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Radiologists and Chiropodists

Mr. Weir: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many (a) radiologists and (b) chiropodists there are per head of population in each of the National Health Service trust areas in England. [57210]

13 Jun 2002 : Column 1430W

Mr. Hutton: Population data are not available by trust but has been given by health authority.

(a) [Between 1997 and 2001 the number of Radiologists has increased by 203 or 14 per cent.]

(b) [Between 1997 and 2001 the number of Chiropodists has increased by 270 or 8 per cent.]

Hospital medical staff within the clinical radiology speciality by Region and Health Authority
At 30 September 2001

All Staff nowte per 100,000 1 nowte per head 1 nowte
Bedfordshire HA20102.
Cambridge HA60608.
Hertfordshire HA30202.
Norfolk HA30304.
North Essex HA20202.
South Essex HA10101.
Suffolk HA20102.
Barking & Havering HA10103.
Barnet, Enfield & Haringey HA20202.
Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich HA20203.
Brent & Harrow HA40307.
Camden & Islington HA1008027.422.30.00.0
Croydon HA10102.
Ealing, Hammersmith & Hounslow HA807010.
East London & The City HA50508.
Hillingdon HA10103.
Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster HA707017.816.10.00.0
Kingston & Richmond HA10104.
Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham HA1009012.711.40.00.0
Merton, Sutton & Wandsworth HA60509.
Redbridge & Waltham Forest HA10101.
North West
Bury & Rochdale HA10102.
East Lancashire HA20203.
Liverpool HA40408.
Manchester HA807017.817.10.00.0
Morecambe Bay HA10103.
North Cheshire HA10104.
North West Lancashire HA30305.
Salford & Trafford HA30307.
Sefton HA303011.310.90.00.0
South Cheshire HA20203.
South Lancashire HA10103.
St Helens & Knowsley HA10103.
Stockport HA10103.
West Pennine HA10103.
Wigan & Bolton HA30204.
Wirral HA20205.
Northern & Yorkshire
Bradford HA20203.
Calderdale & Kirklees HA20102.
County Durham HA20102.
East Riding HA40306.
Gateshead & South Tyneside HA20205.
Leeds HA70709.
Newcastle & North Tyneside HA605011.710.60.00.0
North Cumbria HA10103.
North Yorkshire HA30203.
Northumberland HA10103.
Sunderland HA10104.
Tees HA30304.
Wakefield HA10102.
South East
Berkshire HA20102.
Buckinghamshire HA20202.
East Kent HA20203.
East Surrey HA10102.
East Sussex HA20202.
Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and South East Hampshire HA20203.
North & Mid Hampshire HA20103.
Northamptonshire HA20102.
Oxfordshire HA60509.
Southampton and South West Hampshire HA604010.
West Kent HA30302.
West Surrey HA30304.
West Sussex HA20202.
South Western
Avon HA80708.
Cornwall & Isles of Scilly HA20103.
Dorset HA30304.
Gloucestershire HA20203.
North & East Devon HA10102.
Somerset HA20103.
South & West Devon HA50508.
Wiltshire HA20202.
Barnsley HA10102.
Doncaster HA10103.
Leicestershire HA50505.
Lincolnshire HA20202.
North Derbyshire HA10101.
North Nottinghamshire HA10102.
Nottingham HA40406.
Rotherham HA000.
Sheffield HA50409.
South Derbyshire HA20203.
South Humber HA1002.
West Midlands
Birmingham HA90909.
Coventry HA20206.
Dudley HA10102.
Herefordshire HA002.
North Staffordshire HA30206.
Sandwell HA10103.
Shropshire HA20204.
South Staffordshire HA10102.
Walsall HA001.
Warwickshire HA10102.
Wolverhampton HA20207.
Worcester HA10102.


1 Calculated using unrounded figures.

Figures are rounded to the nearest ten

X0" denotes five or less.


Department of Health 2001 medical and dental workforce census.

13 Jun 2002 : Column 1431W

NHS Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS): Qualified scientific, therapeutic and technical staff employed in the Chiropody area of Work and per 100,000 population in England as at 30 September 2001

