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Teachers (Contracts)

Helen Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what proportion of teachers in (a) primary and (b) secondary schools were employed on temporary and short-term contracts at the latest date for which figures are available. [65172]

2 Jul 2002 : Column 237W

Mr. Miliband [holding answer 1 July 2002]: In maintained nursery and primary schools in England, teachers on contracts of less than one month, working for the whole day on the third Thursday in January 2002, constituted 5 per cent. of all full-time equivalent teachers. These data are provisional.

In maintained secondary schools in England, teachers on contracts of less than one month, working for the whole day on the third Thursday in January 2002, constituted 3 per cent. of all full-time equivalent teachers. These data are provisional.

Bob Russell: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills how long it is taking the Criminal Records Bureau to process clearance applications by new teachers; if she estimates that all new teachers due to start in September will have clearance in time; if she has contingency plans should applications not be cleared in time; and if she will make a statement. [65776]

Mr. Miliband [holding answer 1 July 2002]: The Criminal Records Bureau estimate that it is currently taking, on average, approximately six weeks to produce Disclosures.

The CRB is striving hard to improve the situation. A recovery programme has been introduced, and the Bureau's current expectation is that, by August, the present backlog of applications will have been cleared, and the Bureau will be achieving its previously published service standards of providing 90 per cent. of Enhanced Disclosures within three weeks, and 95 per cent. of Standard Disclosures within one week.

My Department has already put in place contingency arrangements with the CRB. Under those arrangements, CRB staff are trawling the backlog of applications, and checking new applications, to identify those in respect of teachers and other key staff for schools. For those applications the CRB is performing checks of my Departments List 99. If that check is satisfactory the employer or agency will be able to appoint the person provisionally. The full criminal record and police check will be performed and the relevant Disclosure issued by the CRB as soon as possible after that. Those interim arrangements will stay in place until the CRB is fully up to date and meeting its performance standards.

2 Jul 2002 : Column 238W

School Absenteeism

Diana Organ: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what the rate of absenteeism among pupils at (a) primary level and (b) secondary level during the days of SATS tests has been in this academic year; and what differences there were between these rates and dates before and after the SATS tests. [63622]

Mr. Stephen Twigg [holding answer 24 June 2002]: Statistics for this academic year's Key Stage tests are not yet available. The following table shows the percentage of pupils recorded as absent in the (a) Key Stage 2 tests and (b) Key Stage 3 test in all schools in England in 2001:


Subject(a) Key Stage 2(b) Key Stage 3

Data on rates of absence rates before and after the Key Stage tests are not available.

Information from the pupil absence survey for 2000–01 showed that 6.5 per cent. of half days were missed due to authorised absences and 0.7 per cent. due to unauthorised absences in all schools in England.

Higher Education

Lynne Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, pursuant to her answer, Ref 38091, of 5 March 2002, if she will amalgamate information for performance indicators in higher education in the UK to allow comparison to be made of the socio-economic background of students entering all high ranking universities with those entering all other universities. [41953]

Margaret Hodge: The entry requirements of higher education institutions will vary from course to course and from year to year. Nevertheless, I have set out data which shows the Performance Indicators for the entry of young people by social class to undergraduate courses. The Government introduced aspirational funding for high ranking universities to support their efforts to recruit more young people from state schools. Institutions which currently receive this funding are listed first, followed by other institutions.

Table T1b: Participation of under-represented groups in higher education, Young full-time undergraduate entrants 1999–2000(2)

