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Legal Costs

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what legal costs have been incurred by her Department in each of the last four years. [34349]

Ms Hewitt: Information on legal costs is not held centrally, except for costs awarded against the Department, details of which were as follows:



(108) Estimated

Departmental Website

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what the total cost of her Department's website was in real terms in each of the last four years; and how many hits it received in each of those years. [36149]

Ms Hewitt: The support costs underpinning the operation of the Department's websites are included in the service charges paid under the DTI's overall IT service contract. The website costs are not identified separately in these charges and therefore the figures requested are not available.

The core DTI site has been updated twice in the last four years, involving design costs of £13,075 in FY 1999–2000, and £16,560 in FY 2000–01 (figures include VAT, and at FY 2001–02 prices). A more substantial redevelopment of the site went live on 9 April 2002, at a cost of £60,294 including VAT.

The Department has been collecting access statistics on a comparable basis since July 1998. The number of hits to the site since then has been:

July 1998—December 1998: 16,265,698

January 1999—December 1999: 59,498,841

January 2000—December 2000: 81,730,285

January 2001—December 2001: 95,226,594.


Dr. Tonge: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry how many members of staff were employed by her Department on secondment from non-Governmental organisations in (a) 1999, (b) 2000 and (c) 2001. [45231]

10 Apr 2002 : Column 394W

Ms Hewitt: The numbers of inward secondments commenced, continued or completed in each of the years requested are:

Period Number
1 April 1999—31 March 2000163
1 April 2000—31 March 2001176
1 April 2001—28 February 2002158

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry how many staff in her Department have been seconded to jobs in the (a) private and (b) public sector in each of the last four years. [31769]

Ms Hewitt: I refer the hon. Member to the information given by my right hon. Friend the Deputy Prime Minister on 7 February 2002, Official Report, column 1130W, which gave these details for all Departments.

Dr. Cable: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (1) if she will list the names of staff who have been seconded to her Department from the private sector since May 1997, indicating (a) the names of the organisation from which each has come, (b) their responsibilities and civil service grade within her Department and (c) the organisation responsible for paying their salary; [32550]

Ms Hewitt [holding answer 1 February 2002]: The information requested was last provided on 28 June 2001, Official Report, column 143W in answer to a question from the hon. Member for Northampton, South. I have placed in the Libraries of both Houses the original table as at 28 June 2001 and an update to that information showing all secondees into my Department since then. The table shows the name of each secondee, the company from which they have come, the grade of the post which they are filling in the Department, the Directorate in which they are working, the period of their secondment and a brief description of their duties. In all cases secondees are paid by their employing company.

It is not possible for me to give this information on all secondees from May 1997 onwards as the non-disclosure provisions of the Data Protection Act prevent me from doing so without the express consent of the individuals concerned.

10 Apr 2002 : Column 395W

Public Bodies (Chairmen)

Mr. Forth: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if she will list the appointments made by her Department since 1 May 1997 of chairmen of (a) non-departmental public bodies, (b) commissions,

10 Apr 2002 : Column 396W

(c) inquiries, (d) agencies and (e) task forces; and if she will list their (i) term of office, (ii) salary and (iii) known political affiliation (A) past and (B) present. [33893]

Ms Hewitt: The information requested for NDPBs and NDPB commissions within the responsibility of my Department is as follows:

