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National Air Traffic Services

    Public private partnerships 286-7w

National Assembly for Wales

    Dept for Education and Skills 457-8w

National Australia Group Europe Bill (HL) 2000/01

                  Debates etc.

    3R (20.11.01) 157

National Blood Service

National Consumer Council

National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professions Bill 2001/02

                  Debates etc.

    2R, Programme motion and money res* (20.11.01) 198-289


National Institute for Clinical Excellence

National insurance

National insurance contributions

National Lottery

National Lottery Distribution Fund

National parks

National security

National Statistics

    see Office for National Statistics


NATO enlargement

Natural gas

    Northern Ireland 680w

Natural resources



Neighbourhood Renewal Fund

Neighbourhood wardens


"Never Again"

New businesses

New deal for 50 plus

    Individual learning accounts 1168w

New deal for communities

New deal for disabled people

New deal for lone parents

New deal for long term unemployed

New deal for young people

    Industrial injuries 157w

    Social security benefits 178w

New deal schemes

New Opportunities Fund

    Alternative energy 532w

New Partnership for African Development

New Scotland Yard

    see Metropolitan Police


Newcastle upon Tyne

    Disadvantaged 43w



    Classification schemes 419w

NHS Direct

NHS Magazine

NHS Modernisation Agency

NHS Pensions Agency

NHS Performance Fund

NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency

NHS trusts


    Foreign relations 802w

Night flying

    Heathrow Airport 754w

Nitrogen dioxide


Non-departmental public bodies

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 849-50w

    Dept for International Development 491w

    Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 752-3w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 989w

Non-domestic rates

Non-governmental organisations

    Trade agreements 592w

    Zimbabwe 1w

Non-teaching staff


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

    see NATONorth Bristol NHS Trust

North East Development Agency

    see One Northeast

North East region

North West region

    Closed circuit television 241-2w

    Magnetic resonance imagers 720-1w

    Manufacturing industries 1039w

North Yorkshire

    Institutional care 739w



    Crime prevention 93w

Northern Cyprus

Northern Ireland

    Antisocial behaviour orders 589w

    Religiously aggravated offences 589-90w

Northern Ireland Court Service

    Public private partnerships 230w

Northern Ireland Grand Committee

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

Northern Ireland Office

    Consultation papers 529w

    Public relations 400w

Northern Ireland Parades Commission

    see Parades Commission

Northwood and Pinner Hospital


Nottingham Crown Court


    Specialist schools 918w

Nottinghamshire Constabulary

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