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Soames, Mr Nicholas

                  Debates etc.

    Animal Health Bill, Points of order (12.11.01) 572

    Animal Health Bill, 2R (12.11.01) 667

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy 961-2

    New deal for 50 plus 558

Social clubs

    Gaming machines 14-5

Social rented housing

Social security

Social security benefits

    Automated credit transfer 570w

    Local authorities 784w

    Medical examinations 315w

Social Security Benefits Agency

Social Security (Jobcentre Plus Interviews) Regulations 2001


Social services

Social workers

Solar power


    Fair trade initiative 897w

    Written questions 897w

South America

South Buckinghamshire NHS Trust

    Stoke Mandeville Hospital NHS Trust 687w

South Downs

South East region

South West region

South West Regional Development Agency

South West Trains

Southern Water

Speaker and deputies

                  Debates etc.

    Deferred divisions (14.11.01) 918

    Disallowed questions (05.11.01) 14, (07.11.01) 233, (08.11.01) 350, (12.11.01) 556, 560

    Orders and regulations motions (06.11.01) 213-4, (12.11.01) 684

    Rulings and statements, Ministers (15.11.01) 1010

    Rulings and statements, Prayer (08.11.01) 365

    Rulings and statements, Transfer of questions (08.11.01) 379-80

    Rulings and statements, Twelve minutes rule (13.11.01) 715

    Rulings and statements, Unparliamentary expressions (08.11.01) 371

    Select committee motions (05.11.01) 74

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

Special constables

Special education

"Special Educational Needs Draft Code of Practice"

Special Educational Needs Tribunal

"Special Grant Report (No 81) on 2001/02 Special Grant for Gypsy Sites Refurbishment"

"Special Grant Report (No 88) on Special Grant for Activities undertaken by Beacon Councils"

Special hospitals

Specialist schools

Speech therapy

    Primary education 871w

Speed limits

    Petitions (13.11.01) 832

Spellar, Rt Hon John, Minister for Transport, Department for Transport Local Government and the Regions

                  Debates etc.

    Travel Concessions (Eligibility) Bill (HL), 2R (05.11.01) 30-3, 39


    Boats, Accidents 291w

    Heathrow Airport 620w

    London Underground, Public private partnerships 900w

    Railtrack, Ernst and Young 735w

    Strategic Rail Authority 12w

Spelman, Mrs Caroline

                  Debates etc.

    International Development Bill (HL), 2R (07.11.01) 286-92, 297-8

    Sex Discrimination (Election Candidates) Bill, Rep and 3R (14.11.01) 916-7


    Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in Business 431w

    Intellectual property, Trade agreements 432w

    Ivory Coast, Child prostitution 849w

    Sierra Leone, Overseas aid 265-6w

Spicer, Sir Michael


    Bridges, Upton upon Severn 148w

Spink, Bob


    Armed forces, Monuments 24w

    Queen Elizabeth II Anniversaries 499w

Sport England

    see English Sports Council


    New Opportunities Fund 501w

    Specialist schools 750w

Sports competitors


Spring, Mr Richard


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