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Cran, Mr James


Cranston, Ross

                  Debates etc.

    Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards (13.02.02) 249-53


    Public private partnerships 818

Crausby, Mr David


    Departmental expenditure limits, Lord Chancellor's Dept 1190-2w

    Kosovo, Peace keeping operations 18



Credit unions

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease


Crime and disorder partnerships

Crime prevention

Crimes against property

Crimes of violence

    Northern Ireland 353w

    Social Security Benefits Agency 1472-3w

Criminal Assets Recovery Agency

    see Assets Recovery Agency

Criminal Cases Review Commission

Criminal Courts Review

Criminal injuries compensation

Criminal investigation

Criminal proceedings

Criminal records


    Genetically modified organisms 922w

Crown immunity

Crown Prosecution Service


Cryer, Mrs Ann

                  Debates etc.

    Yarls Wood Detention Centre (25.02.02) 452


Cryer, John


    Business questions 853

    Commonwealth Education Fund 822

    Metropolitan Police, Manpower 49-50w

    Social Security Benefits Agency, Standards 109w


Cummings, Mr John


    Accident and emergency departments, Manpower 1015-6w

Cunningham, Mr Jim

                  Debates etc.

    Health Reform (Education and Public Involvement) Bill, 1R (26.02.02) 579-80


    Food poisoning, Coventry 1618w

    High rise flats, Coventry 832w

    Higher education, Pay 211w

    HIV infection, West Midlands 1083w

    Local government finance 1175w

    Post offices, Closures 531w

    Public libraries, Finance 412w

    Social rented housing 1165w

    Walsgrave Hospital 952w

Cunningham, Tony


    Dental services, Finance 954w

    Horses, EC internal trade 662w

    Working families tax credit, Eligibility 370w


Curry, Rt Hon David


Curtis-Thomas, Ms Claire


    Administration of justice 914w

    Child protection committees 1422-3w

    Criminal injuries compensation, Prisoners 1496-7w

    Criminal proceedings, Publications 619-20w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Standards 1338w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Training 1334-6w

    Emergencies, Planning 1266w

    Females, Flexible working 74-5w

    Government departments, Regulatory impact assessments 557w

    HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, Publications 914-5w

    Individual learning accounts 1225w

    Legal profession, Bureaucracy 1332-3w

    Legal profession, Career structure 1531w

    Manufacturing industries, Conferences 851w

    Mentally incapacitated, Terminology 621-2w

    Parental leave, Part-time employment 857-8w

    Post offices, Rural areas 1120w

    Sector Skills Development Agency, Public appointments 740w

    Sexual offences, Rehabilitation 1396-7w

    Skilled workers, Shortages 1224w

Custodial treatment

Customs and Excise

    Departmental expenditure limits 369-70w


    Road traffic offences 1241w

Cynon Valley

Czech Republic

    Overseas investment 1601w

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