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Crown Courts

Mr. George Osborne: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what the cost in 2000–01 was of (a) the maintenance of each of the Crown courts in England and (b) administering each of the Crown courts in England; and what the average cost per case heard was of each of the Crown courts in 2000–01. [50693]

Mr. Wills: [pursuant to his reply, 29 April 2002]: The table submitted with the answer was included in error. I apologise for this error. The attached table correctly sets out the information requested.

Property number Property nameTotal maintenance costs (£)NIA (sq.m.)Cost per sq.m. (£)
233Nottingham Combined Court136,814.873,225.3742.42
100Chichester Combined Court64,511.851,577.7540.89
783Newport (Isle of Wight) Combined Court39,189.971,012.7638.70
465Portsmouth Combined Court214,394.887,070.4130.32
633Taunton Combined Court66,342.292,374.0627.94
555Plymouth Combined Court79,320.472,902.2327.33
611Doncaster Crown Court68,025.492,534.6126.84
700Warrington Combined Court70,505.392,698.1626.13
715Hove Trial Centre64,396.732,490.7125.85
636Manchester Crown Court185,145.337,247.6125.55
653Bristol Crown Court201,599.608,371.424.08
719Preston Combined Court216,269.959,193.923.52
243Hereford Crown Court11,680.74513.0522.77
232Coventry Combined Court91,018.664,152.0721.92
556Southampton Combined Court108,348.835,080.9221.32
551Exeter Combined Court55,543.172,630.5121.11
710Bournemouth Combined Court119,860.205,691.5821.06
666Wood Green Crown Court115,554.005,568.320.75
740Woolwich Crown Court160,975.007,950.7920.25
690Stafford Combined Court92,346.954,568.9820.21
129Cambridge Crown Court10,303.75514.8620.01
157Warwick Combined Court Office12,147.47611.8719.85
38Snaresbrook Crown Court253,546.0013,004.5119.50
43Lewes Combined Court87,337.984,523.9719.31
560Gloucester Crown Court28,606.701,486.3419.25
182Lincoln Crown Court (Castle)25,413.281,321.5419.23
33Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court93,660.004,906.2819.09
231Birmingham Crown Court122,406.886,488.5918.86
709Lincoln Combined Court31,883.771,699.1818.76
186Oxford Combined Court Centre93,152.634,966.4618.76
168Great Grimsby Combined Court58,461.993,162.9418.48
96Kings Lynn Crown Court9,704.49527.818.39
162Shrewsbury Crown Court26,783.231,466.9718.26
230Worcester Crown Court81,511.354,468.7118.24
237Derby Combined Court80,341.164,475.6717.95
229Peterborough Combined Court54,430.533,051.1617.84
42Maidstone Combined Court143,435.918,119.3117.67
34Ipswich Crown Court25,194.861,433.617.57
597Weymouth and Dorchester Combined Court8,771.74500.5217.53
16Chelmsford Crown Court106,293.076,125.6217.35
21Norwich Combined Court88,302.865,228.9716.89
688Luton Crown Court77,083.314,633.8816.63
737Blackfriars Crown Court127,207.007,805.2516.30
768Kingston upon Thames Crown Court153,011.009,395.0316.29
187Leicester Crown Court94,066.715,792.9816.24
676Northampton Combined Court84,883.445,269.6216.11
373York Crown Court35,787.792,22416.09
461Chester Crown Court61,469.383,833.3516.04
619Manchester Crown and County Courts259,673.8516,260.1315.97
460Knutsford Crown Court17,444.331,100.4815.85
31Reading Crown Court90,752.915,734.0615.83
687Harrow Crown Court100,506.006,485.315.50
566Truro Combined Court55,645.923,592.215.49
659Kingston upon Hull Combined Court87,631.985,737.8115.27
691Stoke on Trent Combined Court83,409.325,461.5115.27
567Swindon Combined Court39,873.182,632.8415.14
640Newcastle upon Tyne Combined Court174,699.7411,657.1914.99
806Gloucester Combined Court24,645.001,742.3214.14
673Basildon Combined Court76,931.585,441.0714.14
124Guildford Crown Court45,461.003,275.0713.88
649Wolverhampton Combined Court86,925.156,39613.59
293Bolton Combined Court55,192.014,19013.17
136Aylesbury Crown Court10,144.61775.4213.08
716Bradford Combined Court129,061.569,983.1712.93
329Leeds Combined Court172,813.1713,371.1912.92
294Burnley Combined Court31,732.932,457.0612.92
349Newcastle upon Tyne Combined Court Offices21,404.751,673.1812.79
332Durham Crown Court21,104.791,653.9312.76
22Croydon Combined Court99,754.957,985.3212.49
717Carlisle Combined Court49,576.033,985.812.44
4 Southwark Crown Court137,407.0011,103.3112.38
299Liverpool Combined Court280,152.0523,275.3712.04
711Sheffield Combined Court125,096.8810,884.9611.49
105Southend Crown Court8,256.96749.7211.01
5 Isleworth Crown Court50,101.005,023.369.97
553Salisbury Combined Court32,707.773,281.139.97
671Canterbury Combined Court59,737.736,157.689.70
634Preston Crown Court27,627.322,924.539.45
658Teesside Combined Court106,031.4812,500.818.48
728St. Albans Crown Court33,402.414,305.567.76
562Winchester Combined Court38,488.317,028.895.48
503Weymouth and Dorchester Combined Court Offices4,191.77936.414.48
185Warwick Combined Court5,631.511,315.084.28
269Lancaster Crown Court5,744.851,568.413.66
130Bury St. Edmunds Crown Court2,284.61715.333.19
48 Central Criminal Court39,320.9017,174.412.29

