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Mr. Hoban: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how may GPs are working in the NHS, broken down by age group in (a) England and (b) each health authority. [64327]

Mr. Hutton: The information requested is shown in the table. 'All practitioners' include general medical services unrestricted principals, personal medical services (PMS) contracted general practitioners (GPs), PMS salaried GPs, restricted principals, assistants, GP registrars, salaried doctors (para. 52 statement of fees and allowances), PMS other and GP retainers.

All practitioners(25) in England by age and health authority as at 30 September 2001

Region name/HA nameHA codeTotalUnder30–3435–3940–4445–49
Northern and Yorkshire
Bradford HAQDD3542649556856
Calderdale and Kirklees HAQDT3441732667257
County Durham Health CommissionQDE3771341836677
East Riding HAQDF334931606855
Gateshead and South Tyneside HAQDG219824484334
Leeds Healthcare QDH493294910211272
Newcastle and North Tyneside HAQDJ3081427727063
North Cumbria HAQDK235523476637
North Yorkshire HAQDR561317210913297
Northumberland HAQDM2312628374533
Sunderland HAQDN1661317192529
Tees HAQDP3271141566160
Wakefield Health CareQDP2151426484227
Barnsley HAQCG130614211920
Doncaster HAQCK164615173229
Leicestershire HAQCL571207993124101
Lincolnshire HAQCM3871742689481
North Derbyshire HAQCH2341728465135
North Nottinghamshire HAQCN2211027334134
Nottingham HAQCP4032748767675
Rotherham HAQCQ134913203319
Sheffield HAQCR3882847698364
South Humber HAQDL185110274130
Southern Derbyshire HAQCJ3472249736163
Bedfordshire HAQA63231025615359
Cambridgeshire HAQER48516648610391
Hertfordshire HAQEX6823699124154106
Norfolk HAQET524104510411693
North Essex HAQAX513114283111113
South Essex HAQAY351416486060
Suffolk HAQCF44013427311279
Barking and Havering HAQAP202313271626
Barnet Enfield and Haringey HAQEW5412240668379
Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich HAQEY4131734587372
Brent and Harrow HAQAR3311336343846
Camden and Islington HAQAT2781344524535
Croydon HAQAD1801016192934
Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow HAQAV4481464685555
East London and the City HAQAW4471148667049
Hillingdon HAQA2149816221824
Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster HAQA3265842414736
Kingston and Richmond HAQAG2422145364732
Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham HAQAH5161461909279
Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth HAQAJ4051665667157
Redbridge and Waltham Forest HAQA5259822263731
South Eastern
Berkshire HAQA75031859769993
Buckinghamshire HAQA84521557918078
East Kent HAQAE3521025587175
East Surrey HAQAK2811751425644
East Sussex, Brighton and Hove HAQAM47616471049577
Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and South East Hampshire HAQEV4301447738199
North and Mid Hampshire HAQD13581646678150
Northamptonshire HAQCC3421637728245
Oxfordshire HAQCE4401458909665
Southampton and South West Hampshire HAQD33861651668161
West Kent HAQAF592234889109101
West Surrey HAQAL4092145808165
West Sussex HAQAN49724631089789
South Western
Avon HAQD874026102140180118
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly HAQDV3751444599462
Dorset HAQDW534197211611791
Gloucestershire HAQDY4201942828989
North and East Devon HAQDX3992049709371
Somerset HAQD53751536718769
South and West Devon HAQD643713489410277
Wiltshire HAQD74001349838268
West Midlands
Birmingham HAQD9665287511110988
Coventry HAQEA185612213243
Dudley HAQEC179127303723
Herefordshire HAQED137819292816
North Staffordshire HAQEH256423374436
Sandwell HAQEE1741211221320
Shropshire HAQEF274924536755
Solihull HAQEG128619252818
South Staffordshire HAQEJ3231130576947
Walsall HAQEK135210111514
Warwickshire HAQEL3161241716044
Wolverhampton HAQEM141213252423
Worcestershire HAQEN3501538707063
North West
Bury and Rochdale HAQCT234727414744
East Lancashire HAQCX3021033405052
Liverpool HAQC22911439483654
Manchester HealthQC33121456395049
Morecambe Bay HAQC42151021464529
North Cheshire HAQCV179920334127
North West Lancashire HAQCY268925505839
Salford and Trafford HAQC62531125394840
Sefton HAQC7173818364326
South Cheshire HAQCW47929761019575
South Lancashire HAQC1180816372828
St. Helen's and Knowsley HAQC5202615373727
Stockport HealthQC81991627334526
West Pennine HAQC9236526443342
Wigan and Bolton HAQDA3081628365251
Wirral HAQDC2211127434331
England total31,8351,3253,5785,5916,2545,221

