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ECGD Assistance

Malcolm Bruce: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if she will list by name and location, the fossil fuel power projects that have been built with the involvement of UK companies in receipt of ECGD assistance since (a) 1992 and (b) 1997; and which of those are coal-powered. [44620]

11 Apr 2002 : Column 534W

Ms Hewitt: The tables below list the project name, country and fuel type for which ECGD has provided guarantees since 1992 and 1997.

In addition, ECGD has provided Overseas Investment Insurance and other insurances for 11 fossil fuel power projects. These projects are not disclosed, since such cases are treated as commercial in confidence.

For most of the projects listed, the UK exporter is one of several contractors and ECGD is guaranteeing only part of the total project financing.

Table 1: Power Projects Supported by ECGD 1992–1997

Project NameCountryFuel Type
Budge BudgeIndiaCoal
Fushan CityChinaCoal
Gao Bei DianChinaCoal
MajubaSouth AfricaCoal
ShaijaoHong KongCoal
Hare and MunyatiZimbabweCoal
Doha EastKuwaitOil
Pulau Seraya Stage IIISingaporeOil
Outer IslandIndonesiaOil
Manah Power StationOmanGas
BlackpointHong KongGas

Table 2: Power Projects Supported by ECGD since 1997

Project NameCountryFuel Type
Naptha JhakriIndiaCoal
AK EnerjiTurkeyGas
St Kitts PowerSt Kitts and NevisOil
Elege AlimentosBrazilOil
Anguilla ElectricityAnguillaOil
San PedroDominican RepublicOil
Outer Islands PowerIndonesiaOil

Economic Reform

Mr. David: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry how she intends to pursue the Lisbon agenda of economic reform after the Barcelona Summit.[47975]

Miss Melanie Johnson: The Government view the Barcelona Summit as a significant success. The conclusions registered solid progress on economic reform and, as my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister

11 Apr 2002 : Column 535W

stressed in his post-Summit Press Conference, it "symbolised an important change of gear for Europe's economy and its economic policy".

The Lisbon agenda is a 10 year programme and there is still much to be done. We wait to ensure that individual Councils make a practical reality of the Barcelona conclusions on the liberalisation of energy markets, the availability of Broadband, final agreement on a Community Patent and the adoption of an EU R&D Framework. Member states will also need to work closely with the European Commission in its work on an Entrepreneurship Green Paper, reform of state aids policy and exploiting biotechnology.

In taking this work forward, both Ministers and officials will continue to be constructively engaged with the Commission, our opposite numbers in other member states and the European Parliament, as well as ensuring that the voice of UK and European business is listened to by all key EU players.

Pay (Heywood and Middleton)

Jim Dobbin: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what plans the Government have to commission data on the gender pay gap in Heywood and Middleton constituency. [48634]

Alan Johnson: The Office for National Statistics publishes data on the gender pay gap in the New Earnings Survey. However, in the case of the Heywood and Middleton Constituency, the data is not sufficiently reliable for publication.

Current trends in women's individual incomes have been explored in two studies published last year by the Women and Equality Unit (WEU). Copies of these reports are available on the WEU website (

WEU Gender Briefing, which provides statistical briefing on the position of women compared with men in the labour market, is also available on the website (

There are no plans to commission further research into the gender pay gap in Heywood and Middleton.

Oil and Gas Industry

Gillian Merron: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what progress has been made on the

11 Apr 2002 : Column 536W

Department's review of the oil and gas industry's code of practice dealing with the negotiations for access to oil and gas infrastructure. [48852]

Mr. Wilson: I have today placed in the Libraries of the House recommendations to industry to consider limited but worthwhile changes to its Infrastructure Code of Practice. The proposed changes are intended to improve the transparency and conduct of negotiations for third party access to UKCS pipelines and processing facilities. This is the final element of the Departmental response to its consultation on Oil and Gas Infrastructure: Access Provisions and Voluntary Arrangements, which included a review of the effectiveness of the voluntary Code. The recommendations build on views expressed and suggestions made in response to that consultation.


Mr. Mullin: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what plans she has for giving mineworkers a greater share of the surplus from their pension fund; and if she will make a statement. [44495]

Mr. Wilson: I refer my hon. Friend to the answer given to the Member for Barnsley Central on 17 January, Official Report, column 403W.

Mr. Andrew Turner: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if she will list the wards in the South and South East of England which have EU objective 2 status, in the grouping which enabled them to qualify for objective 2 status, listing for each grouping its (a) position relative to the lowest decile of deprivation indices, (b) population, (c) unemployment according to the last census, (d) average income per head according to the most recent information available, (e) population of working age and (f) county. [48389]

Alan Johnson: Groups of wards were submitted to the European Commission for consideration for Objective 2 status according to the Council Regulation (EC) No. 1260/1999 of 21 June 1999. The table shows the groups for wards in the South West and South East of England, and shows which NUTS 3 and 4 areas the wards were in. The table shows (a) whether the ward was ranked in the tenth lowest wards according to the 1998 index of deprivation, (b) the population as estimated for 1996, (c) unemployment according to the 1991 census, (d) the population of working age according to the 1991 census.

