24 Apr 2002 : Column 253W

Written Answers to Questions

Wednesday 24 April 2002


Departmental Functions

Mr. Bercow: To ask the Prime Minister if he will list the functions of his Department that have been (a) market tested and (b) outsourced in each of the last five years, specifying the (i) money saving and (ii) percentage saving in each case. [43000]

The Prime Minister: I refer the hon. Member to the answer given to him by my hon. Friend the Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office on Tuesday 23 April 2002, Official Report, column 201W.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Linda Perham: To ask the Prime Minister if he will instruct the Performance and Innovation Unit to investigate the need for legislation on corporate social responsibility. [50081]

The Prime Minister: My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry is responsible for corporate social responsibility. She will be issuing a report in mid-May 2002 'Business in Society' which will report on developments in corporate and social responsibility in the UK.

The Performance and Innovation Unit (PIU) have already considered the international aspects of corporate social responsibility in the "Rights of Exchange" report of September 2000. This is available on the PIU website (www.piu.gov.uk).

As stated in my answer to the hon. Member for Halton (Mr. Derek Twigg) on 3 July 2001, Official Report, column 93W, I have also asked the PIU to undertake a project to review the legal and regulatory framework for charities and the wider voluntary and community sector and bring forward proposals for reform. This includes some consideration of issues of corporate social responsibility.


Queen Mother Funeral

Mr. Gordon Prentice: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what estimate he has made of the cost to public funds of the funeral of HM the Queen Mother; and which Departments contributed. [50685]

Mr. Ingram: The information requested is not readily available. I will write to my hon. Friend and a copy of my letter will be placed in the Library of the House.

24 Apr 2002 : Column 254W

Saville Inquiry

Mr. Gerald Howarth: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what action has been taken regarding those responsible for the release of the names of soldiers involved in the events of 30 January 1972 in Londonderry. [52042]

Mr. Ingram: The Bloody Sunday inquiry is independent of Government and any action it has taken is a matter for the inquiry itself. However, we understand that procedures have been reviewed and significant improvements made.

So far as the two inadvertent disclosures by the team of lawyers representing the majority of soldiers are concerned, an official was reprimanded and a barrister apologised to the Tribunal.

The breach of security that occurred at the Treasury Solicitor's Department is the subject of a formal internal investigation, which is still being actively pursued.

Mr. Gerald Howarth: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence whether additional costs have been incurred in providing security to the former soldiers whose names were improperly released into the public domain by the Saville Inquiry. [52043]

Mr. Ingram: The provision of security advice and additional protective measures where appropriate would of course incur costs. I am withholding details of these costs in accordance with Exemption 1 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information.

Mr. McNamara: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how much public funding has been provided to the legal representatives of his Department, HM armed forces and other individuals appearing at the Saville Inquiry, broken down by each (a) barrister, (b) firm of solicitors and (c) other body involved. [48695]

Mr. Ingram: The payments made to the legal representatives appearing at the Saville Inquiry on behalf of the Ministry of Defence or HM armed forces are set out in the table. The figures include fees, expenses and VAT (where that is paid). The first date shows when the first payment was made, which may have been some months after the recipient was first instructed by the Ministry of Defence. The second date shows the payments made as at the end of February 2002. There are four teams representing the soldiers (necessary due to the existence of conflicts of interest between various individuals) and one representing the MOD.

Period covered
Payments made (£)FromTo
Senior Counsel representing MOD
Ian Burnett173,508.67August 1998January 2002
Hon. Philip Havers7,138.13May 2000January 2001
Senior Counsel representing HM armed forces
Peter Clarke425,874.22January 2001February 2002
Gerard Elias747,171.82July 2000February 2002
Edwin Glasgow2,155,288.49December 1998February 2002
Jeremy Gompertz611.00September 1999September 1999
Sir Allan Green693,733.48March 1999February 2002
Rosamund Horwood-Smart18,352.03January 2002January 2002
Sir Sydney Kentridge52,875.00October 1999October 1999
Edmund Lawson693,127.75August 1999December 2001
David Lloyd Jones(1)639,571.81December 1998February 2002
Anna Worrall100,456.55January 2000July 2000
Junior Counsel representing MOD
David Barr9,014.94January 1999July 1999
William Hoskins43,849.60August 1999January 2002
Junior Counsel representing HM armed forces
Gaby Bonham Carter24,608.91October 2000April 2001
Michael Bools649,447.65December 1998February 2002
David Bradly542,648.90March 1999February 2002
Jonathan Crow793.13January 2002January 2002
Huw Davies83,998.13April 2001February 2002
Nicholas Griffin653,366.13February 1999February 2002
Sam Grodzinski1,877.07March 2000March 200
Michael Hick253,895.01February 1999April 2001
Jonathan Hough4,487.99June 2001June 2001
Alexander Hugh Milne16,212.32January 2002January 2002
Andrew Hurst231,185.13April 1999April 2001
Ian Leist323,165.03November 2000February 2002
Alan May299,009.28March 1999June 2001
Kristian Mills35,382.15October 2000December 2001
Nicholas Moss343,904.66January 2000February 2002
Stephen Requena19,837.21January 2002January 2002
Thomas Quinton47,421.89June 2001February 2002
Solicitors representing MOD
Treasury solicitor24,301.66July 1998February 2002
Solicitors representing HM armed forces
Devonshires1,352,264.34July 1998January 2002
Jacqueline Duff89,635.60March 1999February 2002
Kingsley Napley887,685.89January 1999February 2002
Payne Hicks Beach(2)1,859,985.30October 1998February 2002
Treasury solicitor1,696,330.79April 1998February 2002

(1) Became a QC April 1999

(2) Includes air fares and car hire costs incurred by some counsel

24 Apr 2002 : Column 255W

Ministerial Travel

Mr. Burns: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many times Ministers in his Department have travelled abroad at taxpayers' expense since March 2001; what countries they visited; and what the total cost of each visit was. [47116]

Dr. Moonie [holding answer 10 April 2002]: I refer the hon. Member to the answer given to him on 11 April 2002, Official Report, column 552W, by my right hon. Friend the Deputy Prime Minister.

24 Apr 2002 : Column 256W

Live Ammunition

Mr. Keetch: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) if he will list the overseas training areas in which the Ministry of Defence uses live ammunition; and if he will make a statement; [49994]

Mr. Ingram [holding answer 16 April 2002]: The overseas training areas used currently by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force are as follows.

24 Apr 2002 : Column 257W

Training areaCountry
Royal Navy
Belle IsleFrance
All French sea ranges in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Gibraltar exercise areas in the Mediterranean
Cape TeuladaSardinia
Bellowes RockSouth Africa
Pula AurSingapore
Barking SandsUSA
Point MuguUSA
San ClementeUSA
Virginia Capes exercise areas (VACAPES)USA
Atlantic Fleet weapon training facility (AFWTF)USA
7 HillsBelize
Second CreekFalklands Islands
Royal Air Force
Garvie IslandUK
China LakeUSA
Point MuguUSA
Barry GoldwaterUSA

In terms of those facilities used by the Army, I refer the hon. Member to the letter I wrote to the hon. Member for Gower (Mr. Caton) on 7 August last year—D/Min(AF)/AI PQ0186M/01/Y refers. A copy is in the Library of the House.In addition to those countries whose

24 Apr 2002 : Column 258W

training areas we use currently, British forces have also deployed, either on operations, on exercise, or as garrison troops to the following countries:

This does not include information relating to UK Special Forces deployments as it is the long-standing policy of successive Governments not to comment on them.

To establish whether or not live ammunition was used during each individual deployment would incur disproportionate cost.

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