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Thames Flood Barrier


    Repairs and maintenance 1637w


    Dept for Education and Skills 99w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 645w

    Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 381-2w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 848-9w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 161w, 432w

    Lord Chancellor's Dept 834w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 704w, 1227-8w

    President of the Council 633w

Thomas, Gareth


    Skilled workers, Shortages 738-9w

Thomas, Mr Gareth R

                  Debates etc.


    Alternative energy, Finance 1431w

    Anorexia, Mental health services 1064-5w

    Athletics, Medicine 1327w

    Defence, Pakistan 17

    Electoral register 229w

    Fishing, Licensing 924w

    Litter, Prosecutions 1503w

    London Underground, Sick leave 224-5w

    Medical profession, Greater London 482w

    Metropolitan Police, Housing 623w

    Northwick Park Hospital, Maternity services 706-7

    Office of Water Services, Departmental expenditure limits 512w

    Prescriptions, Fees and charges 1620w

    Prisoners, Muslims 55w

    Provident societies 581w

    Rents to mortgages scheme, Greater London 26-7w

    School leaving certificates 99-100w

    Teachers, Bureaucracy 209w

    Teachers, Housing 209w

    Teachers, Sabbatical leave 209w

    Voting behaviour 229w

Thomas, Simon

                  Debates etc.

    Business questions (11.02.02) 21-2

    Wales (28.02.02) 923


    Iron and steel 301

    Labour Party, Conferences 1237w

    Radioactive materials, Transport 225w

    Wind power, Wales 520w

Thorne Moors

Throckmorton airfield

    Foot and mouth disease 646w

Thurso, John


    Tourism, Scotland 187w


Times of sittings

    House of Commons 147w

Timetabling of bills

Timms, Mr Stephen, Minister of State for Schools, Dept for Education and Skills


    Advanced skills teachers, Manpower 742-3w

    Advanced skills teachers, Recruitment 743w

    Education, Newcastle upon Tyne 740w

    Education, Standard spending assessments 100-2w

    Playing fields, Planning permission 733-6w

    Primary education 743w

    Primary education, Standards 608w

    Pupil exclusions 430w

    School leaving certificates 99-100w

    Secondary education, Standard spending assessments 740-2w

    Sixth form education, Standard spending assessments 748w

    Specialist schools, Applications 426-30w

    Standards Fund, Stoke on Trent 1542w

    "Statistics of Education" 1553w

    Teachers, Bureaucracy 209w

    Teachers, Crimes of violence 606w

    Teachers, Personnel management 606w

    Teachers, Recruitment 210w

    Teachers, Retirement 1226w

    Teachers, Sabbatical leave 209w

Tipping, Mr Paddy


    British Coal Corporation, Equal pay 206-7

    Coal, Pollution control 532w

    Foot and mouth disease, Waste disposal 1345-6w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 294w

    Urban Green Spaces Task Force 1206w

Tipping of waste


Todd, Mr Mark

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Information technology, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 654w

    NHS, Information technology 127w

    Primary health care, Derbyshire 544

    Rural areas, Databases 1200w


Tomahawk missiles


Tomorrow project

Tonge, Dr Jenny

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control 91w

    Commonwealth Development Corporation, Overseas investment 576w

    Commonwealth Development Corporation, Sub-Saharan Africa 575w

    Developing countries, Debts 1428-9w

    Heavily indebted poor countries initiative 1427w, 1442w

    Helicopters, Greater London 23-4w

    Intellectual property, Trade agreements 859-60w

    Nigeria, Ethnic groups 261w

    Pornography, Magazine press 662w

    Prisoners, Crimes against property 312w

    Publicity, Dept for International Development 895w

    Sudan, Armed conflict 1490w

    Sudan, Overseas aid 1466w

    Sudan, Peace negotiations 1490w

    World Summit on Sustainable Development 895w


    Disabled person's tax credit 1217w



Touhig, Mr Don, Parliamentary Secretary, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

                  Debates etc.


    Crime and disorder partnerships, Wales 1273w

    Crime prevention, Wales 1274w

    Crimes of violence, Wales 1274w

    Domestic violence, Wales 1273w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 1277w

    Skilled workers, Wales 1275w


Town and Country Finance Issues Group

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