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Hackney Borough Council


    Medical treatments 891w

Hague, Rt Hon William


    Armed forces, Human rights 518-9w

    Armed forces, Racial discrimination 403-4w

    Military bases, Cyprus 566w

Hain, Rt Hon Peter, Minister for Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


    Afghanistan, Armed conflict 600w

    Council of Ministers, Scottish Executive 117w

    Developing countries, EC external trade 495w

    EC common foreign and security policy, Parliamentary scrutiny 604w

    EC Foreign Affairs Council 432-3w

    Gibraltar, Air traffic 813w

    Holocaust Memorial Day, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 814w

    International Criminal Court 603w

    Natural disasters, EC aid 118w

    Northern Cyprus, Proceeds of crime 314w

    Racial discrimination, Conferences 811-2w

    Republic of Ireland, Terrorism 135w

    Trade, Financial services 495w

Haine Hospital

Hall, Mr Mike


Hall, Patrick


    Afghanistan, Armed conflict 277

    Developing countries, Corruption 301-2w

Hammond, Mr Philip

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Aggregates levy 629w

    Climate change levy 584w

    NHS, Empty property 308w

    Small Business Service 988


    Rapid transit systems 487w

Hancock, Mr Mike

                  Debates etc.


    Afghanistan, Armed conflict 623, 876w

    Chinook helicopters, Computer software 769w

    Frigates, Romania 770w

    Immigration, Detainees 81w

    Institutional care 144w

    Institutional care, Standards 814w

    Upholder class submarines, Canada 659w

Harbours Act 1964


Hare coursing


    Social security benefits 247-8w

Harman, Rt Hon Harriet, Solicitor-General


    Children in care, Abuse 370w

    Crown Prosecution Service 370-1w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Ethnic groups 798-9w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Racial discrimination 371w

    Domestic violence 410

    Ethnic groups, Treasury Solicitor's Dept 799w

    Paddington Rail Accident Inquiry 707w

    Young offenders, Criminal proceedings 407-8

Harrier aircraft

Harris, Dr Evan

                  Debates etc.

    Adoption and Children Bill, 2R (29.10.01) 657, 667-71

    Sex Discrimination (Election Candidates) Bill, 2R (24.10.01) 353, 368, 377

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Business questions 426

    Medical treatments, EC countries 894-5w

Harris, Mr Tom

                  Debates etc.

Harvey, Nick


    "Communications White Paper" 263w

Haskins Task Force

    see Better Regulation Task Force

Havard, Mr Dai


    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Blood transfusion services 658w

Hawk aircraft

Hawkins, Mr Nick

                  Debates etc.

    Proceeds of Crime Bill, 2R (30.10.01) 825-6


    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 272

Hazardous materials

Heald, Mr Oliver

                  Debates etc.

    Ministerial policy advisors (23.10.01) 158

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Independent Case Examiner for the Child Support Agency, Standards 180-1w

    Maintenance, Children 46w

    Mental health, NHS Direct 555-6w

    Mental health services, Community care 152w, 828w

    Mental health services, Ethnic groups 554-5w

    Mental health services, Expenditure 558w

    Mental health services, Greater London 647w

    Mental health services, Recruitment 742w

    Mental health services, Standards 146w

    Mental health services, Vacancies 816-7w

    Mental health services, Young people 146-8w

    Mentally ill, Employment 554w

    Mentally ill, Prisoners 828-9w

    National Institute for Mental Health, Finance 150w

    NHS, Secretarial staff 159w

    Schizophrenia, Medical treatments 308-9w

Healey, John, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Education and Skills


    Advisory Centre for Education 329w

    Community development project, Information technology 773w

    Computers within reach programme 713w

    Construction Industry Training Board 115-6w

    Education, Private finance initiative 398-9

    Education, Trade unions 330w

    Literacy 38w, 473w

    Primary education, Standards 328-9w

Health (Air Travellers) Bill 2001/02

                  Debates etc.

