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14 Oct 2002 : Column 500W—continued

Law Enforcement Agencies

Mr. Andrew Turner: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what law enforcement agencies and prosecuting authorities designated with legislation there are within the responsibility of his Department; and what complaints procedure is available for each. [57105]

Mr. Lammy [holding answer 16 May 2002]: There are no prosecuting authorities nor law enforcement agencies designated by law for which the Secretary of State for Health is responsible.

The Solicitor's Office, Department of Health, prosecutes cases investigated by the directorate of counter fraud services, and its National Health Service equivalent the NHS counter fraud services, the medicines control agency and the medical devices agency. The investigators and prosecutors all derive their powers to act for and on behalf of the Secretary of State who is granted general functions by means of statutory powers.

Consequently the investigators and prosecutors are not separately designated by law because they derive their powers from legislation and functions granted to the Secretary of State.

Mobile Telephone Masts

Mr. Oaten: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what assessment he has made of the effect on medical devices of the presence nearby of mobile phone masts.[64153]

14 Oct 2002 : Column 501W

Ms Blears [holding answer 24 June 2002]: The Medical Devices Agency have not received any reports of telecommunications masts or base stations (similar to masts but located on building rooftops) causing interference to medical devices. We have undertaken work to assess the possible risk from these installations, the most recent being last March where in collaboration with a National Health Service trust and British Telecom measurements were taken on a proposed rooftop installation for the current cellular network. The results indicated that the field strength had dropped to virtually undetectable levels at distances greater than 25 metres from the antenna and that the risk to medical devices being used in adjacent buildings was negligible.

Previous measurement results obtained in other hospitals are listed in the Device Bulletin DB9702, March 1997.

Community Equipment Service

Mr. Boswell: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will make a statement on progress with establishing the community equipment service and its financing. [64293]

Jacqui Smith [holding answer 27 June 2002]: There are many long-established community equipment services in England run by councils and National Health

14 Oct 2002 : Column 502W

Service trusts. The initiative to integate these services at a local level by 2004 and to increase the number of people benfiting from them by 50 per cent. by the same date is progressing. Additional funding to enable equipment services meet the NHS Plan targets has been made available to the NHS and to social services through their baseline allocations between the years 2001–02 and 2003–04. This work is supported by the national integrating community equipment services team, the members of which work with local itegratration lead officers and who are a source of good practice guidance.

NHS Maternity Units

Mr. Wiltshire: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list NHS maternity units in descending order of (a) the ratio of midwives in post to the total number of births and (b) the ratio of the full complement of midwives to the total number of births in 2001. [67458]

Jacqui Smith [holding answer 5 July 2002]: The figures are shown in the table in descending order and they represent for each trust the ratio of midwives in post and complement in September 2000 to deliveries in 2000-01 in that trust. Women who are cared for during pregnancy by midwives from one trust may later give birth in a unit in another trust. Relevant information is only available by trusts rather than units.

NHS Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS): In descending order—midwifery staff to deliveries ratios by NHS Trust as at 30 September 2000

