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21 Oct 2002 : Column 70W—continued

RDA Members

Mr. Yeo: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if she will make a statement on the process by which (a) chairmen and (b) members of regional development agencies are appointed. [75238]

Alan Johnson: The process for appointing both the Regional Development Agency Chairs and Board Members is run according to the Code of Practice issued by the Office for the Commissioner of Public Appointments (OCPA).

21 Oct 2002 : Column 71W

Appointments are made on merit, following open competition, application and formal interviews. Each applicant is assessed against the selection criteria, as set out in the person specification for the post. Some candidates for the RDA Chair positions were identified through executive search. These candidates went through the same process (including interviews) and were assessed on the same criteria as candidates who responded to the advertisement.

Mr. Yeo: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if she will list the members of each regional development agency stating for each member the (a) date of, (b) length of, their appointment and (c) their qualifications for the job. [75237]

Ms Hewitt: The dates of appointment for current Regional Development Agency (RDA) board members are detailed in the table below.

The Regional Development Agencies Act 1998 states that in appointing members to the RDA Boards, ''the Secretary of State shall have regard to the desirability of appointing a person who has experience of, and has shown capacity in, some matter relevant to the functions of the agency.''

Board members' backgrounds include trade unions, the voluntary sector and rural interests; and at least half the members have current or recent business experience. On each RDA board, four of the board members are drawn from local government.

Before being appointed to the boards, potential board members are assessed against the criteria set out in the person specification for the posts.

Date of first appointmentDate of re-appointmentExpiry date of appointment
Advantage West Midlands
Stephenson Alex14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Barnes Richard14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
Bhattacharyya Kumar14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Bore Albert14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Davies Sue14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
Harris Anthony14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Holmes Bill11/02/0213/12/04
Kaur Stubbs
King Christine14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Moore Isabella14/12/0113/12/04
Price Norman14/04/0013/04/03
Sealey Tony14/12/0113/12/04
Sparkes David14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Tilsley Paul14/12/0113/12/04
Woods-Scawen Brian14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
East of England Regional Development Agency
Watts Vincent14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Ali Roger14/12/0113/12/04
Bagnall Ruth14/12/0113/12/04
Brinton Sal14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
Cereste Marco14/12/0113/12/04
Cherry Alan14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Grant Greg14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Martin Peter14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Murray Leo14/12/0113/12/04
Paveley Chris14/12/0113/12/04
Powell Richard14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Reyner Neville14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Shariff Yasmin14/12/0113/12/04
Skinner Marie14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
East Midlands Development Agency
Mapp Derek14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
Bilgan Kashmir14/12/0113/12/04
Bradford Jane14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
Carr Bryan14/12/9914/12/0213/12/05
Chapman Graham14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
Gadsby Peter14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Gardner Gill14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Gemmell Samantha14/12/0113/12/04
McLeod Jonathan14/12/0113/12/04
Patel Rita14/12/0113/12/04
Ramsden Peter14/12/0113/12/04
Scarborough Andrew14/12/0113/12/04
Morgan-Webb Patricia14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
Whittaker Ron14/12/9914/12/0213/12/05
Wood Christine14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
North West Development Agency
Gray Bryan01/04/0231/03/05
Chamberlain Neville14/12/0113/12/04
Doyle Miichael14/12/9814/12/0213/12/02
Dunning John14/12/9814/12/0213/12/04
Goodey Felicity14/12/9814/12/0213/12/02
Harris Martin14/12/0113/12/04
Jeanes Clive14/12/9814/12/0213/12/03
Lane Pauleen14/12/0113/12/04
Leese Richard14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Manning Alan14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Mendoros Dennis14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
Reade Kath14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Ruia Anil14/12/0113/12/04
Smith Brenda14/12/0113/12/04
Storey Michael14/12/0113/12/04
One North East
Bridge John14/12/9816/07/0113/12/03
Arkley Alistair14/12/9819/12/0113/12/03
Cantle-Jones Tim07/12/0113/12/04
Dennis Barbara14/12/9819/12/0113/12/03
Edwards Christopher07/12/0113/12/04
Fisher Jackie07/12/0113/12/04
Hodgson Geoff07/12/0113/12/04
Hughes Philllip14/12/9819/12/0113/12/04
Maudslay Richard14/12/9819/12/0113/12/04
Nolan Jane07/12/0113/12/04
Stringfellow Rita14/12/9819/12/0113/12/02
Walsh David07/12/0113/12/04
Williams John14/12/9807/02/0213/12/02
Wilson Susan14/12/9819/12/0113/12/01
South East England Development Agency
Willett Allan14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Bodfish Ken14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Booth Clive14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
Brathwaite James14/12/0113/12/04
Brighouse Elizabeth14/12/0113/12/04
Camfield Barry14/12/9814/12/0113/12/03
Douglas Robert14/12/0113/12/04
Kong Janis14/12/9814/12/0113/12/04
McAnally Mary01/11/0031/10/03
Oliver Kit14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Read Peter01/11/0031/10/03
Thornber Thomas
Ward Sarah14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Williams Caroline14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
Wilson Kevin14/12/9814/12/0113/12/02
South West of England Regional Development Agency
Lickiss Michael14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Ansari Doris14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Buckland Nicholas14/12/0113/12/04
Chalke Peter14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Costley Nigel14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Holland Helen14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Kemp Brian14/12/0113/12/04
Leece Michael14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Morris Alfred14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Nicholl Robin14/12/0113/12/04
Pope Jeremy14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Porritt Jonathon15/12/9915/12/0214/12/02
Skellett Colin14/12/0113/12/04
Yorkshire Forward
Hall Graham14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Ashcroft John15/12/99 14/12/02
Barker Muriel14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Bosomworth Eileen14/12/0113/12/04
Coburn Jeanne17/10/0016/10/03
Cummins Julian14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Greenwood Brian14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Gregory Richard14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Haskins Christopher14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Hougton Stephen14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Jagger Paul14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
King Christopher14/12/0113/12/04
Malik Adeeba14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01
Pinnock Kathryn14/12/0113/12/04
Warhurst Pamela14/12/9814/12/0113/12/01

