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16 Oct 2002 : Column 854W—continued


Mr. Pound: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if the UK will continue to uphold the OSCE embargo on the export of weapons and military equipment to Azerbaijan. [74951]

Mr. Mike O'Brien: HMG remains committed to the OSCE arms embargo against both Azerbaijan and Armenia, which we interpret as covering all goods and technology controlled under entries in Part III of Schedule 1 to the Export of Goods (Control) Order 1994 (commonly known as the military list).

In September 2002, the Government approved an export licence application for demining vests for the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Actions.

In January 2002 the Government approved a similar request for protective jackets for demining operations to Azerbaijan.

16 Oct 2002 : Column 855W

The decision was made in accordance with our practice occasionally to make an exemption to our interpretation of the embargo by approving exports of non-lethal military goods to humanitarian, media or peacekeeping organisations where it is clear that the embargo was not intended to prevent those exports and there is a strong humanitarian case for them.

16 Oct 2002 : Column 856W

European Union Events

Ms Shipley: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will list the forthcoming business in the Council of the European Union for October; and if he will list the major European Union events for the period between 31 October and April 2003. [75046]

Peter Hain: The information requested is in the table.

October 2002
2BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
3–4BrusselsConvention Plenary: Subsidiarity & Legal Personality working group conclusions; interim reports on Charter & National Parliaments working groups
3–4BrusselsTransport & Telecommunications Council
8BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
10CopenhagenEU/India Summit
11–12NyborgInternal Market, Consumer Affairs & Industry Meeting (Ministerial Informal)
14BrusselsFisheries Council
14–15BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs & Civil Protection Council
16BrusselsEU Commission: Annual Report on Candidate Countries
17BrusselsEnvironment Council
17BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
20LuxembourgEU Trade (Ministers Informal)
21–22BrusselsGeneral Affairs Council
24–25BrusselsEuropean Council
28–29BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
28–29AalborgPatent Protection: Ministers & EU Commissioners
28–29BrusselsConvention plenary: Giscard to release his constitutional text; Charter working group conclusions; preliminary reports on conclusions of Economic Governance and Complementary Competences working groups.
4BrusselsCulture Council
6BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
7BrusselsHealth Council
7–8BrusselsConvention Plenary—Complementary Competences and Economic Governance working group conclusions; preliminary reports on conclusions of Simplification, National Parliaments, Security and Justice working groups.
11–12BrusselsEducation, Youth & Culture Council
14–15BrusselsInternal Market, Consumer Affairs & Tourism Council
18–19BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council (Defence)
21BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
25–26BrusselsBudget Meeting
25–26BrusselsIndustry & Energy Council
28BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
28–29BrusselsJustice and Home Affairs & Civil Protection Council
2BrusselsMeeting On Macro Economic Dialogue (Ministerial Trokia)
2–3BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
4BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
5BrusselsTransport & Telecom Council
6BrusselsTransport & Telecom Council
9BrusselsGeneral Affairs Council
10BrusselsEnvironment Council
12–15CopenhagenEuropean Council
16–17BrusselsFisheries Council
19BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
20BrusselsJustice And Home Affairs & Civil Protection Council
20–21BrusselsConvention Plenary-External Action and Defence working group conclusions
9BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
9BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council (to be confirmed)
16BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
20BrusselsEUROGROUP (evening)
20BrusselsConvention Plenary
20–21BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
24NafplionEmployment Council (Ministerial Informal)
27–28BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council
28BrusselsEU-ASEAN Ministerial
30BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
5BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
6–7BrusselsConvention Plenary
10–11BrusselsAGRICULTURE & FISHERIES Council (to be confirmed)
13BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
17BrusselsEUROGROUP (evening)
20BrusselsEDUCATION, YOUTH & CULTURE Council (to be confirmed)
22ThessalonikaEnergy Council (Ministerial Informal)
24–25BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council Agriculture & Fisheries
26BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
27–28BrusselsConvention Plenary
27–28BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs Council
28BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
3LuxembourgCompetitiveness Council
6BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
6LuxembourgEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
6LuxembourgEUROGROUP (evening)
7LuxembourgTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
13BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
14–15Athens(Informal Defence Meeting)
17–18BrusselsConvention Plenary
17–18LuxembourgAgriculture & Fisheries Council
18–19LuxembourgGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council
21LuxembourgEuropean Council
27BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
27VeriaJustice and Home Affairs Council (Ministerial Informal)
27–28LuxembourgTransport, Telecom & Energy Council)
28AthensEU-Rio Group, EU-MERCOSUR
28–29VeriaInformal Justice & Home Affairs (Veria)
31LuxembourgAgriculture & Fisheries Council (to be confirmed)
2BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
3–4BrusselsConvention Plenary
4BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs
5LisbonEurope—Africa Summit
5IoanninaMinisterial Meeting on Education (Informal)
10BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
11–13ChaniaECOFIN (Informal)
14BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
14BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries
16BrusselsSignature Of The Accession (Provisional Date)
23BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
24–25BrusselsConvention Plenary

16 Oct 2002 : Column 857W


Laura Moffatt: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on the appointment of a UK Special Representative for Georgia. [74952]

Mr. Straw: I am committed to finding a way to help Georgia become prosperous, stable and able to live in harmony with its neighbours. This is why I am glad to have appointed Sir Brian Fall as the UK's Special Representative for Georgia, with effect from 1 October. In this capacity Sir Brian will also be the UK Senior Representative on the Group of Friends of the UN Secretary General on Georgia. Sir Brian was formerly

16 Oct 2002 : Column 858W

H.M. Ambassador to Moscow (1992–95). His experience of the region and his diplomatic skills will be invaluable in helping him fulfil this role.


Mr. Kaufman: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs when he intends to reply to the letter to him dated 16 August from the right hon. Member for Manchester, Gorton with regard to Mohammad Aamrk Iqbal. [74562]

Mr. Mike O'Brien: I am informed that due to an administrative error, my right hon. Friend did not receive a reply to his letter of 16 August. I apologise for this. A reply was sent on 7 October.

16 Oct 2002 : Column 859W

East Timor

Llew Smith: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a further statement, with reference to the documents made public by the Australian Government in September 2000, on the attack at Balibo, East Timor on 16 October 1975. [73697]

Mr. Mike O'Brien: In September 2000, the Australian Government published a volume of documents taken from their archives on their relations with East Timor from 1974–76. A number of these documents refer to the deaths of the journalists in the attack on Balibo.

The British Government gave the Australian Government clearance to publish a number of official documents which referred to information obtained from British diplomatic sources.

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