002]: The tables show the balance of trade in food, feed and drink between the United Kingdom and (a) the EU (b) the USA and (c) all other countries in each of the last five years.

UK trade in food, feed and drink with EU countries (1997–2001)
£ million

Description Exports ImportsBalance of trade
Meat and meat preparations7671,713-946
Dairy products and birds' eggs469987-518
Fish and fish preparations551250302
Cereals and cereal preparations9941,007-13
Vegetables and fruit3402,622-2,282
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey191235-44
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices370584-214
Feeding stuff for animals323361-38
Miscellaneous edible products315792-477
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits50105-55
Oils and fats173380-207
Grand total5,81010,865-5,055
Meat and meat preparations6411,567-926
Dairy products and birds' eggs524990-466
Fish and fish preparations657279378
Cereals and cereal preparations1,01191299
Vegetables and fruit3152,747-2,432
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey189242-53
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices369580-210
Feeding stuff for animals297320-23
Miscellaneous edible products319806-486
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits5077-27
Oils and fats151376-225
Grand total5,80510,841-5,036
Meat and meat preparations5621,693-1,131
Dairy products and birds' eggs5151,034-518
Fish and fish preparations622297325
Cereals and cereal preparations90788126
Vegetables and fruit3432,622-2,279
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey168245-77
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices366589-223
Feeding stuff for animals254298-44
Miscellaneous edible products336839-503
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits3946-7
Oils and fats117387-270
Grand total5,57710,997-5,420
Meat and meat preparations5511,872-1,322
Dairy products and birds' eggs4831,053-570
Fish and fish preparations574311263
Cereals and cereal preparations88885533
Vegetables and fruit2942,567-2,273
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey159257-98
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices352571-219
Feeding stuff for animals236334-98
Miscellaneous edible products330681-351
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits1857-39
Oils and fats87334-247
Grand total5,28310,725-5,442
Meat and meat preparations3732,124-1,751
Dairy products and birds' eggs4461,122-676
Fish and fish preparations610338272
Cereals and cereal preparations770972-202
Vegetables and fruit3012,614-2,312
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey166291-125
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices362550-188
Feeding stuff for animals214341-127
Miscellaneous edible products372671-298
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits1091-81
Oils and fats99347-248
Grand total5,08211,335-6,253

19 Mar 2002 : Column 259W

UK trade in food, feed and drink with USA (1997–2001)
£ million

Description Exports ImportsBalance of trade
Meat and meat preparations913-5
Dairy products and birds' eggs1146
Fish and fish preparations1765-48
Cereals and cereal preparations2963-34
Vegetables and fruit9226-217
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey591049
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices421230
Feeding stuff for animals6173-167
Miscellaneous edible products2337-15
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits0111-111
Oils and fats1419-4
Grand total729866-137
Meat and meat preparations910-1
Dairy products and birds' eggs1459
Fish and fish preparations2167-46
Cereals and cereal preparations3381-48
Vegetables and fruit7222-215
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey571344
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices511239
Feeding stuff for animals10136-126
Miscellaneous edible products2246-23
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits092-92
Oils and fats1717-1
Grand total724870-147
Meat and meat preparations780
Dairy products and birds' eggs18810
Fish and fish preparations4264-22
Cereals and cereal preparations3268-36
Vegetables and fruit7201-194
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey741361
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices521240
Feeding stuff for animals9119-110
Miscellaneous edible products3454-20
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits038-38
Oils and fats714-7
Grand total79875839
Meat and meat preparations78-1
Dairy products and birds' eggs15124
Fish and fish preparations3655-19
Cereals and cereal preparations3467-33
Vegetables and fruit8172-165
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey771067
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices561344
Feeding stuff for animals9113-104
Miscellaneous edible products2168-47
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits070-70
Oils and fats816-8
Grand total83278349
Meat and meat preparations25-4
Dairy products and birds' eggs21147
Fish and fish preparations2579-54
Cereals and cereal preparations3671-35
Vegetables and fruit7172-165
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey63954
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices641747
Feeding stuff for animals8120-112
Miscellaneous edible products1772-54
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits052-52
Oils and fats927-18
Grand total799854-56

19 Mar 2002 : Column 260W

UK trade in food, feed and drink with all other countries (1997–2001)
£ million

Description Exports ImportsBalance of trade
Meat and meat preparations123565-442
Dairy products and birds' eggs262139123
Fish and fish preparations96858-762
Cereals and cereal preparations370173196
Vegetables and fruit961,183-1,086
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey208555-347
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices265665-399
Feeding stuff for animals64278-214
Miscellaneous edible products18766121
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits12165-153
Oils and fats75243-168
Grand total3,2885,345-2,056
Meat and meat preparations89474-386
Dairy products and birds' eggs20415053
Fish and fish preparations79952-873
Cereals and cereal preparations288160128
Vegetables and fruit801,202-1,123
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey224522-298
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices247709-462
Feeding stuff for animals61245-184
Miscellaneous edible products18264118
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits8149-141
Oils and fats73207-134
Grand total2,6695,344-2,675
Meat and meat preparations80494-414
Dairy products and birds' eggs1531467
Fish and fish preparations83942-859
Cereals and cereal preparations27018585
Vegetables and fruit831,311-1,227
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey133484-350
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices172634-463
Feeding stuff for animals74233-158
Miscellaneous edible products19371123
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits22117-95
Oils and fats72214-143
Grand total2,5065,459-2,953
Meat and meat preparations69526-457
Dairy products and birds' eggs15612532
Fish and fish preparations88971-883
Cereals and cereal preparations340176163
Vegetables and fruit821,240-1,148
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey125445-320
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices177520-343
Feeding stuff for animals79257-178
Miscellaneous edible products19680116
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits198-97
Oils and fats58184-127
Grand total2,5885,321-2,733
Meat and meat preparations38600-562
Dairy products and birds' eggs13712413
Fish and fish preparations981,030-932
Cereals and cereal preparations27019476
Vegetables and fruit811,331-1,251
Sugars, sugar preparations and honey128485-357
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices170517-347
Feeding stuff for animals61320-259
Miscellaneous edible products21479135
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits1163-162
Oils and fats32181-149
Grand total2,5695,832-3,262


Above data do not include estimates for below-threshold trade.

19 Mar 2002 : Column 261W

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