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    see Females


Wood, Mr Mike


    Television, Licensing 727w

Woodward, Mr Shaun


    Africa, HIV infection 1002w

    Children's Commissioner for Wales, Standards 8w, 1091-2w

Woolas, Mr Phil, An Assistant Whip

                  Debates etc.

    Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry (17.01.02) 513


    Railway stations 864w


    Foot and mouth disease 782w

    Local government finance 15w

    Sixth form education 587w

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

    Public appointments 1085w

Worcestershire Community and Mental Health NHS Trust

Worcestershire Royal Hospital

    Medical records 387w

Work permits

Working Age Agency

    see Jobcentre Plus

Working conditions

Working families tax credit

Working hours

Working mothers

Working Time Regulations 1998


World heritage sites

World Summit on Sustainable Development

Wormwood Scrubs

Worthington, Tony

                  Debates etc.

    International Development Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (23.01.02) 951, 963-4

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Somalia, Food aid 695w

    Sudan, Overseas aid 695w

    Sudan, Peace negotiations 695w

Wray, Mr James


    Animal experiments, Higher education 1099-100w

    British Nuclear Fuels, Privatisation 155w

    Civil servants, Manpower 891-2w

    Disability Rights Commission, Scotland 165-6w

    Homelessness, Mentally ill 12-3w

    Iraq, Chemical and biological warfare 773w

    Iraq, Sanctions 887w

    Iraq, Terrorism 887w

    Members, Information technology 152

    Mental health services, Finance 376-7w

    Nuclear power stations, Health hazards 1054w

    Offences against children 1102w

    Sexual offences 184w

    Warships, Decommissioning 992w

    Warships, Repairs and maintenance 735-6w

    Working mothers 412w


Wright, Mr Anthony D


    Business questions 1017

    Chronic fatigue syndrome 884

Wright, David


    Accident and emergency departments, Finance 747w

    English Partnerships, Finance 328w

    English Partnerships, Property development 326w

    Hospitals, Private finance initiative 538-9w

    Housing, Northern region 326w

    Unemployment, Telford 369w

Wright, Tony


    Indonesia, Religious freedom 772-3w

Written questions

    Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 719w

Wyatt, Derek

                  Debates etc.

    Office of Communications Bill (HL), 2R (14.01.02) 69-70, 75, 85, 87-9


    Aerials, Planning permission 722w

    Africa, Money laundering 889w

    Firing ranges, Shoeburyness 19

    Kenya, Elections 584w

    Kenya, Money laundering 602w

    New Opportunities Fund, Sports 8w

    Regional planning and development, South East region 163-4w

    Swimming pools 8w

    Tanzania, Air traffic control 6w

    Theft, Cellular phones 1097w

    Zambia, Elections 584w

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