Establishment midwifery figures: deliveries ratio1Whole-time equivalents Headcount2 Staff in post midwives: deliveries ratioWhole-time equivalents Headcount
RJ8Cornwall Healthcare NHS Trust0.3520.4500.3520.450
RJUChorley & South Ribble NHS Trust0.1620.1730.1620.173
RHSSouthampton Community Health Services NHS Trust0.1110.1480.1110.148
RH7Severn NHS Trust0.1050.1400.1050.140
REAExeter & District Community Health Services NHS Trust0.0970.1280.0970.128
RLFNorth Lakeland Healthcare NHS Trust0.0970.1430.0970.143
RDZRoyal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Trust0.0620.0730.0620.073
RM3Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust0.0550.0650.0530.063
RCCScarborough & Ne Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust0.0540.0610.0540.061
RVYSouthport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust0.0520.0760.0520.076
RMRBlackpool Victoria Hospital NHS Trust0.0510.0610.0510.061
RQWThe Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust0.0490.0600.0450.056
RBLWirral Hospital NHS Trust0.0480.0590.0460.057
RBUCentral Manchester Healthcare NHS Trust0.0480.0580.0480.058
RLWCity Hospital NHS Trust0.0450.0500.0440.049
RE9South Tyneside Healthcare NHS Trust0.0450.0520.0450.052
RMPTameside & Glossop Acute Services NHS Trust0.0450.0560.0450.056
REZRochdale Healthcare NHS Trust0.0440.0510.0440.051
RWJStockport NHS Trust0.0440.0510.0440.051
RMCBolton Hospitals NHS Trust0.0440.0510.0440.051
RA9South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust0.0440.0550.0430.054
RMKNorth Manchester Healthcare NHS Trust0.0430.0490.0390.045
RVJNorth Bristol NHS Trust0.0430.0590.0420.057
RH8Royal Devon & Exeter Healthcare NHS Trust0.0430.0570.0430.057
RFFBarnsley District General Hospital NHS Trust0.0430.0480.0430.048
REMAintree Hospitals NHS Trust0.0420.0530.0420.053
RDLEastbourne Hospitals NHS Trust0.0420.0520.0420.052
RBZNorthern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust0.0420.0520.0380.048
RWDUnited Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust0.0410.0560.0410.055
REUBurnley Healthcare NHS Trust0.0410.0480.0410.048
RMBBlackburn, Hyndburn & Ribble Valley Health Care NHS Trust0.0410.0490.0410.049
RM4Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust0.0410.0490.0410.049
RR4Pinderfields & Pontefract Hospitals NHS Trust0.0410.0510.0410.051
RJDMid Staffordshire General Hospitals NHS Trust0.0410.0480.0410.048
RBATaunton & Somerset NHS Trust0.0400.0460.0400.046
RVREpsom & St Helier NHS Trust0.0400.0550.0380.053
RTDThe Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust0.0400.0480.0400.047
RDMHastings & Rother NHS Trust0.0400.0500.0390.049
RK9Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust0.0400.0500.0400.050
RWPWorcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust0.0400.0510.0400.051
RR2Isle of Wight Healthcare NHS Trust0.0390.0590.0390.059
RJNEast Cheshire NHS Trust0.0390.0530.0390.053
RWHEast & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust0.0390.0490.0330.043
RA4East Somerset NHS Trust0.0390.0510.0390.051
RN7Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust0.0390.0540.0370.052
RE7West Cumbria Healthcare NHS Trust0.0380.0520.0360.050
RCFAiredale NHS Trust0.0380.0450.0380.045
RCJSouth Tees Acute Hospitals NHS Trust0.0380.0450.0370.044
RJENorth Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust0.0380.0470.0380.047
RLUBirmingham Women's Healthcare NHS Trust0.0380.0490.0360.047
RCVCentral Sheffield University Hospitals NHS Trust0.0380.0480.0380.048
RBNSt Helens & Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust0.0380.0450.0380.045
RTGSouthern Derbyshire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust0.0380.0440.0380.044
RAGDoncaster Royal Informary & Montagu Hospital NHS Trust0.0370.0480.0370.048
RMNBury Health Care NHS Trust0.0370.0460.0370.046
RWFMaidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust0.0370.0500.0320.045
RLQHereford Hospitals NHS Trust0.0370.0470.0370.047
RJYWigan & Leigh Health Services NHS Trust0.0370.0430.0370.043
RKBUniversity Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust0.0370.0480.0340.045
RR7Gateshead Health NHS Trust0.0370.0450.0370.045
RWAHull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trusts0.0370.0460.0370.046
RZRoyal Shrewsbury Hospitals NHS Trust0.0370.0480.0350.047