From Social Class IIIM, IV, V
InstitutionTotal entrantsNumber of young entrantsPercentage entrants who are youngPercentage with known dataNumber with known dataNumber from groupPercentage from groupPercentage benchmark(3)Number benchmark(3)Percentage Std dev
All UK institutions328,646244,018748326
All English institutions268,853197,984748426
Aspiration funding institutions45,0257,07016198,484
University of Birmingham3,9413,56991953,39164419206780.7
University of Bristol2,9362,69592842,26424911163620.8
University of Cambridge2,8952,74495982,6892429123230.7
City University1,410944678075521128251891.6
University of Durham2,7392,49691952,37130813184270.8
University of Exeter2,1191,90490951,80927115213800.9
Imperial College1,4731,38694951,31722417172241.1
King's College London2,8292,16476871,88335819193580.9
University of Leeds5,1284,69692914,27368416208550.6
University of Liverpool3,3563,00490932,79461522226150.8
London School of Economics and Political Science5625329595505661315761.7
University of Manchester4,7623,93783893,50463118207010.7
University of Newcastle2,6412,46993952,34637516204690.8
University of Nottingham4,0353,38084903,04245615175170.7
School of oriental and African Studies4252475887215391821452.8
University of Oxford3,0552,93396972,8452569133700.7
Oxford Brookes University2,5791,84672951,75433319295091.0
University of Reading2,1891,92288921,76830117223891.0
Royal Holloway, University of London1,1901,08191971,04918918222311.3
Royal Veterinary College1241179497113111012143.5
St. George's Hospital Medical School2592098195199281416322.7
University College London2,4532,12086931,97227614183550.9
University of Warwick2,3952,25994962,16930414173690.8
Non-Aspiration funding Institutions120,73135,849302934,788
Anglia Polytechnic University3,5791,96555681,33644133324281.2
Aston University1,1681,067919399232733242381.4
University of Bath1,6541,51391931,40726719212951.1
Bath Spa University College1,010616618954816430291591.9
Bishop Grosseteste College2341978494185563030563.2
Bolton Institute of Higher Education1,323649496240216541331332.3
Bournemouth University2,7582,04174821,67435121294851.0
University of Bradford1,7061,31877831,09436133272951.3
Bretton Hall553421769238712833271052.2
University of Brighton3,6582,11858861,82143724305461.0
Brunel University2,7632,10476901,89456830275111.0
Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College2,2391,458656493329932333081.5
Canterbury Christ Church University College1,6781,015608283222527312581.5
University of Central England in Birmingham3,8722,45563631,54760339314791.2
University of Central Lancashire5,1283,22863642,06670234316401.0
Central School of Speech and Drama13196738985151825214.4
Chester College of Higher Education1,4801,025697880024831292321.6
University College Chichester1,147646568957517230311781.8
Coventry University3,3072,47075852,10077737326721.0
Cranfield University2281898359112232130333.8
Cumbria College of Art and Design2301677384140553933463.8
Dartington College of Arts15699638887202329254.5
De Montfort University5,3514,03675803,2291,16236311,0010.8
University of Derby3,2232,20268771,69657634325431.1
University of East Anglia1,9721,49076901,34126820233081.1
University of East London2,8911,369476791736740343121.5
Edge Hill College of Higher Education1,6381,015627879227735312451.6
University of Essex1,104920839385620524262221.5
Falmouth College of Arts3652667390239552328672.7
University of Gloucestershire2,1401,58774881,39737727314331.2
Goldsmiths College1,118701639063112620241511.6
University of Greenwich3,3532,04961711,45549534334801.2
Harper Adams University College3883218383266431624642.3
University of Hertfordshire3,9342,71169782,11574035326771.0
Homerton College, Cambridge4002516365163291821343.1
University of Huddersfield3,5562,46069822,01774637326461.0
University of Hull2,1601,66277891,47935524243551.1
Keele University1,4381,19083881,04723022242511.3
University of Kent at Canterbury1,7661,50185891,33630723243211.2
Kent Institute of Art and Design4503267285277893230832.7
King Alfred's College, Winchester1,011806809375020227302251.6
Kingston University3,4982,41769791,90961132315921.0
Lancaster University2,0201,86892941,75638622223861.0
Leeds Metropolitan University5,0503,66773772,82481929329040.8
University of Leicester2,0711,93293941,81638121213811.0
University of Lincoln2,5551,76769871,53755336324921.1
Liverpool Hope1,4401,060747074226736312301.6
Liverpool John Moores University4,6263,34672732,44383034297080.9
University of London (Institutes and activities)665685935213251685.7
London Guildhall University2,6051,48757721,07140738333531.4
The London Institute2,0291,30764811,05927526293071.3
Loughborough University2,5622,43395952,31150822245550.9
University of Luton1,8341,129626371127739342421.7
Manchester Metropolitan University6,3984,73974773,6491,16832301,0950.7
Middlesex University4,8962,77857722,00072036336601.0
Newman College34925974902331054532753.0
University College Northampton2,7681,99372771,53555236324911.1
University of North London 3,1141,61852621,00342142353511.4
North Riding College4472986791271893330812.6
Northern School of Contemporary Dance3631860
University of Northumbria at Newcastle5,4153,69068843,10093030309300.8
Norwich School of Art and Design 2451737183144422928403.6
Nottingham Trent University5,2973,95775883,48294027289750.7
School of Pharmacy12398809189232623214.5
University of Plymouth5,2063,35664762,55168927307650.9
University of Portsmouth3,1622,44677852,07954126296030.9
Queen Mary, University of London1,8861,67589921,54143128243701.1
Ravensbourne College2771846678144392730433.6
Rose Bruford College1711438488126191524303.5
Royal Academy of Music6156920
Royal College of Music7267930
Royal Northern College of Music104100960
College of St. Mark and St. John666439669039513434321262.2
St. Martin's College1,278869688473024133312261.6
St. Mary's College605548919351016332281432.0
University of Salford3,8492,50665761,90564834305711.0
University of Sheffield4,0903,31581892,95050217185310.7
Sheffield Hallam University5,5844,31177883,7941,17631301,1380.7
University of Southampton4,1113,32681892–96050317226510.7
Southampton Institute3,9412,76370701,93454228326191.0
South Bank University3,5181,544445686530335342941.5
Staffordshire University3,8892,89174822,37183035327590.9
University of Sunderland2,6161,87872961,80363135325771.1
The Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College794656838958415827291691.8
University of Surrey1,272996788483717621252091.4
University of Surrey Roehampton1,7031,18670891,05631730303171.3
University of Sussex1,6671,35181951,28320516222821.1
University of Teesside2,7941,77063871,54069345345241.2
Thames Valley University2,272850374840814335361472.2
Trinity and All Saints655586899153314928271441.9
Trinity College of Music8879900
University of West of England, Bristol5,7654,27374793,37674322289450.7
University of Westminster2,9861,90064811,53958538324921.2
Westminster College, Oxford6950729246132831146.2
Wimbledon School of Art11983709075202726195.0
University of Wolverhampton4,6392,84161712,01794847336661.0
University College Worcester1,261706568761219031332021.8
Writtle College3382136381173412424413.0
Wye College, University of London126104839296161722213.9
University of York1,7901,52685921,40421115182531.1
York St. John College997787799070822732292051.7

(2) Source: HEFCE Performance Indicators

(3) The grouped benchmark values for the two sets of institutions are estimates

2 Jul 2002 : Column 241W

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