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Coaker Mr Vernon


    Organised crime, Northern Ireland 318w

    Pay, Qualifications 942w

    Regional enterprise grants 866-7w

    Voting behaviour 329


Coastal areas

Coffey, Ms Ann


    Parliamentary scrutiny 165w

Cohen, Harry


    Afghanistan, Armed conflict 3w

    Athletics, Picketts Lock 1028w

    Cuba, Hurricanes and tornadoes 309-10w

    Iron and steel, Port Talbot 858-9w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 182-3w

    Sports, Greater London 45-6w

    Working families tax credit 447-8

Coleman, Mr Iain

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Rents, Reform 18w

Collins, Mr Tim

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Public sector (05.12.01) 84-6wh


    Public bodies, Scotland Office 803w

Combined heat and power

    Climate change levy 681w

Commemorative coins

    Queen Elizabeth II 887w

Commission for Health Improvement

Commission for Judicial Appointments

Committal proceedings

Common agricultural policy

Common fisheries policy

Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill (HL) 2001/02


Commonwealth Games

Community care

Community Legal Service

Community Punishment and Rehabilitation Service

    see National Probation Service for England and Wales

Community relations

Community services grant


    Government assistance 427w

Company accounts


    Garages and petrol stations 151w

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Compulsory purchase


    Housing benefit 780w


    Aggregates levy 68w

Conditional fee agreements

Conditions of employment

    Higher education 816w

    Ministry of Defence 6w



    see Democratic Republic of Congo

Connarty, Mr Michael

                  Debates etc.

    European Communities (05.12.01) 391


    EU Internal Market Consumer Affairs and Tourism Council 651-3w

    Police, Northern Ireland 321w



    Industrial relations 49w

Consolidated Fund Bill 2001/02

                  Debates etc.

    1R (11.12.01) 810

    2R* and 3R* (12.12.01) 967

Consolidation Bills Joint Select Committee



    British Nuclear Fuels 655w

    Dept for Education and Skills 641w

    Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 1017w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 649w

    University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust 372w



Contact orders

Contingency reserve


    European Space Agency 654w

    Public private partnerships 55-6w


Conway, Derek


    Members, Correspondence 103w

Cook, Frank


    Acupuncture, General practitioners 168w

Cook, Rt Hon Robin, President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons


    Appointments Commission 466w

    Appointments Commission, Annual reports 466w

    Appointments Commission, Manpower 466w

    Appointments Commission, Working hours 466w

    Correspondence, President of the Council 90-1w

    Fair trade initiative, President of the Council 311w

    Oral questions, Questions rota 311w

    Parliamentary year 161

    Parliamentary year, Legislative process 164-5

    Royal prerogative, Orders and regulations 599w

Corbyn, Jeremy

                  Debates etc.


    Millennium landmark projects 39w

Corporate hospitality

    Crown Estate Commissioners 766w

Corporation tax

    Small businesses 207w



    Ministry of Defence 742w

    Railway stations 279w

Corston, Jean


    Administration of justice, Northern Ireland 318w

Cotter, Brian

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Foot and mouth disease, Disease control (04.12.01) 37-9wh


    Foot and mouth disease, Disease control 396-7w

    Industrial health and safety, EC action 286w

    National Lottery 43w

    Nuclear power stations, South West region 653w

Council housing

Council of Economic Advisers

    Public private partnerships 999w

Council of Europe

Council of Ministers

Council tax

    Civil defence 30w

    Empty property 30w

    Greater London 30w

    Official residences 46-7w

Council tax benefit subsidy limitation scheme

Council tax benefits

Council tax capping


    Unitary councils 447w


Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000


Countryside stewardship scheme

County courts

Court of Appeal

Court orders


Cousins, Mr Jim


    Antisocial behaviour orders 1003-4w

    Asylum, HIV infection 694w

    Defence equipment, Testing 965w

    Financial services, British overseas territories 325-6w

    Financial services, Standards 324-5w

    Fire services, Pensions 445w

    Flood control, Standard spending assessments 36w

    Haemophilia, Medical treatments 981w

    Heart diseases, Death rate 61w

    Institutional care, Fees and charges 904w

    International Military Services 345w

    Lloyd's of London 327w

    Means tested benefits 195w

    Pensioners, Income support 607w

    Population, Tyne and Wear 57-8w

    Pre-Budget Report 2001 325w

    Prosecutions, Blackmail 377w

    Roads, Standard spending assessments 559-60w

    Sacred Heart High School Newcastle 642w

    Social security benefits, Post offices 996w

    Teachers, Pensions 84w


Cox, Mr Tom


    Asylum, Wandsworth Prison 695w

    Children in care, Abuse 927-8w

    Committal proceedings, Administrative delays 485-6w

    Heart diseases, Greater London 714w

    Prison Service, Housing 699w

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