RJRCountess of Chester Hospital NHS Trust0.0360.0470.0360.047
RJZKing's College Hospital NHS Trust0.0360.0420.0350.040
RR9North Durham Health Care NHS Trust0.0360.0430.0360.043
RBKWalsall Hospitals NHS Trust0.0360.0440.0360.044
RPRThe Royal West Sussex NHS Trust0.0360.0410.0360.041
RHUPortsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust0.0360.0470.0360.047
RF7Scunthorpe & Goole Hospitals NHS Trust0.0360.0410.0360.041
RLNCity Hospitals Sunderland NHS Trust0.0360.0410.0360.041
RFSChesterfield & North Derbyshire Royal Hospital NHS Trust0.0360.0420.0360.042
RR8Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust0.0360.0450.0350.044
RBDWest Dorset General Hospitals NHS Trust0.0350.0490.0350.049
RWEUniversity Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust0.0350.0460.0350.046
RF6North East Lincolnshire NHS Trust0.0350.0440.0350.044
RCBYork Health Services NHS Trust0.0350.0450.0350.045
RNZSalisbury Healthcare NHS Trust0.0350.0480.0350.048
RNESandwell Healthcare NHS Trust0.0350.0410.0350.041
RDEEssex Rivers Healthcare NHS Trust0.0350.0420.0340.041
RMFPreston Acute Hospitals NHS Trust0.0350.0460.0350.046
RKCWarrington Hospital NHS Trust0.0350.0440.0330.043
RBTThe Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust0.0340.0420.0340.042
RFRRotherham General Hospitals NHS Trust0.0340.0400.0340.040
RL4The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust0.0340.0410.0340.041
RPSMid Sussex NHS Trust0.0340.0420.0250.033
RG3Bromley Hospitals NHS Trust0.0340.0380.0260.030
RN1Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust0.0330.0450.0330.045
RLTGeorge Eliot Hospital NHS Trust0.0330.0430.0330.042
RAJSouthend Hospital NHS Trust0.0330.0380.0330.038
RPAMedway NHS Trust0.0330.0400.0330.040
RJFBurton Hospitals NHS Trust0.0330.0430.0330.043
RAEBradford Hospitals NHS Trust0.0330.0390.0330.039
RJCSouth Warwickshire General Hospitals NHS Trust0.0330.0430.0330.043
RPLWorthing & Southlands Hospitals NHS Trust0.0330.0490.0330.049
RWGWest Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust0.0330.0450.0290.042
RJHGood Hope Hospital NHS Trust0.0330.0480.0320.047
RVQWiltshire & Swindon Healthcare NHS Trust0.0320.0430.0320.043
RGPJames Paget Healthcare NHS Trust0.0320.0550.0310.054
RTASouth Durham Health Care NHS Trust0.0320.0400.0320.040
RGQIpswich Hospital NHS Trust0.0320.0440.0320.044
REFRoyal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust0.0320.0430.0320.043
RG7Havering Hospitals NHS Trust0.0320.0400.0300.038
RC1Bedford Hospitals NHS Trust0.0320.0400.0320.040
RFWWest Middlesex University NHS Trust0.0320.0370.0270.033
RTFNorthumbria Healthcare NHS Trust0.0320.0390.0320.039
RA5East Gloucestershire NHS Trust0.0320.0470.0310.046
RTHOxford Radcliffe Hospital NHS Trust0.0320.0420.0310.041
RQMChelsea & Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust0.0320.0380.0320.038
RNSNorthampton General Hospital NHS Trust0.0310.0410.0310.041
RJ7St George's Healthcare NHS Trust0.0310.0370.0310.037
RGZQueen Mary's Sidcup NHS Trust0.0310.0440.0290.042
RHWRoyal Berkshire & Battle Hospitals NHS Trust0.0310.0440.0310.044
RM1Norfolk & Norwich Health Care NHS Trust0.0310.0410.0300.040
RD3Poole Hospitals NHS Trust0.0310.0500.0310.050
RDUFrimley Park Hospital NHS Trust0.0310.0420.0310.042
RJ1Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Trust0.0310.0330.0270.029
RA7United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust0.0310.0390.0310.039
REPLiverpool Womens Hospital NHS Trust0.0310.0400.0310.040
RK5The Kings Mill Centre for Health Care Services NHS Trust0.0310.0360.0310.036
RH6Gloucestershire Royal NHS Trust0.0310.0350.0310.035
RQQHinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust0.0300.0420.0300.042
RN5North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust0.0300.0420.0290.041
RHMSouthampton University Hospitals NHS Trust0.0300.0400.0300.040
RC3Ealing Hospital NHS Trust0.0300.0440.0300.044
RH2South Buckinghamshire NHS Trust0.0300.0420.0280.040
RQXHomerton Hospital NHS Trust0.0300.0320.0230.024
RC9Luton & Dunstable Hospital NHS Trust0.0300.0450.0280.043
RCDHarrogate Health Care NHS Trust0.0300.0380.0300.038
RMWDewsbury Health Care NHS Trust0.0300.0340.0300.034
RQNThe Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust0.0300.0470.0270.044