No information is available on average income per head for wards.


UA or LA Ward Criterion for inclusion Index of multiple deprivation on 1998 lowest decile?Population 19961Un-employed census 1991Working age census 1991
HastingsMaze HillUrban article 4(7)No4,3002192,105
Mount PleasantUrban article 4(7)No5,8002493,220
Old HastingsUrban article 4(7)No4,1001922,314
OreUrban article 4(7)No5,1002213,000
West St. LeonardsUrban article 4(7)No6,5002363,615
CastleUrban article 4(7)Yes3,6003152,257
Central St. LeonardsUrban article 4(7)Yes4,5003812,555
DoverSandwichUrban article 4(7)No4,9001232,601
ThanetCecilUrban article 4(7)No2,3001481,338
Central EastcliffUrban article 4(7)Yes6,4005253,623
EthelbertUrban article 4(7)Yes2,1002221,328
Minster ParishUrban article 4(7)No3,300941,901
NewingtonUrban article 4(7)Yes5,0003592,843
Northdown ParkUrban article 4(7)Yes6,3004013,357
PierUrban article 4(7)Yes2,5002661,439
St. LawrenceUrban article 4(7)No4,5001412,365
St. PetersUrban article 4(7)No6,0001803,146
SalmestoneUrban article 4(7)No4,8001982,615
SouthwoodUrban article 4(7)No4,7001822,576
Thanet ParishesUrban article 4(7)No1,800481,057
BristolAshleyUrban article 4(7)Yes12,8001,3157,943
EastonUrban article 4(7)Yes11,5007116,721
FilwoodUrban article 4(7)Yes11,0009006,091
Lawrence HillUrban article 4(7)Yes12,9001,2757,129
Windmill HillUrban article 4(7)Yes14,4008858,680
North DevonBishop's NymptonRural article 4(9b)No1,800571,025
Bishop's TawtonRural article 4(9b)No1,60038983
Bratton FlemingRural article 4(9b)No1,800481,112
Braunton EastRural article 4(9b)No3,8001112,218
Braunton WestRural article 4(9b)No3,8001011,980
ChittlehamptonRural article 4(9b)No1,900561,138
ChulmleighRural article 4(9b)No2,000571,121
Combe MartinRural article 4(9b)No3,2001331,777
FremingtonRural article 4(9b)No7,5002164,100
GeorgehamRural article 4(9b)No1,50042826
Heanton PunchardonRural article 4(9b)No2,700671,691
Ilfracombe CentralRural article 4(9b)No3,9002752,113
Ilfracombe EastRural article 4(9b)No3,1001751,888
Ilfracombe WestRural article 4(9b)No4,1001762,317
InstowRural article 4(9b)No1,70045949
LandkeyRural article 4(9b)No2,600791,543
LongbridgeRural article 4(9b)No1,50075927
Lynton and LynmouthRural article 4(9b)No1,900541,120
MarwoodRural article 4(9b)No1,800551,110
MortehoeRural article 4(9b)No2,300841,369
NewportRural article 4(9b)No3,9001482,236
North MoltonRural article 4(9b)No1,40029825
PiltonRural article 4(9b)No4,000922,441
St Mary'sRural article 4(9b)No3,3001601,953
South MoltonRural article 4(9b)No4,3001172,386
SwimbridgeRural article 4(9b)No2,100601,286
TawstockRural article 4(9b)No2,200511,230
TrinityRural article 4(9b)No4,9002652,869
WitheridgeRural article 4(9b)No2,000481,044
YeoRural article 4(9b)No3,5002002,077
South HamsAvon and HarbourneRural article 4(9b)No2,000641,239
AvonleighRural article 4(9b)No1,60040889
Bickleigh and ShaughRural article 4(9b)No4,5001333,082
BrixtonRural article 4(9b)No1,40034759
CharterlandsRural article 4(9b)No2,000621,121
Cornwood and HarfordRural article 4(9b)No1,20031722
DartingtonRural article 4(9b)No1,70068958
Dartmouth CliftonRural article 4(9b)No2,900871,498
Dartmouth HardnessRural article 4(9b)No3,000961,620
Dart ValleyRural article 4(9b)No1,900601,108
EastmoorRural article 4(9b)No1,20035750
Erme ValleyRural article 4(9b)No1,70029828
GarabrookRural article 4(9b)No1,700401,022
IvybridgeRural article 4(9b)No9,8002526,030
KingsbridgeRural article 4(9b)No5,2001452,747
KingswearRural article 4(9b)No1,30044736
MalboroughRural article 4(9b)No1,50027749
MarldonRural article 4(9b)No2,000591,166
ModburyRural article 4(9b)No1,40032776
Newton and NossRural article 4(9b)No1,80046989
SalcombeRural article 4(9b)No2,200481,135
SaltstoneRural article 4(9b)No1,50040835
SkerriesRural article 4(9b)No1,60027721
South BrentRural article 4(9b)No2,900741,573
SparkwellRural article 4(9b)No1,10040692
Stoke GabrielRural article 4(9b)No1,30027714
StokenhamRural article 4(9b)No2,00045943