22 May 2002 : Column 415W

Royal Family

Norman Baker: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what her policy is on the release of papers from the Public Record Office relating to the royal family; how these rules differ according to whether the relevant member of the royal family is (a) alive and (b) dead; and what considerations as to the potential embarrassment caused by a release of papers apply in respect of (i) living and (ii) dead members of the royal family. [55741]

Ms Rosie Winterton: I refer the hon. Gentleman to the answer I gave to him on 14 May 2002, Official Report, column 593W. It is for the originating Government Department to determine the release of papers relating to the royal family, wherever they are held. The policy under which this is conducted derives from the Open Government Code, which applies in the same way to public records relating to the royal family as it does to other public records. One of the Open Government criteria under which records may remain closed beyond 30 years covers documents whose release would cause 'substantial distress' either to an individual or to descendants of the individual. The inclusion of "descendants" means that the criterion may apply whether the relevant individual is alive or dead. Under the Open Government Code, 'potential embarrassment' is not a factor in determining closure or release.

Euro Conversion Costs

Mr. Kilfoyle: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what assessment she has made of the (a) cost (b) new equipment needed and (c) modifications needed to existing IT software to adapt to entry to the Euro for (a) the Court Service, (b) magistrates courts, (c) freedom of information, (d) data protection and identity services, (e) the Land Registry, (f) CAFCASS, (g) the Public Guardianship Office, (h) the Public Record Office, (i) the Northern Ireland Court Service, (j) the Statutory Compilations Office and (k) community legal services. [33631]

Ms Rosie Winterton: The Lord Chancellor's Department its NDPBs and sister Departments have carried out initial assessments of the business areas that

22 May 2002 : Column 416W

would be affected on entry to the Euro, but are not in a position to provide the level of information requested, at this stage. Where appropriate, work is planned to assess the estimated time, cost and impact of conversion to Euro compliance for existing financial systems. However, where financial systems are being or will be upgraded or renewed in the near future, an assessment of Euro compliance is being made as part of the process.

Marriage and Relationship Support

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what support was given to this year's National Marriage Week by her Department. [47581]

Ms Rosie Winterton: I apologise for the delay in replying, which was due to an administrative oversight. National Marriage Week 2002 was supported through the grant of £31,500 paid to Oasis Media (the PR company employed by Futureway Trust) to launch National Marriage Week. Oasis Media and Futureway have also received advisory support and guidance from officials in the Lord Chancellor's Department.

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