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7 Nov 2002 : Column 515W—continued

Nursing Courses

Dr. Evan Harris: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what information his Department collates on how many applications for pre-registration nursing courses are rejected on the ground that the supply of places cannot keep up with demand; and if he will make a statement. [79712]

Mr. Hutton: The Department does not collect or collate information on the number of applications to nursing programmes that are rejected. Applications for entry to nurse education are processed by the nursing and midwifery admissions service who operate a clearing system for those individuals who are not immediately placed with a university. The number of undergraduate pre-registration training places available each year are determined through work force planning processes led locally by work force development confederations.

7 Nov 2002 : Column 516W

Beef Assurance Scheme

Mr. Steen: To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) if he will list abattoirs in the South West and South East of England which will slaughter animals over the age of 30 months but less than 42 months under the Government's Beef Assurance Scheme; and if he will make a statement on the Government's support of organic farming; [78919]

Ms Blears [holding answers 5 November 2002]: I am advised by the Food Standards Agency that licensed abattoirs are free to slaughter animals reared under the beef assurance scheme, but only a number choose to do so. There is no legislation to prevent abattoirs from slaughtering such cattle, but there are controls in place relating to the removal of vertebral column from animals over 30 months of age.

Organic farming is a matter for my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Community Health Councils

Dr. Fox: To ask the Secretary of State for Health, when he expects community health councils to be abolished. [79892]

Ms Blears: Community Health Councils (CHCs) will be abolished once the new arrangements for patient and public involvement are functioning. There is no abolition date for CHCs as yet, but we will make an announcement as soon as a date is set.

Heart Operations

Dr. Fox: To ask the Secretary of State for Health, pursuant to his answer of 23 October to the hon. Member for East Worthing and Shoreham, column 400W, whether NHS patients will have a choice of all the listed hospitals for their heart operations. [79964]

Ms Blears: Each referring hospital has identified a number of core options which are most likely to meet the individual needs of local patients.

If a patient would prefer to go to a local hospital that is not included in these options for the treatment their patient care advisor will have up to date information on all the hospitals in this country or elsewhere in Europe that are suitable for the patient and should seek to arrange their treatment according to their wishes.

The choices will depend on the nature of the patient's illness. For some patients who are very ill or who have other illnesses as well, it may be that some of the options on offer do not have the facilities or expertise needed to treat them.


Bob Spink: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many (a) NHS and (b) private clinics are licensed to perform abortions up to birth; and if he will list them. [79815]

7 Nov 2002 : Column 517W

Ms Blears: Abortions undertaken after 24 weeks gestation can only be performed in a National Health Service hospital.

Under Section 1(3) of the Abortion Act 1967, as amended, NHS hospitals do not need the Secretary of State for Health's approval to perform abortion, at any gestation. However, a pregnancy may only be terminated if two registered medical practitioners are of the opinion, formed in good faith that an abortion is justified within the terms of the Act, in the light of their clinical judgement of all the particular circumstances of the individual case.

Beyond 24 weeks gestation, an abortion can only be performed when:

7 Nov 2002 : Column 518W

General Practitioners

Tim Loughton: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many GPs were practising in England and Wales in each of the last five years, broken down by region. [75525]

Mr. Hutton [holding answer 21 October 2002]: The information requested for England is shown in the table. The information relating to Wales is a matter for the devolved Administration.

The numbers of general practitioners (GPs) and trainee GPs continue to grow, with GP registrar numbers at their highest ever level. In March 2002 there were 1,910 GP registrars. These are the GPs of the future.

All General Medical Practitioners (Excluding GP Retainers)(4) Of Which NHS Plan GPs(5) And Unrestricted Principle & Equivalents (UPEs)(6) In England As At 1 October 1997 to 1999 30 September 2000 to 2001 And 31 March 2002 By Strategic Health Authority(7)