RGNPeterborough Hospitals NHS Trust0.0300.0360.0300.036
RTXMorecambe Bay Hospitals NHS Trust0.0300.0390.0290.039
RKEWhittington Hospital NHS Trust0.0300.0440.0300.044
RM2South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust0.0300.0340.0300.034
RNHNewham Healthcare NHS Trust0.0300.0330.0260.029
RNQKettering General Hospital NHS Trust0.0290.0380.0290.038
RAPNorth Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust0.0290.0340.0290.034
RR1Birmingham Heartlands & Solihull NHS Trust0.0290.0350.0290.035
RCPBassetlaw Hospital & Community Health Services NHS Trust0.0290.0360.0290.036
RDDBasildon & Thurrock General Hospitals NHS Trust0.0280.0360.0270.035
RD8Milton Keynes General Hospital NHS Trust0.0280.0340.0280.034
RN3Swindon & Marlborough NHS Trust0.0280.0400.0270.039
RTPSurrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust0.0280.0370.0280.037
RLGCarlisle Hospitals NHS Trust0.0280.0400.0280.040
RV8North West London Hospitals NHS Trust0.0280.0350.0280.035
RNADudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust0.0270.0450.0260.044
RTKAshford & St Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust0.0270.0410.0270.041
RASThe Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust0.0270.0340.0270.034
RAXKingston Hospital NHS Trust0.0270.0370.0270.037
RVLBarnet & Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust0.0270.0350.0260.035
RCSNottingham City Hospital NHS Trust0.0260.0340.0260.034
RNTStoke Mandeville Hospital NHS Trust0.0260.0330.0210.028
RD7Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Trust0.0250.0300.0230.028
RJ2The Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust0.0250.0290.0250.029
RCXKings Lynn & Wisbech Hospitals NHS Trust0.0240.0320.0240.032
RDFForest Healthcare NHS Trust0.0240.0280.0240.028
RG4Redbridge Health Care NHS Trust0.0230.0260.0210.024
RFKQueen's Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospital0.0230.0300.0230.030
RA3Weston Area Health NHS Trust0.0220.0260.0220.026
RQ8Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust0.0210.0280.0210.027
RVWNorth Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust0.0210.0270.0210.027
RG2Greenwich Healthcare NHS Trust0.0210.0280.0120.020
RJ5St Mary's Hospital NHS Trust0.0200.0220.0180.021
RGACalderdale Healthcare NHS Trust0.0180.0210.0170.021
RRVUniversity College London Hospitals NHS Trust0.0170.0180.0170.018
RGTAddenbrooke's NHS Trust0.0170.0230.0170.023
RVVEast Kent Hospitals NHS Trust0.0160.0190.0160.019
REXOldham NHS Trust0.0150.0160.0150.016
RJ6Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust0.0130.0220.0130.022
RALRoyal Free Hampstead NHS Trust0.0130.0130.0130.013
RA2Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust0.0040.0070.0040.007
RGRWest Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust0.0040.0040.0040.004
RCANorthallerton Health Services NHS Trust0.0010.0010.0010.001


1 Establishment midwife figures are the sum of the staff in posts figures as at 30 September 2000 and the 3 month vacancy figures as at 31 March 2001 so will not necessarily give an accurate reflection of the actual establishment.

2 Headcount establishment figures are the sum in post headcount and the 3 month vacancies whole-time equivalents, headcount vacancy figures are unavailable.

3 Deliveries at Royal London (RNJ) are attended by midwives employed by Tower Hamlets (RRG) and have therefore been excluded.

4 Figures are rounded to three decimal places.

5 Due to rounding totals may not equal the sum of component parts.

6 Figures exclude learners and agency staff.


Department of Health Non-Medical Workforce Census

Department of Health NHS Workforce Vacancy Survey

Office for National Statistics (ONS) Birth Registration Statistics as compiled by SD3G

14 Oct 2002 : Column 507W

Mr. Wilshire: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list NHS maternity units in descending order of the percentage of Caesarean deliveries in 2001. [67460]

Jacqui Smith [holding answer 5 July 2002]: The table showing the percentage of deliveries by caesarean section by trust in descending order fo2000 to 2001, taken from the data published in the National Health Service Maternity Statistics, England Bulletin 2002/11 published in April 2002 has been placed in the Library.

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