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    Church of England Children's Society 596w

    Devolution 7w

    EC grants and loans 857w

    Foot and mouth disease 860w

    Industrial diseases 856w

    Manufacturing industries 855-6w

    New deal schemes 858w

    Regional planning and development 1005w

    Regional selective assistance 858w

Wales Office

    see Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

Walley, Ms Joan


    Antisocial behaviour orders, Staffordshire 845w

    Capital allowances, Environment protection 1148-9w

    Children's tax credit, Stoke on Trent 244w

    Educational maintenance allowance 223w, 231w

    Entry clearances, Appeals 349w

    Family practitioner services, Stoke on Trent 538w

    Fire services, Finance 875w

    Hospitals, Management 1123w

    Import duties, USA 322w

    International economic policy 245-6w

    Planning permission, Appeals 331-2w

    Poland, EC enlargement 887w

    Terrorism, Isle of Man 973w

    VAT, Educational institutions 238w

    Winter fuel payments, Staffordshire 362w


War crimes

    Bosnia-Herzegovina 735w

War graves

War pensions

    Ministerial statements (23.01.02) 891-902

Ward, Ms Claire

                  Debates etc.

    Employee Share Schemes Bill, 2R (18.01.02) 566-7, 570

    Industrial and Provident Societies Bill, 2R (25.01.02) 1157

    National Heritage Bill (HL), 2R (18.01.02) 585

    Office of Communications Bill (HL), 2R (14.01.02) 90-2


    Local government, Elections 720-1w

    Tourism, Terrorism 608

Ward housekeeper scheme

Warehouse parties

Warehousekeepers And Owners of Warehoused Goods Regulations 1999


Wareing, Mr Robert N


    Accident and emergency departments 729


    Sure start programme 451w


    Decommissioning 992w

    Medical equipment 62w

Waste disposal

Waste management


Water sports

Water supply

Waterloo Station

Waterson, Mr Nigel

                  Debates etc.

    Schools, East Sussex (15.01.02) 267-9


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 1-3

    Consignia, Public appointments 409-10w

    Institutional care, Tax allowances 246w

    Postal services, Christmas 322w

Watkinson, Angela

                  Debates etc.

    Office of Communications Bill (HL), 2R (14.01.02) 98-9

    Public sector (22.01.02) 839, 845

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    General Service Medal, Suez Canal (16.01.02) 126wh

    Metropolitan Police (16.01.02) 111wh

    Standard spending assessments, Havering (23.01.02) 309-11wh


    Local government finance, Greenbelt 714w

    Tenancy deposit scheme 575w

Watson, Mr Tom

                  Debates etc.

    Industrial and Provident Societies Bill, 2R (25.01.02) 1134-6


Watts, Mr Dave


    Agriculture, Subsidies 1029w

    Common agricultural policy, Reform 1172-3w

    Correspondence, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1154w

    Foot and mouth disease, Hunting 619w

    Hill farming, Subsidies 1029w

    Mineworkers' pension scheme 1074w

    Sierra Leone, Armed forces 50w



Webb, Mr Steve

                  Debates etc.

    Community care (16.01.02) 381

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Standard spending assessments, Gloucestershire (22.01.02) 230-4wh, 236wh


    Ashfield Prison 95w

    Child tax credit 652w

    Hospital beds, Gloucestershire 378w

    Incapacity benefit, Medical examinations 1140w

    Minimum funding requirement 42-3w

    Oldbury power station 161w

    Pension credit 42w

    Pensions, Tax rates and bands 224-5w

    SchlumbergerSema, Standards 851w

    Social security benefits, Advocacy 372-3w

    Stakeholder pensions 366w

Weir, Mr Michael

                  Debates etc.

    Industrial and Provident Societies Bill, 2R (25.01.02) 1114-5, 1141


    Aggregates levy, Scotland 247-8w

    Dungavel Detention Centre 95-6w

    Environment protection, Scotland 509w

    Exservicemen, Radiation exposure 394w, 556w

    Motor neurone disease 65-6w

    Oil and Gas Directorate, Manpower 1064w

    Television, Licensing 340w

Welbeck College

Welfare tax credits

Welsh Assembly

    see National Assembly for Wales

Welsh language

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 857w

Wembley National Stadium

    Public appointments 1021w

Wembley Stadium Project Review

West coast railway line

West Freugh airfield

West Midlands

West Sussex

West Sussex Health Authority

West Yorkshire

Western European Union

Westminster Hall sittings

    (14.01.02) 126, (15.01.02) 266, (16.01.02) 402

Westmorland Hospital

    Accident and emergency departments 1083-4w

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