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Bacon, Mr Richard

                  Debates etc.

    Employee Share Schemes Bill, 2R (18.01.02) 548-50


    BBC, Digital broadcasting 603-4

    Climate change levy 660w

    Norfolk and Norwich Hospital 742-3


    see Bovine tuberculosis

BAE Systems

Bailey, Mr Adrian

                  Debates etc.

    Employee Share Schemes Bill, 2R (18.01.02) 535-7

    Industrial and Provident Societies Bill, 2R (25.01.02) 1130-3


    Health action zones 389w

Baird, Vera


    Future large aircraft 11

Baker, Norman

                  Debates etc.

    Community care (16.01.02) 378

    Railways (16.01.02) 344


    Accident and emergency departments, Sussex 390w

    Armed forces, Deployment 731w

    BBC Monitoring, Finance 890w

    China, Prisoners 774w

    Civil service agencies, Lobbying 891w

    Environment protection, Home Office 466w

    Export credit guarantees, Environment protection 1067-70w

    Government Communications Headquarters 775w

    Government departments, Documents 374-6w

    GoVia, Franchises 425w

    Green Ministers Committee, Home Office 466w

    Intelligence services, International cooperation 774w, 776w

    Internet, Data protection 1072w

    Metropolitan Police, Disclosure of information 804w

    National Asset Register 699w

    National Technical Assistance Centre 831-2w

    Nuclear power stations, Decommissioning 38w, 1056w

    Official secrets, Prosecutions 830-2w

    Parliament, Telephone tapping 593w

    Parliamentary questions, Cabinet Office 891w

    Parliamentary questions, Dept for Education and Skills 830w

    Parliamentary questions, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 775w

    Parliamentary questions, Lord Chancellor's Dept 1178w

    Parliamentary questions, Treasury 705w

    Portcullis House, Repairs and maintenance 693-4w

    Poultry, Animal welfare 1172w

    Prisons, Private sector 935w

    Public expenditure, Home Office 1181-2w

    RAF Menwith Hill 316w

    Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, Prosecutions 834w

    Roads, South East region 335w

    Schengen Agreement, Information technology 1093-4w

    Standards, Home Office 1185w

    Telecommunications 744w

    USA, Armed forces 994w

    USA, Ballistic missile defence 320w

    USA, Reserve forces USA 736w

    Visits abroad, Prime Minister 298w

    Winter fuel payments, Lewes 368w

    Written questions, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 719w

Balance of payments

Baldry, Tony

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Landfill tax credit scheme, Oxfordshire (15.01.02) 50-1wh


    Afghanistan, Overseas aid 1003w

    Commonwealth Development Corporation, Overseas investment 604-5w

    Iron and steel 423

    Overseas aid, Education 603w

    Tanzania, Air traffic control 48w

Ballistic missile defence



Bank notes

Bank services

    Petitions (15.01.02) 266

Banks, Mr Tony


    Afghanistan, Armed conflict 17-8

Barcelona Summit (EC)

Barker, Mr Gregory

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Economic and monetary union (15.01.02) 9wh


    Cancer, Medical treatments 535w

    General practitioners, Vacancies 747w

    Housing benefit, Lone parents 1141w

    Medical treatments 676w

    Pensioners, Income 996

    Queen Elizabeth II, Anniversaries 53w

Barnes, Mr Harry

                  Debates etc.

    Afghanistan, Prisoners (21.01.02) 632

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Driving instruction 1046w

    Electronic voting 611

    Gibraltar, Spain 27-8

    Manufacturing industries 1007

    Organised crime, Northern Ireland 281


    Working families tax credit 1152w

Baron, Mr John

                  Debates etc.

    International Development Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (23.01.02) 951, 954-8

    National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professions Bill, Rep (15.01.02) 189-90, 219-20

    War pensions (23.01.02) 902


    Business questions 446

    Hospitals, Management 169

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 873-4

    Members, Correspondence 779w

    Taxation, Self-employed 980w

    Weapons, Northern Ireland 281-2

Barrett, John

                  Debates etc.

    Employee Share Schemes Bill, 2R (18.01.02) 560-1


    Air traffic control, Prestwick 167w

    Broadcasting programmes, Languages 1111-2w

    Deep vein thrombosis 1044w

    International relations, Scotland 139

    Manufacturing industries, Scotland 997-8

    Transport, Patients 716w

    Transport, Scotland 876w


    Health services 952w

    Sure start programme 217w

Battle, Mr John

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

Battle of Trafalgar

Bayley, Hugh

                  Debates etc.


    Members, Oaths and affirmations 170w


    Digital broadcasting 603-5

    Public appointments 1020w

BBC Monitoring

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