9 Jul 2002 : Column 919W

Region name/HA nameHA code50–5455–5960–6465–6970 and over
Northern and Yorkshire
Bradford HAQDD46331560
Calderdale and Kirklees HAQDT33382531
County Durham Health CommissionQDE46351420
East Riding HAQDF48371970
Gateshead and South Tyneside HAQDG3515840
Leeds Healthcare QDH613422111
Newcastle and North Tyneside HAQDJ3320810
North Cumbria HAQDK3222300
North Yorkshire HAQDR7538430
Northumberland HAQDM2631500
Sunderland HAQDN21261060
Tees HAQDP51281630
Wakefield Health CareQDQ3314830
Barnsley HAQCG20161040
Doncaster HAQCK2728550
Leicestershire HAQCL73571950
Lincolnshire HAQCM50191231
North Derbyshire HAQCH3017910
North Nottinghamshire HAQCN32251531
Nottingham HAQCP43401431
Rotherham HAQCQ16121020
Sheffield HAQCR47321161
South Humber HAQDL22361350
Southern Derbyshire HAQCJ40241410
Bedfordshire HAQA660321643
Cambridgeshire HAQER66421340
Hertfordshire HAQEX99431551
Norfolk HAQET8958810
North Essex HAQAX75641040
South Essex HAQAY616027150
Suffolk HAQCF6547900
Barking and Havering HAQAP413728110
Barnet Enfield and Haringey HAQEW978538265
Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich HAQEY60493596
Brent and Harrow HAQAR615932111
Camden and Islington HAQAT37232090
Croydon HAQAD29171682
Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow HAQAV716432223
East London and the City HAQAW924037313
Hillingon HAQA217291140
Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster HAQA3382118131
Kingston and Richmond HAQAG3318820
Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham HAQAH785047123
Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth HAQAJ465020104
Redbridge and Waltham Forest HAQA5594116154
South Eastern
Berkshire HAQA780492072
Buckinghamshire HAQA878371420
East Kent HAQAE60411110
East Surrey HAQAK3327821
East Sussex, Brighton and Hove HAQAM61492142
Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and South East Hampshire HAQEV57451220
North and Mid Hampshire HAQD16033500
Northamptonshire HAQCC44341020
Oxfordshire HAQCE6744610
Southampton and South West Hampshire HAQD355451010
West Kent HAQAF1026740130
West Surrey HAQAL70281720
West Sussex HAQAN65331710
South Western
Avon HAQD810459830
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly HAQDV5641320
Dorset HAQDW8131610
Gloucestershire HAQDY5537610
North and East Devon HAQDX5437500
Somerset HAQD553281420
South and West Devon HAQD652351510
Wiltshire HAQD76532800
West Midlands
Birmingham HAQD91017658181
Coventry HAQEA26251560
Dudley HAQEC31231420
Herefordshire HAQED2114110
North Staffordshire HAQEH42352492
Sandwell HAQEE43301850
Shropshire HAQEF3522720
Solihull HAQEG1113620
South Staffordshire HAQEJ5736970
Walsall HAQEK32252060
Warwickshire HAQEL39341050
Wolverhampton HAQEM25131132
Worcestershire HAQEN5530801
North West
Bury and Rochdale HAQCT29181660
East LancashireQCX473426100
Liverpool HAQC239441052
Manchester HealthQC349341641
Morecambe Bay HAQC43821320
North Cheshire HAQCV2019820
North West Lancashire HAQCY41281440
Salford and Trafford HAQC634331553
Sefton HAQC715121320
South Cheshire HAQCW56361010
South Lancashire HAQC12926620
St. Helen's and Knowsley HAQC533261461
Stockport HealthQC82418820
West Pennine HAQC942261170
Wigan and Bolton HAQDA63332090
Wirral HAQDC3722430
England total4,6803,2441,39648660

(25) All practitioners include GMS Unrestricted Principals, PMS Contracted GPs, PMS Salaried GPs, Restricted Principals, Assistants, GP Registrars, Salaried Doctors (Para. 52 SFA), PMA Other and GP Retainers.


Department of Health General and Personal Medical Services Statistics.

9 Jul 2002 : Column 923W

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