Health authorities

    Public appointments 420w

Health education

Health hazards

    Cellular phones 154w

Health services

    Armed forces 5w

Health visitors

    Professional organisations 150w

Hearing aids

Hearing impaired

    Legal profession 424w

    Local government services 572w

Heart diseases

    Medical treatments 553w

Heath, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Sheep (22.10.01) 29

    Ministerial policy advisors (23.10.01) 210-1

    Proceeds of Crime Bill, 2R (30.10.01) 793

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Business questions 420

    Chemical and biological warfare 519w

    Foot and mouth disease, Somerset 735w

    Russia, NATO enlargement 741-2

Heathcoat-Amory, Rt Hon David

                  Debates etc.

    Ministerial policy advisors (23.10.01) 179-81

    Robinson, Geoffrey, Members' suspension (31.10.01) 890-7


    Associated Newspapers, Defamation 502w

    European Police Office, Immunity from prosecution 499w

    Foot and mouth disease, Disease control 267-8w

    Racial violence, Prosecutions 491-2w

Heathrow Airport

    Planning permission 233w

Hedges and ditches


Hemel Hempstead Hospital


Henderson, Mr Ivan

                  Debates etc.

    Ministerial policy advisors (23.10.01) 166

Hendrick, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.

    Terrorism (01.11.01) 1082


    Developing countries, Disease control 296-7w

Hendry, Mr Charles

                  Debates etc.

    Homelessness Bill, Rep and 3R (22.10.01) 45-6, 54-7, 67

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Railways, East Sussex (31.10.01) 296-7wh


    Aerials, Planning permission 138-9

    Ambulance services, Sussex 651-2w

    Education, East Sussex 41w

    Empty property, East Sussex 482w

    Gatwick Airport, Police 451w

    Members, Correspondence 537-8w

    Post offices, Closures 251w

    Sussex Police, Manpower 728w

Hepburn, Mr Stephen


    Ballistic missile defence, USA 876w

    Closed circuit television 5-6

    Developing countries, Debts 868-9w

    Hooliganism, Sports 757-8w

    Institutional care, South Tyneside 891-2w

    Nuclear power, Terrorism 665-6w

    Teenage pregnancy 62w



    Foot and mouth disease 362w

Hermon, Lady

                  Debates etc.

    Sex Discrimination (Election Candidates) Bill, 2R (24.10.01) 365-7


    Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Public appointments 567w


    Social security benefits 245-6w

Hesford, Stephen

                  Debates etc.

    Sex Discrimination (Election Candidates) Bill, 2R (24.10.01) 333, 337, 359, 367-9


    RAF Training Group, Standards 237w

Hewitt, Rt Hon Ms Patricia, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry


    Aerospace industry, Government assistance 988-90

    Assets, Dept of Trade and Industry 701w

    Associated Newspapers, Defamation 502w

    Aviation, Dept of Trade and Industry 14w

    Better Regulation Task Force 874w

    Biological weapons 779w

    Business, Higher education 775w

    Competition, North West region 777w

    Computers, Dept of Trade and Industry 694-5w

    Consignia, Hazardous materials 508w

    Correspondence, Dept of Trade and Industry 141w

    Disadvantaged, Dept of Trade and Industry 415-6w

    Electricity generation 873w

    Employment, Discrimination 775w

    Energy, Dept of Trade and Industry 780w

    Foreign investment in UK 417w

    Human embryo experiments 416-7w

    Institute of Management 416w

    Manpower, Dept of Trade and Industry 140-1w

    Manufacturing industries, Eastern region 985-6

    Newspaper press, Distributive trade 779w

    Orders and regulations 872w

    Orders and regulations, Dept of Trade and Industry 581-2w

    Pay, Dept of Trade and Industry 138-40w

    Post offices, Bank services 695w

    Post offices, Closures 706w

    Press releases, Dept of Trade and Industry 137w

    Public expenditure, Dept of Trade and Industry 13-4w

    Railtrack, Finance 9w

    Regional development agencies 694w

    Regional planning and development, Departmental responsibilities 1000

    Secondment, Dept of Trade and Industry 415w

    Textiles, Climate change levy 137-8w

    Trade, Financial services 417w

    Visits abroad, Dept of Trade and Industry 136w

    Waste management, Construction 414w

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