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Ashley, James

Assets Recovery Agency

Assisted areas

Association of Chief Police Officers



Atherton, Ms Candy


    Local government, Elections 402w

    South Africa, Water supply 347w


Atkins, Charlotte


    Beta-interferon 545

    State retirement pensions 706

Atkinson, Mr David


    County courts, Working hours 617w

    Eyesight, Surgery 955w

Atkinson, Mr Peter

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Asylum, Housing 899w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 304

    London Underground, Public private partnerships 1514-5w

Atlantic Ocean

Atomic Weapons Establishment

Attendance allowance

Audio equipment

Auld Review

Austin, Mr John


    Institutional care, Fees and charges 1068w


    State retirement pensions 779w

Automated credit transfer

Automatic train protection


    Foreign workers 239w

    Government assistance 21-2w

    Organophosphates 241w

Avon and Somerset Constabulary

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