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Shaw, Mr Jonathan


    Civil service, New deal schemes 901w

    Pre-school education 452-3

    Social Exclusion Unit 898w


Sheep diseases

Sheep premiums

Sheerman, Mr Barry


    Teachers, South East region 447

Shepherd, Mr Richard

                  Debates etc.

    Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill, 2R (19.11.01) 40, 43, 67, 98-100

    Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill, Programme motion and Com (21.11.01) 416

Sheridan, Mr Jim

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Rural areas, Scotland (28.11.01) 250wh


Shipley, Ms Debra

                  Debates etc.

    Age Equality Commission Bill, 2R (23.11.01) 577


    Forest products, Environment protection 754-5w

    National Lottery, Disadvantaged 967-8w

    National Lottery, Sports 967w

    Planning permission, Administrative delays 947w

    Regulatory impact assessments 1091


Short, Rt Hon Clare, Secretary of State for International Development


    Afghanistan, Armed conflict 312w

    Afghanistan, EC aid 487w

    Afghanistan, Reconstruction 871-2w

    Africa, Diamonds 768w

    Angola, Overseas aid 770w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Armed forces 872w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Natural resources 769-70w, 1130w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Peace negotiations 1130w

    Departmental expenditure limits, Dept for International Development 1129w

    Developing countries, Children 770w

    Developing countries, Drugs 593-4w

    Developing countries, Dumping 315w, 769w

    Developing countries, Equal opportunities 591w

    Developing countries, Infant mortality 313-4w

    Developing countries, Intellectual property 873w

    Developing countries, Politics and government 313w

    Developing countries, Refrigerators 493w

    Developing countries, Trade 314-5w

    Developing countries, Trade barriers 769w

    Devolution, Dept for International Development 1132w

    Discrimination, Dept for International Development 1-2w

    Ethiopia, EC aid 591w

    Ethiopia, New Partnership for African Development 489w

    Fair trade initiative, Dept for International Development 1132w

    Heavily indebted poor countries initiative 308w

    Hurricanes and tornadoes, Caribbean 592-3w

    Manpower, Dept for International Development 493w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Dept for International Development 491w

    Non-governmental organisations, Trade agreements 592w

    Overseas aid, Health education 491-3w

    Public bodies, Dept for International Development 174w

    Serbia, Overseas aid 311w

    Trade agreements, Drugs 593w

    Turkey, Overseas aid 874w

    Uganda, Arms trade 591w

    United Nations, International assistance 313w

    Visits abroad, Dept for International Development 1132w

    Zimbabwe, Diamonds 768w

    Zimbabwe, Non-governmental organisations 1w


Sick leave

    Lord Chancellor's Dept 480w

    Public Trust Office 473w

Sickness benefits

Sierra Leone

Sight impaired

Simmonds, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.


    Ambulance services, Rural areas 253w

    Hospitals, Lincolnshire 716w

Simpson, Mr Alan

                  Debates etc.

    Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill, Rem stages (26.11.01) 702-3

    Home Energy Conservation Bill, 2R (30.11.01) 1242-6


    Afghanistan, Armed conflict 1181-2w

    Alternative energy, Orders and regulations 167w

    Arms control, Satellite weapons 187w

    Ballistic missile defence 187w

    Developing countries, Dumping 315w

    Export credit guarantees, Ukraine 305w

    Financial services 340w

    Independent Case Examiner for the Child Support Agency, Administrative delays 706w

    Overseas aid, Ukraine 305w

    Overseas investment, Ukraine 305w

    UN Security Council, Nuclear disarmament 187w

    USA, Ballistic missile defence 102-3w

Simpson, Mr Keith


    Buildings, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 208w

    Defence Academy, Manpower 171w

    Defence Academy, Public appointments 18w, 512-4w

    Emergencies, Planning 18-20

    Farmers, Security of tenure 848-9w

    Foot and mouth disease 431w

    Foot and mouth disease, Civil servants 431w

    Foot and mouth disease, Compensation 838w

    Foot and mouth disease, Disease control 200-1w, 431w

    Foot and mouth disease, Military aid 13-4w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 208w

    Official engagements, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1178w

    Open government, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 209w

    Standards, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1024w

Single parents

    see Lone parents

Single regeneration budget

Sites of special scientific interest

Sixth form colleges

Sixth form education

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