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Gale, Mr Roger

                  Debates etc.

    Special education (05.11.01) 47, 51, 55, 63

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Aviation, Security 512w

    Immigration controls, Armed conflict 182w

    Members, Correspondence 345w

    Refugees, Location 177w

Galloway, Mr George


    Antitank missiles, Imports 526w

    Defence equipment, Procurement 526w

    Israel, Arms trade 744w



Gaming machines

    Petitions (07.11.01) 338

Gapes, Mike


Gardiner, Mr Barry


    Council of Europe, UK delegations 286-7w

    Government departments, Consultants 607-8w

    Local Government Commission for England 740w

    Tourism, Terrorism 7

Garnier, Mr Edward

                  Debates etc.

    Human Rights Joint Select Committee (15.11.01) 1021, 1024-5


    Business questions 988

    Judges, Manpower 202w

Gas Supply

    see Natural gas
Gatwick Airport

GCE A level

GCE AS level

General certificate of secondary education

General practitioners

    Performance appraisal 116w

General Service Medal

Genetic engineering

Genetically modified organisms


George, Andrew


    EC grants and loans 759w

George, Rt Hon Bruce


Ger Medic

Gerrard, Mr Neil

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

Gibb, Mr Nick


    Refugees, Identity cards 83-4w

    Tobacco, Imports 531w


    Anniversaries 27w

    European Parliament elections 121w, 123w

    Telecommunications 122w

Gibson, Dr Ian

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Higher education (08.11.01) 141-2wh


    Heart diseases, Eastern region 676w

    National Institute for Clinical Excellence 117-9w

    Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Roads 830w

Gidley, Sandra

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Consultation papers, Cabinet Office 308w

    Consultation papers, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 343-4w

    Consultation papers, Dept for Education and Skills 710-1w

    Consultation papers, Dept for International Development 849-50w

    Consultation papers, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 610-1w

    Consultation papers, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 514w

    Consultation papers, Home Office 782w

    Consultation papers, Ministry of Defence 520w

    Consultation papers, Treasury 532w

    Dental services 213w

    General practitioners, Recruitment 548-9w

    Medical profession, Manpower 222w

    New deal for lone parents 564-5

    Nurses, Manpower 106w

    Press releases, Ministry of Defence 517-8w

Gillan, Mrs Cheryl

                  Debates etc.

    Lifelong learning (06.11.01) 121


    Beta-interferon 227w

Gilroy, Linda


    Africa, International assistance 336w

    New deal for disabled people 567w



    Military bases 27w


    Bovine tuberculosis 306w

Goggins, Paul


    Aerospace industry 339w

    Commonwealth Games, Security 13

    New deal for lone parents 566-7

    Treasure Act 1996 271w

Goodman, Mr Paul

                  Debates etc.


    Inland Revenue, Powers 259w

    Skilled workers, Buckinghamshire 857w

    Social security benefits, Automated credit transfer 570w

Government art collection

Government departments

Government Office for London

Government Office for the North East

Government Statistical Service


Grace and favour housing



    Import controls 151w

Gray, Mr James

                  Debates etc.

    Foot and mouth disease, Points of order (15.11.01) 1009-10

    Lifelong learning (06.11.01) 127, 129

    Railtrack, Finance (13.11.01) 727


    Apache AH-64 helicopter 632-3w

    Chinook helicopters 632w

    European fighter aircraft 633w

    Future large aircraft, Italy 130w

    Future large aircraft, Procurement 249w

    General practitioners, Vacancies 552w

    Immigration, Applications 557-8w

    Manufacturing industries, Manpower 570w

    Rural areas, Unemployment 345w

    State retirement pensions 194w

    Veterinary medicine 974-5

Grayling, Chris

                  Debates etc.

    Railtrack, Points of order (15.11.01) 1010

    Transfer of questions, Points of order (08.11.01) 380

    World Trade Organisation (15.11.01) 1006

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Afghanistan, International assistance 132-3w

    Civil servants, Manpower 540w

    Companies, Debts 492w

    Education, Finance 239w

    Excise duties, Fuels 256w

    General certificate of secondary education 867w

    Higher education, Finance 705w

    Higher education, Student numbers 710w

    Identity cards 79w

    Ministerial policy advisors 76w

    Rapid transit systems 454w

    Rolling stock, Investment 455-6w

    Schools, Merton 423w

    Special education 421w

    Sportsgrounds, Football 63w

    Taxation, EC action 257w

    Teachers, South East region 412w

    Utilities, Direct selling 918w

    Waterloo Station 454w

    Youth Hostels Association, Finance 634w

Grazing land

Greater London

    Accident and emergency departments 674w

    Ethnic minority achievement grant 869-70w

    Local government finance 13-4w

    UK online for business 871w


Green, Mr Damian

                  Debates etc.

    Special education (05.11.01) 50


    Free school meals 407w

    General certificate of secondary education, Standards 539w

    Higher education 60w

    Individual learning accounts 864w

    Individual learning accounts, Fraud 865w

    Pre-school education, Teachers 811w

    Primary education, Class sizes 711-2w

    Schools, Per capita costs 809w

    Sixth form education, Finance 809w

Green, Matthew

                  Debates etc.

    Kidderminster Hospital (08.11.01) 466, 471

    Railtrack, Finance (13.11.01) 744


    Health authorities, Mergers 855

    Ophthalmic services 550w

Greenway, Mr John

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall



    Regional planning and development 906-7w

Grieve, Mr Dominic

                  Debates etc.


    Administration of justice, Expenditure 90w

    Antisocial behaviour orders 393w

    Criminal Records Bureau 90w

    EU Justice Home Affairs and Civil Protection Council 184w

Griffiths, Jane

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Churches, Reading 4-5w

    Radio, Licensing 63w

Griffiths, Nigel, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept of Trade and Industry

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Small businesses (06.11.01) 19-23wh


    Refrigerators, Waste disposal 329w

    Small Business Service 159w

    Small businesses 159w

Griffiths, Mr Win

                  Debates etc.

    Afghanistan, Armed conflict (14.11.01) 876-7

    Special education (05.11.01) 49, 51


    Crime prevention, Wales 762-3w

    Incapacity benefit 586w

Grogan, Mr John

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Fire services, Ministry of Defence (13.11.01) 227-30wh


    Coal, Government assistance 160-1w

    Institutional care, Young people 472w

Ground water

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