BodyNamePeriodSalary (£)
British ShipbuildersChristopher Campbell4 June 1998–3 March 200234,736pa
Coal AuthorityJohn Harris19 September 1999–18 September 200425,000pa
British Coal CorpPhilip HutchinsonJune-December 199795,085 (total)
Mike AtkinsonJanuary 1998–18 June 2000Nil (ex officio)
Peter Mason18 June 2000-on-goingNil (ex officio)
British Nuclear FuelsHugh Collum1 October 1999–30 September 2004150,000pa
National Consumer CouncilDavid Hatch1 January 1999–31 December 200023,033pa
Deirdre Hutton1 January 2001–31 December 200330,900pa
Scottish Consumer CouncilGraeme Millar8 May 2000–30 April 200315,450pa
Welsh Consumer CouncilBarbara Hicks1 October 1997–30 September 20036,695pa
Hearing Aid CouncilJohn Raine1 September 1997–31 December 2003(109)172.13
EnergywatchAnn Robinson1 January 2000–31 December 200345,000
Design CouncilSir Chris Frayling1 April 2000–31 March 2003Nil
Competition CommissionDr. Derek Morris1 February 1998–31 January 2006 (inc. reappt)150,000pa
Simpler Trade Procedures BoardLordAmir Bhatia15 July 2001–14 July 2004Nil
United Kingdom Atomic Energy AuthoritySir Kenneth Eaton1 April 1999–31 March 2002 (inc. reappt)30,000pa
Aerospace CommitteeColin Green31 March 1999–31 March 2002Nil
Industrial Development Advisory BoardSir Anthony Cleaver1 November 1998–31 October 1999Nil
Sir Victor Blank1 November 1999–31 July 2004 (inc. 2 reappts)Nil
North West Industrial Development BoardAnil Ruia1 January 1999–31 December 2001Nil
Mrs. Lorraine Clinton1 January 2002–30 April 2004Nil
East of England Industrial Development BoardMrs. Elaine Oddie1 August 1997–30 June 2003 (inc. reappt)Nil
West Midlands Industrial Development BoardMerrick Taylor1 January 1998–31 December 1999Nil
John Hudson1 January 2000–31 December 2001Nil
Paul Sabapathy1 January 2002–31 January 2003Nil
North East Industrial Development BoardJohn Ward1 January 1999–31 December 2000Nil
Richard Maudslay1 January 2001–31 December 2002Nil
Yorks/Humberside/East Midlands Industrial Development BoardRon Lasseter1 January 1998–31 December 1999Nil
Mrs. Julie Kenny1 January 2000–30 December 2002Nil
London/South East Industrial Development BoardIan Herman1 January 1998–31 March 2000Nil
Christopher Dane1 April 2000–31 December 2001Nil
South West Industrial Development BoardDavid Hancock1 January 1998–31 December 1998Nil
Ian Lowe1 January 1999–31 July 2003 (inc. reappt)Nil
Measurement Advisory CommissionBill Goldfinch1 July 1997–31 March 2002 (inc. reappt)Nil
Intellectual Property Advisory CommitteeIan Harvey1 September 2001–31 August 20041,500pa
Energy Advisory PanelSir John CollinsJuly 2001-July 2004450 per meeting
British Trade International (BTI)
BTI British Airports Advisory CouncilMike Hodgkinson1 September 2001–31 August 2004Nil
BTI Education and Training Export GroupRob Meakin1 June 1998–31 January 2004Nil
BTI Healthcare Sector GroupJohn Robinson16 March 2001–15 March 2003Nil
BTI Offshore Supplies Office BoardIan Bill15 April 1998–14 April 2004Nil
BTI Railway Sector GroupMichael Welton28 September 2001–27 September 2003Nil
Trade Partners UK: Americas AdvisersMartin Laing5 January 2001–4 January 2003Nil
Trade Partners UK: Asia Pacific AdvisersAnthony Cleaver18 December 1998–7 March 2003Nil
Trade Partners UK: Europe AdvisersPeter Cheshire5 January 2001–4 January 2003Nil
Trade Partners UK: Middle East/Africa AdvisersGeorge Kennedy5 January 2001–4 January 2003Nil
UK Ports Sector GroupDavid Jeffrey1 October 1998–31 December 2004Nil
Water Sector GroupStuart Doughty2 October 1997–3 October 2004Nil
Power Sector GroupGraham Ward31 July 2001–30 July 2004Nil
Regional Advisory GroupStella Pirie1 May 2001–30 April 2004Nil
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research CouncilDr. Peter Doyle1 May 1998–30 April 200213,700pa
Council for Central Laboratory of the Research CouncilsPaul Williams1 May 1997–31 March 1998(110)72,994 (total)
Bert Westwood1 April 1998–31 March 2000(110)91,526 (total)
Dr. Brian Eyre1 April 2000–30 September 200113,300pa
Sir Graeme Davies1 October 2001–30 September 200526,600pa (Yr1)
13,700pa (Yr2–4)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilAnthony Ledwith1 April 1999–31 March 200313,700pa
Economic and Social Research CouncilDr. Bruce Smith1 April 1998–31 March 200113,300pa
Frances Cairncross1 April 2001–31 March 200413,700pa
Medical Research CouncilSir Anthony Cleaver1 October 1998–30 September 200213,700pa
