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7 Nov 2002 : Column 639W—continued

Ministerial Meeting (Indian Foreign Minister)

Keith Vaz: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on his recent meeting with Mr. Yashwant Sinha, the Indian Foreign Minister. [79927]

Mr. Mike O'Brien: My right hon. Friend the Foreign Secretary met Yashwant Sinha, the Indian Foreign Minister, in London on 31 October. They discussed a wide range of bilateral and international issues. They agreed that the bilateral relationship is in excellent shape, and reiterated our joint commitment to developing further cooperation in line with the provisions of the New Delhi Declaration signed by the two Prime Ministers in January. The Foreign Secretary also reiterated the UK's support for India's permanent membership of the UN Security Council.

My right hon. Friend the Foreign Secretary welcomed the recent successful Jammu and Kashmir elections and discussed with Mr. Sinha how tensions in the region could be further reduced.

North Korea

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what contributions the United Kingdom has made through the EU to the North Korean light water nuclear reactor programme; and whether the United Kingdom was represented at the foundation laying ceremony in August. [79928]

Mr. Mike O'Brien: The light water reactor project, established under the 1994 Agreed Framework, forms part of a package of measures introduced to bring DPRK into line with its international obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The UK contributions, made through the European Atomic Energy Commission, amount to a total of #10.64 million (up to the end of Financial year 2001–02. This year's contribution has not yet been made).

The European Commission represented all EU Member States at the foundation laying ceremony.

Ascension Island

Mr. Watts: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on democratic development on Ascension Island. [80105]

Mr. Mike O'Brien: The residents of Ascension Island voted overwhelmingly in August this year to establish an Island Council. This was a key step towards a

7 Nov 2002 : Column 640W

democratic system of government, the first in the island's history. The election of Councillors took place on 1 November, and has resulted in a broad cross-section of the island's population being represented on the Island Council. We hope that the Island Council will work closely with the Administrator and the Governor for the long-term benefit of Ascension Island.


Mr. Neil Turner: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on the application for an export licence for the supply of two de-mining vests to the United Nations Office for Project Services in Sudan.

Mr. Rammell: The Government recently approved an application for a licence to export two de-mining vests for the United Nations Office for Project Services in Sudan. Although the demining vests are on the Military List, they will be used to open roads and increase the cost effectiveness of the UN relief operation which is working to alleviate the suffering in Sudan. This decision does not affect the Government's continued support for the EU common position on arms exports to Sudan.

Council of the European Union

Lawrie Quinn: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will list the forthcoming business in the Council of the European Union for November and major European Union events for the period from 30 November to May 2003. [80107]

Mr. MacShane: The information is as follows:

4BrusselsCulture Council
6BrusselsMeeting of the Prasidium
7BrusselsHealth Council
7–8BrusselsConvention Plenary
11BrusselsEU—Russia Summit
11–12BrusselsEducation, Youth & Culture Council
14–15BrusselsInternal Market, Consumer Affairs & Tourism Council
18–19BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
council (+ Defence)
21BrusselsMeeting of the Prasidium
21–22BrusselsAarhus—Informal Sports Ministers
25–26BrusselsBudget Meeting
25–26BrusselsIndustry & Energy Council
28BrusselsMeeting of the Prasidium
28–29BrusselsJustice & home Affairs & Civil protection Council
29–30CopenhagenEnhanced European Co-operation (Ministerial)
2BrusselsMeeting On Macro Economic Dialogue (Ministerial Troika)
2–3BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
4BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
5BrusselsTransport & Telecom Council
6BrusselsTransport & Telecom Council
9BrusselsGeneral Affairs Council
10BrusselsEnvironment Council
12–15CopenhagenEuropean Council
16–17BrusselsFisheries Council
19BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
20BrusselsJustice And Home Affairs & Civil Protection Council
20–21BrusselsConvention Plenary-External Action and Defence working group conclusions
9BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
9BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council (to be confirmed)
16BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
20BrusselsEUROGROUP (evening)
20BrusselsConvention Plenary
20–21BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
24NafplionEmployment Council (Ministerial Informal)
27–28BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council
28BrusselsEU-ASEAN Ministerial
30BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
5BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
6–7BrusselsConvention Plenary
10–11BrusselsAGRICULTURE & FISHERIES Council (to be confirmed)
13BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
17BrusselsEUROGROUP (evening)
20BrusselsEDUCATION, YOUTH & CULTURE Council (to be confirmed)
22ThessalonikiEnergy Council (Ministerial Informal)
24–25BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council Agriculture & Fisheries
26BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
27–28BrusselsConvention Plenary
27–28BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs Council
28BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
1–2IoanninaInformal Education
3BrusselsCompetitiveness Council
4BrusselsEnvironment Council
6BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
6LuxembourgEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
6LuxembourgEUROGROUP (evening)
7LuxembourgTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
13BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
14–15Athens(Informal Defence Meeting)
17–18BrusselsConvention Plenary
17–18LuxembourgAgriculture & Fisheries Council
18–19LuxembourgGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council
21BrusselsEuropean Council
27BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
27VeriaJustice and Home Affairs Council (Ministerial Informal)
27–28LuxembourgTransport, Telecom & Energy Council)
28AthensEU-Rio Group, EU-MERCOSUR
28–29VeriaInformal Justice & Home Affairs (Veria)
31BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council (to be confirmed)
2BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
3–4BrusselsConvention Plenary
4BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs
4–6Hania (Crete)Informal ECOFIN (Ministerial)
5LisbonEurope—Africa Summit
5IoanninaMinisterial Meeting on Education (Informal)
10BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
11–13ChaniaECOFIN (Informal)
14BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
14BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries
16AthensEuropean Conference
16AthensSignature Of The Accession (Provisional Date)
23BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
24–25BrusselsConvention Plenary
2–4(Greece)Gymnich (Informal Foreign Ministers)
5AthensInformal Environment (Ministerial)
5–6BrusselsEducation, Youth & Culture Council (To be confirmed)
8BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
12–13BrusselsInformal Agriculture (Ministerial)
14BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
14BrusselsTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
15–16BrusselsConvention Plenary
16BrusselsEU—ACP Ministerial
16–17HalkidikiInformal Regional Policy (Ministerial)
16–18Athens (Cruise)Informal Transport & Merchant Marine (Ministerial)
17BrusselsEU—W. Balkans (Zagreb Process)
19BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations (+ Defence)
20BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
22BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
24ThessalonikiInformal Culture (Ministerial)
26–27BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
26–27AthensEUROMED Conference (Mid Term Ministerial)
27BrusselsEnvironment Council
28BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
30–31BrusselsConvention Plenary
31St. PetersburgEU—Russia Summit

7 Nov 2002 : Column 642W

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