199719981998199919992000200020012001March 2002
DHSCStrategic Health AuthorityAll Practitioners Excl GP RetainersOf Which NHS PlanUPEsAll Practitioners Excl GP RetainersOf Which NHS PlanUPEsAll Practitioners Excl GP RetainersOf Which NHS PlanUPEsAll Practitioners Excl GP RetainersOf Which NHS PlanUPEsAll Practitioners Excl GP RetainersOf Which NHS PlanUPEsAll Practitioners Excl GP RetainersOf Which NHS PlanUPEs
NorthCheshire & Merseyside1,4211,3381,3161,4131,3371,3161,4581,3811,3181,4581,3661,3341,4811,3751,3281,4851,3851330
County Durham & Tees Valley648621614650620614656626621661634617696662627685658640
Cumbria & Lancashire1,1341,0661,0701,1471,1091,0811,1581,1061,0831,1521,1051,0791,1741,1181,0871,1941,1201091
Greater Manchester1,4851,4241,3931,4841,4331,3971,5101,4521,4071,5231,4801,4081,5181,4411,3911,5201,4431,400
North & East Yorkshire & Northern Lincolnshire9999449219919449251,0119509261,0219489321,0399709411,082902953
Northumberland Tyne & Wear836811789856806785864820794875819802907852830928861832
South Yorkshire758718716758723715772731721778733723794739725788740723
West Yorkshire1,2641,1971,1771,2791,2061,1861,3091,2301,2041,3241,2341,2091,3581,2781,2381,3801,2911257
Midlands & EasternBedfordshire & Hertfordshire915883870944902883948903886955903887985907888985904888
Birmingham & the Black Country1,3271,2931,2611,3431,3011,2651,3571,3131,2631,3801,3171,2731,3911,3151,2671,4111,3221255
Coventry, Warwickshire Herefordshire & Worcestershire907859832901867840906873844924870847941894857971891861
Lancastershire, Northamptonshire & Rutland908843826902843830896829811877823806894833821895827817
Norfolk, Sulfolk & Cambridgeshire1,3161,2631,2261,3351,2761,2381,3481,2831,2441,3711,2931,2651,3881,3021,2591,3971,3231288
Shropshire & Staffordshire782762747813778765830799786838795775825765768827785773
LondonNorth Central London788744671802750687786747880819789694804751682809755864
North East London888849768896848800894848802925874809899855794913849798
North West London1,2091,1649701,1881,1289691,1341,0919721,1251,0819581,1501,0939761,1211,070967
South East London868833774962830794901866807886855807904875817894867828
South West London779734666767717681781725686793728685788727681812744683
SouthAvon, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire1,3251,2621,2351,3741,2981,2801,4041,3121,2821,4241,3241,2961,4421,3331,3121,4471,3521322
Hampshire & Isle of Wight1,0801,0119981,0701,0201,0051,0891,0271,0121,0991,0341,0211,1221,0341,0241,1301,0351024
Kent & Medway904870548916873842918675853901866847915864648812868848
Dorset & Somerset794748731820762747843774757845786767867792771869794770
South West Peninsula1,0661,0049931,0631,0111,0011,0601,0101,0021,0931,0191,0081,1211,0341,0231,1121,0361028
Surrey & Sussex1,4861,4121,3671,5181,4321,3831,5221,4311,3851,5311,4421,4001,5711,4551,4081,5881,4701414
Thames Valley1,2321,1821,1591,2641,2151,1861,3011,2431,2181,3081,2471,2271,3351,2671,2461,3821,2851257
England Total29,38928,04627,09929,89728,25127,39229,39728,46727,58130,25228,58327,70430,68528,80227,84330,85828,95027,956


(4) All General Medical Practitioners (excluding GP Retainers) include GMS Unrestricted Principal. PMS Contracted GPs. Restricted Principles. Assistants. GP Registers. Salaried Doctors (para 52 SFA) and PMS Other

(5) NHS Plan GPs include GMS Unrestricted Principles. PMS Contracted GPs. PMS Salaried GPs. Restricted Principle, Assistants. Salaried Doctors (Para 52 SFA) and PMS Others

(6) UPEs include GMS Unrestricted Principles PMS Contracted GPs and PMS Selected GPs

Date has been converted to match boundaries as at April 2002


Department of Health General and Personal Medical Services Statistics

7 Nov 2002 : Column 519W

Jeremy Corbyn: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many salaried (a) general practitioners and (b) dentists are employed in the Camden and Islington area. [79643]

Mr. Hutton: These figures are on a headcount basis rather than whole time equivalent (wte) and take no account of part-time working. Dentists working in more than one dental service are included in each service.

These figures exclude self employed principal dentists working in the general dental service (GDS) and their assistants.

Number of salaried dentists working in the NHS at 30 September 2001 Camden and Islington Health Authority

Health AuthoritySalaried service of General Dental ServicePersonal Dental ServiceCommunity Dental Service(7)Hospital Dental Service(7)Total(7)
Camden and Islington1120110130


(7) Figures are rounded to the nearest ten.

The table below shows data for salaried general practitioners which as been taken from the latest mini census (31 March 2002).

7 Nov 2002 : Column 520W

Salaried General Medical Practitioners in Camden & Islington Health Authority, London RO and England as at 31 March 2002
numbers (headcount)

EnglandLondon ROCamden & Islington HA
Total of which SalariedTotal of which SalariedTotal of which Salaried
All Practitioners32,0114,4524,67476427554
of which
Unrestricted Principals and Equivalents (UPEs)(8)27,956489(9)3,97084(9)2245(9)
Restricted Principals92024020
GP Registrars1,9081,9082642642727
Salaried Doctors (Para 52 SFA)100100353566
PMS Other326326838311
GP Retainers1,1531,15312512566


(8) Unrestricted Principals and Equivalents (UPEs) includes GMS Unrestricted Principals, PMS Contracted GPs and PMS Salaried GPs.

(9) Salaried UPEs data are to be treated with caution Salaried PMS Principals data were not submitted by the majority of Health Authorities. This is likely to be an underestimate.


General and Personal Medical Services Statistics

Jeremy Corbyn: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what his Department's estimate is of the average number of patients allocated to each general practitioner in the Camden and Islington area. [79645]

Mr. Hutton: The information requested is shown in the table.

Unrestricted Principals And Equivalents (UPEs)(10) And Average List Size As At 30 September 2001
numbers (headcount)

UPEsAverage List Size
England Total27,8431,841
of which:
London RO3,9621,985
of which:
Camden & Islington HA2252,039


(10) UPEs include GMS Unrestricted Principals, PMS Contracted GPs and PMS Salaried GPs.


General and Personal Medical Services Statistics

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