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Abbott, Ms Diane

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Economic policy (25.06.01) 396, 412


    Civil disorder, Burnley 390

Acute beds

Addresses to the Crown

Administration of justice

    Expenditure 43w


    Cabinet Office 62w


    Planning permission 20w


Agricultural products


    see also Farmers

Ainsworth, Bob, Parliamentary Secretary, Home Office

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Crime (27.06.01) 733


    Administration of justice, EC action 41w

    "Law on Extradition Consultation Paper" 47w

    Proceeds of Crime Bill (Draft) 47w

Ainsworth, Mr Peter


    Air traffic, South East region 21w

    Cricket, Public order 92w

    East Surrey Hospital, Waiting lists 72-3w

    English Tourism Council, Marketing 92w

    Foot and mouth disease, Small businesses 31-2w

    Horserace Totalisator Board 92w

    Millennium Exhibition, Property transfer 21w

    National Lottery 142w

    National Lottery, Licensing 141w

    Oxted and Limpsfield Hospital 73w

    Sports, Rates and rating 91w

    Sports, Sponsorship 91w

    Sports competitors, Finance 93w

    Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust, Debts 168-9w

    Work permits, Sports competitors 97w

    World Cup, Military aid 58-9w

Air traffic

    South East region 21w


Alexander, Mr Douglas, Minister for E-commerce and Competitiveness, Dept of Trade and Industry


    Post offices, Rural areas 13w

Allan, Mr Richard


    Business questions 791

Allen, Mr Graham

                  Debates etc.

    General Election 2001, Voting behaviour (22.06.01) 357-61

    Timetabling of bills (28.06.01) 834


    Employment Service 378

    Long term unemployed, Nottingham 154w

    Television, Licensing 92-3w

Alternative energy

    Planning permission 102w

Ambulance services

Amess, Mr David

                  Debates etc.


    State retirement pensions 369-70

Anderson, Rt Hon Donald

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Foreign policy (22.06.01) 283, 313-7



    Queen Elizabeth II 7-9w


Antarctic Treaty

Armed conflict

Armed forces

    Recruitment 58w

Arms trade

    Sierra Leone 78w




    see Refugees

Atherton, Ms Candy


    Eden Project 632

    Minor injuries units, Cornwall 71w


Atkinson, Mr David


    Porton Down, Human experiments 105w

    Trespass, Travelling people 97w

Atkinson, Mr Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Foot and mouth disease (21.06.01) 182


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