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    Genetically modified organisms 97w

Labour Party

    National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers 284-5

Ladyman, Dr Stephen

                  Debates etc.

    Education Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (06.02.02) 974, 976


    General certificate of secondary education 1017

Laing, Mrs Eleanor

                  Debates etc.

    Education Bill, Rep (05.02.02) 825-6

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    General certificate of secondary education 1018

Lamb, Norman

                  Debates etc.

    Afghanistan, Reconstruction (28.01.02) 34

Lammy, David

                  Debates etc.

    Housing, Haringey (07.02.02) 1148-51


    Immigrants, Languages 590


    Antisocial behaviour orders 657-8w


Land at Palace Avenue Kensington (Acquisition of Freehold) Bill 2001/02

                  Debates etc.

    2R* (29.01.02) 135

Land Registry

Landfill tax credit scheme


    White Hart Lane School 103w

Lansley, Mr Andrew

                  Debates etc.

    Education Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (06.02.02) 900

    Local government finance (30.01.02) 387-9

    Police grant (30.01.02) 331-3

    Postal services (29.01.02) 251

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Holocaust Memorial Day 524w

    Whittington Hospital, Medical records 558w

Latin America


Law Commission

"Law Commission Report 270: Limitation of Actions"

Lawrence, Mrs Jackie


Laws, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Education Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (06.02.02) 877, 897, 907, 916, 921

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Territorial Army (06.02.02) 266-8wh


    Economic and monetary union, Interest rates 223w

    Euro Preparations Advisory Group 842w

    European Communities, Constitutions 803w

    Health authorities, Per capita costs 1036-8w

    Health authorities, Somerset 1236-7w

    Health insurance 420w

    Health insurance, Cabinet Office 938w

    Health insurance, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1112w

    Health insurance, Dept for International Development 1013w

    Health insurance, Dept for Work and Pensions 1018w

    Health insurance, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 953w

    Health insurance, Lord Chancellor's Dept 1030w

    Health insurance, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 957w

    Health insurance, Scotland Office 1014w

    Health insurance, Treasury 955w

    Hospitals, Somerset 1238w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 564-6w

    Medical treatments, EC countries 153-4w

    Military aircraft 14w

    Parish councils 244w

    Post offices, Closures 67-8w

    Schools, Buildings 881w

    Schools, Repairs and maintenance 484-6w

    Specialist schools, Yeovil 1055w

    Tax allowances, Sports 8w

    Written questions, Ministerial policy advisors 954w

Laxton, Mr Bob

                  Debates etc.

    Postal services (29.01.02) 182

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Gibraltar, Spain (31.01.02) 139wh


Lazarowicz, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.


    Bus lanes, Motorcycles 198w

    Developing countries, Literacy 311w

    Devolution, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 178w

    Eastern Europe, Embassies 763-4w

    EC enlargement, Common agricultural policy 729

    European Food Authority 352w

    Fair trade initiative, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1109w

    Fair trade initiative, Dept for International Development 912-3w

    Fair trade initiative, Dept of Trade and Industry 964w

    Fair trade initiative, Lord Chancellor's Dept 1229w

    Fair trade initiative, Solicitor-General 1052w

Learning and skills councils

Learning disability

"Learning Disability White Paper"

Learning support units

    Buckinghamshire 127w


Legal aid

Legal costs

Legal opinion

Legal profession

    Northern Ireland 605w

Legal Services Commission

    Public appointments 1131w

Legal Services Ombudsman

Legal systems

    Sierra Leone 32w



Leicestershire Constabulary

Leigh, Mr Edward

                  Debates etc.

    Education Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (06.02.02) 921-2, 947-51

    Postal services (29.01.02) 193


    Railway stations 584w

Leslie, Mr Christopher, Parliamentary Secretary Cabinet Office

                  Debates etc.

    Civil Defence (Grant) Bill, Rep and 3R (28.01.02) 58-62, 66-7, 74-5

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Central Office of Information 858-9w

    Civil servants, Ethnic groups 251-2w

    Civil servants, Private sector 860w

    Civil servants, Recruitment 1124w

    Civil servants, Retirement 940-1w

    Civil servants, Secondment 90-1w

    Empty property, Cabinet Office 939-40w

    Future of Farming and Food Policy Commission, Duchy of Lancaster 847-8

    Government departments, Information technology 937w

    Hacking, Cabinet Office 705w

    Health insurance, Cabinet Office 938w

    Higher civil servants 859w

    Higher civil servants, Equal opportunities 91w

    Higher civil servants, Private sector 938-9w

    Higher civil servants, Recruitment 934w

    Holiday leave, Cabinet Office 704w

    Market research, Cabinet Office 251w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Pay 850-1

    Non-departmental public bodies, Cabinet Office 531w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Public appointments 91-2w

    Official cars, Cabinet Office 401-2w

    Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, Public appointments 401w

    Private finance initiative, Cabinet Office 940w

    Public appointments, Females 935w

    Public expenditure, Cabinet Office 939w

    Public relations, Cabinet Office 251w

    Standards, Cabinet Office 402w

    Television, Cabinet Office 705w

Letwin, Mr Oliver

                  Debates etc.


    Farms, Waste disposal 97w

    Meat Hygiene Service, South West region 138w

    Terrorism, Costs 85w

    Waste disposal, Farms 64w

    Winter fuel payments, Administrative delays 414w

Levene of Portsoken, Lord

Levitt, Mr Tom

                  Debates etc.

    Civil Defence (Grant) Bill, Rep and 3R (28.01.02) 59


    Future of Farming and Food Policy Commission 163-4

    Medical records, Information technology 621-2w

    Treasury Solicitor's Dept, Accountancy 343w

Lewes Prison

Lewis, Mr Ivan, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Education and Skills


    Adult education, Administration 112w

    Bidwell Brook School, Finance 230-1w

    Billing, Dept for Education and Skills 722w

    Deregulation, Dept for Education and Skills 131w

    Education, Public participation 1009-11

    Educational maintenance allowance 131w, 1057w

    Empty property, Dept for Education and Skills 230w

    Environmental education, Grants 1197w

    Examination boards, Standards 133w

    Further education, Romford 1222w

    Higher education, Administration 112w

    Learning and skills councils, Finance 1210-2w

    Pre-school education, Administration 111w

    Press, Dept for Education and Skills 129w

    Private finance initiative, Dept for Education and Skills 629-32w

    Pupil referral units, Buckinghamshire 127w

    Pupils, Migration 721w

    Queen Elizabeth II, Anniversaries 131-2w

    Schools, Administration 111-2w

    Schools, Collective worship 1056w

    Schools, Holocaust Memorial Day 135w

    Secondary education, Curriculum 723w

    Secondment, Dept for Education and Skills 1217w

    Sixth form education, Finance 1222w

    Transforming Youth Work Development Fund 304w

Lewis, Dr Julian

                  Debates etc.

    Afghanistan, Reconstruction (28.01.02) 32

    Business questions (07.02.02) 1048

    Civil Defence (Grant) Bill, Rep and 3R (28.01.02) 45

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Territorial Army (06.02.02) 254-5wh


    Closed circuit television 587-8

    Gibraltar, Spain 743

    Ministerial policy advisors 848-9

Lewis, Mr Terry


    Gibraltar, Police 234w

    Gibraltar, Smuggling 234w

    Spain, Morocco 36w

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