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7 Nov 2002 : Column 615W—continued

Housing Stock

Mr. Pickles: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many dwellings were transferred under large scale stock transfers in each year since 1997, broken down by local authority area; and if he will make a statement. [79678]

7 Nov 2002 : Column 616W

Mr. McNulty: The table below lists those local authorities that have undertaken large scale voluntary transfers since 1997 and the number of dwellings transferred in each transfer.

List of all Large Scale Voluntary Transfers which have taken place since 1997

Date of TransferAuthorityNo. of DwellingsAnnual Total
28–02–1997COTSWOLD DC4,282
07–03–1997SOUTH STAFFS C5,273
19–03–1997LICHFIELD DC4,921
22–09–1997EDEN C1,51021,004
05–01–1998LB LAMBETH* Moorlands515
09–02–1998LB BEXLEY4,118
09–02–1998LB BEXLEY4,097
02–03–1998CONGLETON BC4,061
09–03–1998OLDHAM BC* Limehurst642
19–03–1998LIVERPOOL CC* Windermere493
23–03–1998LB MERTON* Pollards Hill1,018
23–03–1998LB TOWER HAMLETS* Poplar I1,852
23–03–1998KERRIER DC3,732
30–03–1998LB HACKNEY* Kingsmead951
30–03–1998LB BRENT* Fortunegate/ Church End1,481
30–03–1998BASILDON DC* Vange708
30–03–1998WEST SOMERSET DC1,869
31–03–1998STOKE-ON-TRENT CC* Bentilee917
27–04–1998TEWKESBURY BC3,066
01–05–1998ROTHER DC3,058
20–07–1998LB LAMBETH* Lansdowne Green681
07–12–1998LB TOWER HAMLETS* Poplar II2,431
25–01–1999WIRRAL* Leasowe1,08235,690
01–02–1999TAMESIDE* West Ashton901
22–02–1999WEST DEVON BC1,446
01–03–1999SOUTH SOMERSET DC8,883
01–03–1999EAST LINDSEY DC5,102
05–03–1999LIVERPOOL CC* Pinehurst646
08–03–1999MANCHESTER CC1,030
15–03–1999LB HACKNEY* Morningside1,084
Old Oak668
22–03–1999LB HACKNEY* Upper Clapton1,000
25–03–1999TELFORD AND WREKIN C13,081
29–03–1999LB ENFIELD1,194
29–03–1999WORTHING BC2,525
29–03–1999MANCHESTER CC* East
29–03–1999LB GREENWICH* Charlton Triangle1,280
29–03–1999LB HACKNEY* Haggerston661
31–03–1999ALLERDALE BC3,704
31–03–1999ALLERDALE BC* Salterbeck727
14–06–1999PRESTON BC* Avenham1,121
05–07–1999LB LAMBETH* Central Stockwell2,358
21–06–1999BIRMINGHAM CC* Central Areas2,813
26–09–1999LB ISLINGTON* Barnsbury647
26–09–1999LB ISLINGTON* Ten Estates739
04–10–1999LIVERPOOL CC* Speke Garston4,382
18–10–1999WEST LINDSEY DC3,929
25–10–1999LB LAMBETH* St. Martins1,033
29–11–1999BOSTON BC4,871
20–12–1999TYNEDALE DC3,56489,039
07–02–2000RESTORMEL BC3,577
21–02–2000NORTH DEVON DC3,293
06–03–2000LB HACKNEY* Stamford Hill1,095
06–03–2000LB HACKNEY* Pembury Estate1,241
08–03–2000BURNLEY BC5,330
20–03–2000MANCHESTER CC Sale Estate1,655
20–03–2000HUNTINGDON DC6,650
27–03–2000ELMBRIDGE BC4,894
27–03–2000TEST VALLEY BC5,495
27–03–2000WYRE FOREST DC6,056
27–03–2000MANCHESTER CC Whitefield Estate1,033
27–03–2000LB TOWER HAMLETS* THCH1,551
17–07–2000LB RICHMOND7,139
22–09–2000COVENTRY CC20,125
02–10–2000FYLDE BC1,905
27–11–2000CHESTER CC7,096
11–12–2000HORSHAM DC4,650112,843
12–02–2001LB TOWER HAMLETS196
19–02–2001TORBAY C2,947
06–03–2001CALDERDALE MBC12,759
13–03–2001CHICHESTER DC5,321
19–03–2001MENDIP DC4,326
26–03–2001WEST WILTSHIRE DC3,284
26–03–2001WEST OXFORDSHIRE DC3,643
26–03–2001MANCHESTER CC Handforth Estate659
26–03–2001SUNDERLAND CC36,356
01–10–2001SHREWSBURY & ATCHAM BC5,500
05–11–2001MID-BEDFORDSHIRE DC3,084100,225
04–03–2002DERBYSHIRE DALES3,287
11–03–2002CHELMSFORD BC6,902
25–03–2002EREWASH BC5,847
25–03–2002REIGATE & BANSTEAD BC4,846
24–06–2002St EDMUNDSBURY5,947
01–07–2002VALE ROYAL BC6,813
01–07–2002St HELENS MBC14,632
15–07–2002REDCAR & CLEVELAND BC11,625
15–07–2002KNOWSLEY MBC17,090
30–09–2002LB WALTHAM FOREST2,574
14–10–2002LB HACKNEY cc sheltered stock954
14–10–2002LB HARROW51886,959
Total Number of Dwellings that have been transferred since 1997445,760


* indicated the transfer was an Estates Renewal Challenge Fund scheme

7 Nov 2002 : Column 617W

Affordable Housing

Mr. Pickles: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how much affordable housing there was in each region in England and Wales in each year since 1997; and if he will make a statement. [79682]

7 Nov 2002 : Column 618W

Mr. McNulty: The available information in respect of housing provided by local authorities and registered social landlords is presented below.