Whole-time equivalentsPer 100,000 populationPer head of populationHeadcount
YO1 Northern & Yorkshire2>44070.00007530
QDD Bradford HA4080.0000840
QDE County Durham & Darlington HA4060.0000640
QDF East Riding & Hull HA2040.0000430
QDG Gateshead & South Tyneside HA3070.0000730
QDH Leeds HA4060.0000650
QDJ Newcastle & North Tyneside HA3060.0000630
QDK North Cumbria HA3090.0000930
QDM Northumberland HA40130.0001350
QDN Sunderland HA2070.0000720
QDP Tees HA4070.0000740
QDQ Wakefield HA2070.0000730
QDR North Yorkshire HA5060.0000660
QDT Calderdale & Kirklees HA6090.0000960
YO2 Trent27050.00005340
QCG Barnsley HA2080.0000820
QCH North Derbyshire HA3080.0000840
QCJ Southern Derbyshire HA3060.0000640
QCK Doncaster HA1040.0000420
QCL Leicestershire HA4040.0000450
QCM Lincolnshire HA3050.0000540
QCN North Nottinghamshire HA2050.0000520
QCP Nottingham HA3050.0000540
QCQ Rotherham HA1050.0000510
QCR Sheffield HA3060.0000640
QDL South Humber HA1050.0000520
YO7 West Midlands33060.00006430
QD9 Birmingham HA6060.0000670
QEA Coventry HA1040.0000420
QEC Dudley HA3080.0000840
QED Herefordshire HA*20.0000210
QEE Sandwell HA30100.0001030
QEF Shropshire HA2050.0000530
QEG Solihull HA1030.0000310
QEH North Staffordshire HA50110.0001160
QEJ South Staffordshire HA3050.0000540
QEK Walsall HA2070.0000720
QEL Warwickshire HA3060.0000640
QEM Wolverhampton HA1060.0000620
QEN Worcestershire HA3050.0000540
YO8 North West57090.00009690
QC1 South Lancashire HA1040.0000420
QC2 Liverpool HA3070.0000740
QC3 Manchester HA50120.0001260
QC4 Morecambe Bay HA2060.0000620
QC5 St Helen's & Knowsley HA3090.0000930
QC6 Salford & Trafford HA50110.0001160
QC7 Sefton HA2080.0000830
QC8 Stockport HA2080.0000830
QC9 West Pennine HA50100.0001050
QCT Bury & Rochdale HA4090.0000940
QCV North Cheshire HA40110.0001140
QCW South Cheshire HA2040.0000430
QCX East Lancashire HA4080.0000850
QCY North West Lancashire HA40100.0001050
QDA Wigan and Bolton HA80130.0001390
QDC Wirral HA2060.0000630
YO9 Eastern23040.00004280
QA6 Bedfordshire HA2040.0000430
QAX North Essex HA3040.0000440
QAY South Essex HA3040.0000430
QCF Suffolk HA3050.0000540
QER Cambridgeshire HA2030.0000330
QET Norfolk HA5060.0000660
QEX Hertfordshire HA4030.0000350
Y10 London44060.00006530
QA2 Hillingdon HA
QA3 Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster HA60140.0001470
QA5 Redbridge & Waltham Forest HA3070.0000740
QAD Croydon HA2040.0000420
QAG Kingston & Richmond HA1030.0000310
QAH Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham HA7090.0000980
QAJ Merton, Sutton & Wandsworth HA5080.0000860
QAP Barking & Havering HA2040.0000420
QAR Brent & Harrow HA3060.0000630
QAT Camden & Islington HA40100.0001040
QAV Ealing, Hammersmith & Hounslow HA1020.0000220
QAW East London & the City HA4060.0000650
QEW Barnet, Enfield & Haringey HA4040.0000440
QEY Bexley, Bromley & Greenwich HA4050.0000540
Y11 South East39040.00004480
QA7 Berkshire HA3040.0000440
QA8 Buckinghamshire HA4060.0000640
QAE East Kent HA4070.0000750
QAF West Kent HA3030.0000340
QAK East Surrey HA1020.0000220
QAL West Surrey HA2040.0000430
QAM East Sussex, Brighton & Hove HA4050.0000550
QAN West Sussex HA4050.0000550
QCC Northamptonshire HA3050.0000540
QCE Oxfordshire HA3040.0000440
QD1 North & Mid Hampshire HA1030.0000320
QD3 Southampton & South West Hampshire HA2040.0000420
QEV Isle of Wight, Portsmouth & South East Hampshire HA4060.0000650
Y12 South West22040.00004280
QD5 Somerset HA*10.00001*
QD6 South & West Devon HA4060.0000650
QD7 Wiltshire HA3040.0000430
QD8 Avon HA5050.0000570
QDV Cornwall & Isles of Scilly HA3050.0000530
QDW Dorset HA2030.0000330
QDX North & East Devon HA2040.0000430
QDY Gloucestershire HA3050.0000540


1. Staff in post figures are rounded to the nearest ten. Population rates are rounded to the nearest whole number and five decimal place. Due to rounding totals may not equal the sum of component parts.

2. Ratios, per head of 100,000 population for chiropodists, range from one to 14, the lowest being Somerset Health Authority that is responsible for one trust only, which does not employ any chiropodists. Neighbouring health authorities provide services for Hillingdon which is also responsible for one trust and does not employ any NHS chiropodists. Herefordshire Health authority provides chiropody services but for statistical purposes are rounded to the nearest whole number.

* five or less and greater than zero.

— zero


Department of Health Non-Medical Workforce Census.

13 Jun 2002 : Column 1435W

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