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Squire, Ms Rachel

                  Debates etc.

    British Coal Corporation, Equal pay (07.11.01) 340


    Smoking, Medical treatments 356w

Sri Lanka


Stakeholder pensions

    Small businesses 700w

Stamp duties

    Property transfer 769w

Standards and Privileges Select Committee

    (05.11.01) 74

Standards Fund

    Further education 861w

Standing committees

    Information technology 198w

Stanley, Rt Hon Sir John

                  Debates etc.

    Afghanistan, Armed conflict (14.11.01) 874

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

Starkey, Dr Phyllis


    Local authorities, Codes of practice 142-3w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 62w

    Tipping of waste 973

State retirement pensions

State Veterinary Service


Steinberg, Mr Gerry


    Hospitals, Private sector 794w

    North Durham Health Care NHS Trust 695-6

    Smuggling, Alcoholic drinks 68w

Stevenson, Mr George


    Electromagnetic fields, Health hazards 474-5w

    Police, Manpower 316w

Stewart, Mr David


    Air routes, Inverness 469w

    Air traffic, Greater London 469w

    Heathrow Airport 469w

    Heathrow Airport, Air traffic 467-8w

    Heathrow Airport, Landing rights 509w

    Pension Service 559

    Security, Northern Ireland 272w

    Tourism, Scotland 172w

Stewart, Ian


    Refugees, Administrative delays 393w

Stinchcombe, Mr Paul


    Extradition, USA 92w

Stoate, Dr Howard


    Child Support Agency, Finance 566-7w

    Influenza, Vaccination 942w

    Railtrack 28

Stoke Mandeville Hospital NHS Trust

    South Buckinghamshire NHS Trust 687w

Strategic Rail Authority

    Rapid transit systems 506w

Straw, Rt Hon Jack, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs


    Written questions, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 926-7w

Street warden scheme

    North West region 730w

Streeter, Mr Gary



    Planning permission 739w

Student numbers

Student wastage


    Fees and charges 286w

    Invalid care allowances 189w

Stunell, Mr Andrew

                  Debates etc.

    House of Commons Liaison Committee (05.11.01) 70-1


    Electricity generation, Fossil fuels 331-2w

    Energy, Government assistance 919w

    Nuclear power, Climate change levy 657w

    Nuclear power, Government assistance 756-7w

Sub judice rule

    Parliamentary procedure (15.11.01) 1012-20


Suez Canal

    General Service Medal 26w




Sure start programme

    Maternity payments 573w



Surrey Ambulance Service NHS Trust

    Hampshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust 687w


    Special constables 323w

Sussex Police

Sustainable development

    Landfill tax 72w


    Individual learning accounts 865w

Swayne, Mr Desmond


    Apache AH-64 helicopter 435w

    Armed forces, Drugs 434w

    Armed forces, Ethnic groups 378-9w

    Armed forces, Health services 741w

    Armed forces, Housing 381w

    Armed forces, Monuments 131w

    Armed forces, Northern Ireland 956w

    Armed forces, Pension rights 381-2w

    Armed forces, Pensions 23w

    Armed forces, Radio 433w

    Armed forces, Recruitment 22-3w

    Armed forces, Telecommunications 518w

    Armed forces, Uniforms 525w

    Boundary Commission for Scotland 171w

    Chinook helicopters 27w

    Defence Medical Services 740-1w

    Industrial health and safety, EC action 610w

    Islam, Proscribed organisations 876w

    Jobseeker's allowance 310w

    Nurses, Students 549w

    Potassium iodate 224w

    Veterans' Task Force 630w

    World Summit on Sustainable Development 602-3w

Swimming pools

Swire, Mr Hugo


    Flood control, Finance 885w

    Foot and mouth disease, Tourism 61w

    Monetary compensatory amounts 361

    South West Regional Development Agency, Finance 443-4w

Syms, Mr Robert

                  Debates etc.

    City of London (Ward Elections) Bill, Motion to proceed in present session (15.11.01) 1043

    Railtrack, Finance (13.11.01) 740


    Customs and Excise, Smuggling 403w

    Members, Correspondence 90-1w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 277w

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