Social Landlord dwelling stock in England and Wales as at 31 March

Registered Social Landlords
North East4748495389
North West153159178213225
Yorkshire & The Humber6770737589
East Midlands4851586974
West Midlands102114130150179
South East186197206218234
South West8589123134146
Local Authorities
North East298292286276233
North West523509485445416
Yorkshire & The Humber441434427419397
East Midlands293289280265257
West Midlands410402381354316
South East288278268252234
South West224214184170156
All social landlords
North East345341335329323
North West676668663658641
Yorkshire & The Humber508504500494486
East Midlands341340338334331
West Midlands512516512504495
South East474475474471468
South West308303307304302

Information about the number of affordable housing units built without any form of public funding is not collected centrally.

Social Housing

Alan Simpson: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister, how many respondents to the Consultation Paper on a Decency Standard for Social Housing supported the view that the proposed minimum standards required under the Thermal Comfort criteria were sufficiently rigorous; and how many took the opposing view. [79501]

Mr. McNulty: The Consultation Paper on refining the detail of the thermal comfort criterion of a decent home proposed two options:

7 Nov 2002 : Column 619W

Of the 140 respondents to the consultation:

Following the consultation a number of refinements were made to the definition of efficient heating and effective insulation before publishing the revised guidance. The main change was the requirement for higher levels of insulation in dwellings with electric storage heaters, programmable solid fuel or LPG central heating.

Ms Oona King: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many successful asylum applicants were subsequently housed in social housing in each Government Office region in each year since 1999. [79716]

Mr. McNulty: The Government do not collect information relating to the number of former asylum seekers granted refugee status or exceptional leave to remain who are housed in social housing.

Ms Oona King: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many of those recognised as refugees and granted indefinite leave to remain or exceptional leave to remain were later accepted as being owed a duty by a local authority under the Homelessness Act 2002 in each Government Office region in each year since 1999. [79715]

Mr. McNulty: The Government do not collect information about the number of persons granted refugee status or exceptional leave to remain who are allocated housing accommodation by local housing authorities under Part 6 of the Housing Act 1996, or allocated accommodation by registered social landlords. Nor does the Government collect information specifically about the number of persons granted refugee status or exceptional leave to remain who are accepted as owed a duty by a local housing authority under Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996 (as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002).

However, data about households accepted as being eligible for assistance, unintentionally homeless and in priority need, and whose last settled home were accommodation provided by the National Asylum Support Service (NASS), has been collected from local housing authorities on the quarterly housing activity return (Form PIE) since April 2002. The degree of response and the quality of data received varied widely and the data we hold for the April to June 2002 quarter are not considered reliable. Information for the July to September 2002 quarter will be available in December 2002. These data do not, however, identify refugees and persons granted exceptional leave to remain who were not accommodated by NASS.

7 Nov 2002 : Column 620W

Alan Simpson: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister which of his Department's Public Service Agreements relate to fuel poverty reduction; and what progress has been made to date in achieving them. [79502]

Mr. McNulty: The Public Service Agreement to bring all social housing up to a decent standard and to increase the proportion of vulnerable households in the private sector who live in homes that are in decent condition by 2010 will contribute to a reduction in fuel poverty. To be classed as decent, a home must provide a reasonable degree of thermal comfort by providing efficient heating and effective insulation, measures which will make homes cheaper to heat.

On the social sector side of the target, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is on track to meet its interim target of tackling a third of the worst social housing by 2004 and is working to ensure it meets the target by reviewing all policies that contribute to the delivery of decent social housing to ensure they are as effective as possible and provide value for money.

For the private sector side of the target, officials are in the process of drawing up a delivery plan with colleagues in DEFRA responsible for the home energy efficiency scheme. The plan will set out in detail how the target will be delivered and include the steps that will be taken to ensure the contributing policies and procedures are working together as efficiently as possible.

Alan Simpson: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will estimate the number of fuel-poor households who occupy dwellings that meet the Thermal Comfort criteria of the Decent Homes Standard; and how many households in this sector will remain fuel poor after all social housing complies with the standard. [75904]

Mr. McNulty: We will not have up-to-date figures of the numbers of fuel poor households living in decent homes until we complete the relevant parts of the analysis of the 2001 English House Condition Survey, in early 2003. This work will be undertaken jointly between ODPM, DEFRA and DTI.

To estimate the numbers of households who will be living in fuel poor households after all social housing is brought up to a decent standard in 2010 requires a number of assumptions about influencing factors such as energy prices and incomes. We are not able to provide a robust estimate of these factors at this time.

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