Natural Environment Research CouncilRob Margetts1 January 2001–30 December 200313,700pa
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research CouncilSir Peter Williams1 May 1997–31 March 199913,300pa
Dr. Robert Hawley1 April 1999–30 September 200113,300pa
Peter Warry1 November 2001–31 October 200513,700pa
Central Arbitration CommitteeJohn RideoutJuly 1999-March 2000Daily allowance
Sir Michael Burton27 March 2000-on-going(111)
Council of Science and TechnologySecretary of StateOn-goingNil (ex officio)
Foresight Steering GroupDavid King1 October 2000–31 March 2002Nil (ex officio)
Low Pay CommissionSir George BainSeptember 1997-April 2002450 per meeting
Ethnic Minority Business ForumYvonne ThompsonJuly 2000-July 2003Nil
Partnership Fund Assessment PanelWilliam Coupar20 December 1999–19 December 2003Nil
Small Business CouncilWilliam SargentMarch 2000-March 2003Nil
Advisory Committee for Work-Life BalanceMinister of State for Employment Relations and RegionsOn-goingNil (ex officio)
Advantage West MidlandsAlex Stephenson14 December 1998–13 December 2002 (inc reappt)45,276pa
East of England Development AgencyVincent Watts14 December 1998–13 December 2003 (inc reappt)45,276pa
East Midlands Development AgencyDerek Mapp14 December 1998–13 December 2004 (inc reappt)45,276pa
North West Development AgencyLord Thomas of Macclesfield14 December 1998–31 March 200245,276pa
Bryan Gray1 April 2002–31 March 200545,276pa
One North EastDr. John Bridge14 December 1998–13 December 2003 (inc. reappt)45,276pa
South East England Development AgencyAllan Willett14 December 1998–13 December 2002 (inc reappt)(112)22,000pa
South West England Development AgencySir Michael Lickiss14 December 1998–13 December 2002 (inc. reappt)45,276pa
Yorkshire ForwardGraham Hall14 December 1998–13 December 2003 (inc reappt)45,276pa
Import Parity Price PanelAndrew Horsler1 December 2000–30 November 20035,000pa
Small Business Investment Task ForceSir David CookseySeptember 2000-September 2003Nil
Distributed Generation Working GroupNeil Hirst
John Nielson (Joint)30 November 2001-on-goingNil (ex officio)
Basic Technologies ProgrammeJeremy Watson5 December 2001-on-goingNil
Business Incubation Fund Investment PanelDr. John Bridge2 January 2002–1 January 2004Nil
Scottish Advisory Committee on TelecommunicationsJeremy Mitchell1 April 2001–31 March 2004(113)150 per day
Consumer Communications for EnglandMoira Black1 April 2001–31 March 2004(113)150 per day
Welsh Advisory Committee on TelecommunicationsMike Tedd1 April 2001–31 March 2004(113)150 per day
North Ireland Advisory Committee on TelecommunicationsCourtenay Thompson1 April 2001–31 March 2004(113)150 per day
Spectrum Management Advisory GroupDr. John Forrest13 May 1998–14 May 2002 (inc. reappt)Nil
British Hallmarking CouncilSir Adam ButlerJanuary 1998-on-going12,000pa
ACASJohn Hougham1 February 1998–31 December 200086,818pa
Rita Donaghy9 October 2000–8 October 200555,801pa
Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology CommissionMalcolm Grant15 May 2000–31 January 2003(114)188 per day
ConsigniaDr. Neville Bain16 March 1998–31 December 200190,816pa
Allan Leighton1 January 2002–24 March 200520,000pa
PostcommGraham Corbett6 November 2000–31 March 2003110,000pa
PostwatchPeter Carr1 January 2001–30 November 200330,870pa
Fuel Cell Advisory PanelAdrian HydeJanuary 1998–30 September 2000Nil (ex officio)
Alan Heyes1 October 2000–31 December 2001Nil (ex officio)
Ray Eaton1 January 2002-on-goingNil (ex officio)

(109) Daily attendance allowance.

(110) Paul Williams and Bert Westwood were paid as both Chairman and Chief Executive.

(111) 20 per cent. of his High Court judge salary.

(112) Mr. Willett has opted to receive £22,000pa rather than the full amount to which he is entitled.

(113) Up to 60 days per year.

(114) 42 days per year.

10 Apr 2002 : Column 397W

Information on political affiliation of public appointees is not collected.

Information on task forces, ad hoc advisory groups and reviews has been published by the Cabinet Office on a regular basis. The first report was published on 11 January 2000 and gives information for the period between 1 May 1997 to 31 October 1999. Subsequent reports covering the periods between November 1999 to March 2001 have been placed in the Libraries of the House.

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