ThurlestoneRural article 4(9b)No1,80039892
TotnesRural article 4(9b)No4,7002202,614
Totnes BridgetownRural article 4(9b)No2,5001031,291
UgboroughRural article 4(9b)No1,50062930
WemburyRural article 4(9b)No3,000601,811
West DartRural article 4(9b)No1,70045927
YealmptonRural article 4(9b)No2,100791,242
TorridgeAppledore EastRural article 4(9b)No1,20067613
Appledore WestRural article 4(9b)No1,10027594
Bideford EastRural article 4(9b)No4,0001502,214
Bideford NorthRural article 4(9b)No4,6002072,532
Bideford SouthRural article 4(9b)No5,1001872,861
BroadheathRural article 4(9b)No1,50027848
Clovelly BayRural article 4(9b)No1,50043868
Coham BridgeRural article 4(9b)No1,50034875
ForestRural article 4(9b)No1,60034880
Great WoodRural article 4(9b)No1,30051722
Hartland PointRural article 4(9b)No1,70057958
HeantonRural article 4(9b)No1,900581,110
HolsworthyRural article 4(9b)No2,800571,467
KenwithRural article 4(9b)No1,60047955
MelburyRural article 4(9b)No1,800651,044
MoriceRural article 4(9b)No1,60036939
Northam CentralRural article 4(9b)No1,60044781
Northam NorthRural article 4(9b)No1,80089936
Northam WestRural article 4(9b)No1,50065670
Orchard HillRural article 4(9b)No1,30033674
RolleRural article 4(9b)No1,60040954
StaffordRural article 4(9b)No1,30035725
TamarsideRural article 4(9b)No1,40051813
TorringtonRural article 4(9b)No4,7001572,629
WaldonRural article 4(9b)No1,40051866
Westward HoRural article 4(9b)No1,60095809
WinkleighRural article 4(9b)No1,60041892
West DevonBere FerrersRural article 4(9b)No3,0001041,676
BridestoweRural article 4(9b)No1,50041884
Buckland MonachorumRural article 4(9b)No3,600742,000
BurratorRural article 4(9b)No1,60058917
ChagfordRural article 4(9b)No1,40038753
CourtenayRural article 4(9b)No1,70038951
DrewsteigntonRural article 4(9b)No1,40029780
ExbourneRural article 4(9b)No1,00030599
HatherleighRural article 4(9b)No1,60070956
Lew ValleyRural article 4(9b)No1,40042830
LydfordRural article 4(9b)No1,800821,119
Mary TavyRural article 4(9b)No1,70050982
Milton FordRural article 4(9b)No1,40044852
North TawtonRural article 4(9b)No1,60043893
OkehamptonRural article 4(9b)No4,7001262,645
South TawtonRural article 4(9b)No1,20036671
TamarsideRural article 4(9b)No1,50050894
Tavistock NorthRural article 4(9b)No4,6001602,698
Tavistock SouthRural article 4(9b)No5,8001723,150
ThrushelRural article 4(9b)No1,50056883
WalkhamRural article 4(9b)No2,9001031,744
PlymouthBudsheadIndustrial article 4(5)Yes12,9007837,144
ComptonIndustrial article 4(5)No11,0004636,461
DrakeIndustrial article 4(5)No12,4007707,369
EffordIndustrial article 4(5)No12,7006497,359
EstoverIndustrial article 4(5)No16,4005129,496
HamIndustrial article 4(5)Yes12,0008166,781
HonicknowleIndustrial article 4(5)No13,0006426,882
KeyhamIndustrial article 4(5)Yes14,1009339,067
Mount GouldIndustrial article 4(5)No10,6006876,507
St BudeauxIndustrial article 4(5)No12,5006256,893
St PeterIndustrial article 4(5)Yes11,9001,2097,031
SouthwayIndustrial article 4(5)No14,2006028,828
StokeIndustrial article 4(5)No12,7008277,475
SuttonIndustrial article 4(5)No10,6008536,212
TrelawnyIndustrial article 4(5)No10,3004025,556
TorbayBlatchcombeUrban article 4(7)No10,3005165,496
Cockington-with-ChelstonUrban article 4(7)No10,3003635,718
Furzeham-with-ChurstonUrban article 4(7)No9,1003174,530
St Peter's-with-St Mary'sUrban article 4(7)No10,0004425,395
TormohunUrban article 4(7)Yes10,4007186,099
TorwoodUrban article 4(7)No9,5006115,202
West SomersetAville ValeRural article 4(9b)No70022341
Dulverton and BrushfordRural article 4(9b)No1,90034970
ExmoorRural article 4(9b)No80020492
HaddonRural article 4(9b)No90040547
HolnicoteRural article 4(9b)No70018405
Old CleeveRural article 4(9b)No2,00057989
Porlock and OareRural article 4(9b)No1,40039690
QuarmeRural article 4(9b)No90026504

1 Population estimates were made by DTI.

Job No: CW0126 Folios: 000-000Operator: Operator Number 3. Date: 11/04/02

11 Apr 2002 : Column 539W

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