21 Oct 2002 : Column 73W

Mr. Yeo: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if she will list the known political affiliations of members of the regional development agencies, stating whether she and her predecessors (a) had this information at the time of appointment of and (b) took account of the information when making the appointment. [75235]

Ms Hewitt: I refer the hon. Member to the answer given on 8 July 2002, Official Report, column 674W, which listed the political affiliation of Regional Development Agency (RDA) board members as declared under the Office for the Commissioner of Public Appointments (OCPA) Code of Practice.

This information is required under the OCPA code as part of the application process for all public appointments. It is not part of the information used when deciding whom to appoint. The exception to this is the four local authority posts on each RDA board. Information on political affiliation is taken into account by Ministers making these appointments, as the aim is for RDA boards to reflect generally the political make up of their region. However, even for local authority appointments, political balance is a secondary consideration to the overriding principle of appointment on merit.

21 Oct 2002 : Column 74W

Mr. Yeo: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if she will list the number of applicants for each vacancy for membership of the regional development agencies. [75236]

Ms Hewitt: Information on the current appointments process for RDA board members (outside London) is set out in the table below.

RDAPostNumber of Applications(8)
Local Authority(9)13
Local Authority13
Voluntary Sector(11)22
EMDALocal Authority12
Trade Union3
Local Authority(9)33
Voluntary Sector(12)1
Social Enterprise(12)2
Yorkshire ForwardBusiness(13)37
Local Authority(12)3
Local Authority24
Trade Union7
Local Authority(9)15
Trade Union(12)1
Higher Education12
Local Authority23
Social Enterprise15
Trade Union(12)1
Voluntary Sector(12)2


(8) Some candidates applied for posts in more than one region.

(9) 2 posts.

(10) Applicant claimed primary experience in more than one sector.

(11) NWDA needs 1 business person and 1 either business or voluntary sector.

(12) No vacancy in this field on this board.

(13) Yorkshire Forward needs 2 business people, ideally 1 with a strong link to the rural economy.

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