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SA80 rifle

St Helena

St Helens

    Industrial diseases 742w

St Helier Hospital

Salmond, Mr Alex

                  Debates etc.

    Railways (14.01.02) 44-5


    Common fisheries policy 800w

    Economic situation, Scotland 141-2

    National insurance contributions, Offshore industry 914w


Salter, Mr Martin

                  Debates etc.

    Members of Parliament (Employment Disqualification) Bill, 1R (15.01.02) 170


Sanders, Mr Adrian


    Cancer, Medical treatments 533w

    Members, Correspondence 84w

Sarwar, Mr Mohammad

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Middle East, Peace negotiations (15.01.02) 37-9wh

Savidge, Mr Malcolm

                  Debates etc.

    Afghanistan, Prisoners (21.01.02) 630


    Aviation, Environment protection 1052w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict, Exservicemen 915-6w

Sayeed, Mr Jonathan

                  Debates etc.

    Home Energy Conservation Bill, Money res (14.01.02) 124-6

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Landfill tax credit scheme, Oxfordshire (15.01.02) 51wh, 53wh


    Combined heat and power 780w

    Combined heat and power, Manpower 931w

Schengen Agreement


School meals

School Standards and Framework Act 1998


School Teachers' Review Body


    North East region 586w

    Pedestrian crossings 200w

    Repairs and maintenance 446-8w

Schools access initiative


Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition

    Public appointments 66-8w


    Dept for Education and Skills 1007w

    Disability living allowance 368w

    Disability Rights Commission 165-6w

    Economic and monetary union 419w

    Environment protection 509w

    Human Reproductive Cloning Act 2001 169w, 596w

    Human rights 143

    Legislative process 142-3

    Manufacturing industries 997-8

    Occupational pensions 366w

    Winter fuel payments 811w

    Working families tax credit 165w

Scotland Act 1998


Scotland Office

    Environment protection 595w

Scottish Bus Group

Scottish courts

Scottish Executive

    Council of Ministers 419w

    EC Health Council 545w

    Overseas workers 128w

Scottish Parliament

    Convention on the Future of Europe 167-8w

Scottish Provident

Scottish Trades Union Congress

Scottish Transport Group


Sea fisheries committees


    Environment protection 1158w

Secondary education

    Standard spending assessments 907-9w

Secondhand goods



    Northern Ireland 299w

Security Service




    Conditions of employment 154-5w

    Foreign companies 154w

    Operating costs 511w

Selous, Andrew

                  Debates etc.

    Bank services, Petitions (15.01.02) 266

    Public sector (22.01.02) 843-4


    Armed forces, Discipline 51w

    Disadvantaged, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 931-2w

    Disadvantaged, Dept for Work and Pensions 809w

    East of England Regional Cultural Consortium, Public appointments 621w

    Ringfenced funding, Dept for Education and Skills 585w

    Voluntary organisations, Grants 1183-5w


Service Families Task Force

Service industries





Sexual offences

Sexual Offences Act 1956


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