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Jobcentre Plus

    Closed circuit television 151-2w

    Crimes of violence 148w

    Working conditions 419w


Jobseeker's allowance

    Non-teaching staff 150w

Johnson, Alan, Minister of State for Employment Relations and Regions, Dept of Trade and Industry


    Advantage West Midlands, EC regional policy 459w

    Conditions of employment 417-9

    East of England Development Agency, Finance 683-4w

    Employment, Regulation 87w

    Employment tribunals, Dept of Trade and Industry 77w

    Industrial health and safety, Pregnant women 802w

    Pensions, Industrial disputes 89w

    Privatisation, Pension rights 88-9w

    Public holidays, Pay 452w

    Regional assistance, Buckingham 81-4w

    Young people, Employment 803w

Johnson, Mr Boris

                  Debates etc.


    Abandoned vehicles 268w

    Capita, Dept for Education and Skills 247w

    Capita, Home Office 275w

    Capita, Scotland Office 859w

Johnson, Miss Melanie, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept of Trade and Industry


    Arthur Andersen, KPMG 687w

    Astra Windows, Company liquidations 801w

    Claims Direct, Inquiries 458-9w

    Companies House, Standards 800w

    Consumers, Protection 795w

    EU Internal Market Consumer Affairs and Tourism Council, Scottish Executive 243w

    Insolvency, North West region 686-8w

    Insolvency Act 2000 686w

    Insolvency Service, Criminal investigation 685-6w

    Insolvency Service, Finance 684w

    Insolvency Service, Manpower 78-9w

    Insolvency Service, Standards 685-6w

    Insolvency Service, Telephone services 78w, 684w

    Labelling, Animal experiments 457-8w

    Metrication, Retail trade 245w

    P and O, Royal Caribbean Cruises 687w

    Patent Office, Action Aid 244w

    Patent Office, Codes of practice 243-4w

    Patent Office, Standards 362-3w

    Science, Investment 427-8

    Unsolicited goods and services, Facsimile transmission 459w

Joint strike fighter aircraft

Jones, Helen M

                  Debates etc.

    Warehouses, Fire prevention (18.03.02) 142-5


    Army Base Repair Organisation 842w

    Counterfeit manufacturing, Northern Ireland 334-5w

    Education, Public participation 631w

    Health services, Disadvantaged 687

    Maternity services 528w

    Unsolicited goods and services, Facsimile transmission 459w

Jones, Ian

Jones, Mr Jon Owen

                  Debates etc.

    Afghanistan, Armed conflict (20.03.02) 348

Jones, Dr Lynne

                  Debates etc.


    Computers within reach programme 254-5w

    Council housing, Birmingham 355w

    Council housing, Walsall 22w

    Home energy efficiency scheme 141-2w

    Local government, VAT 963w

    Mothers, Employment 461w

Jones, Mr Martyn David


    Airlines, Government assistance 231w

    International Monetary Fund 13w

    Pensioners, Income support 986w

    Prescriptions, Wales 1052w

Jowell, Rt Hon Ms Tessa, Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport


    Archaeology, Finance 567w

    Arts, Education 565w

    Arts, North West region 566w

    Festivals and special occasions, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 42w

    Health education 565w

    Millennium Bridge 575w

    Millennium landmark projects 574w

    Museums and galleries, Cambridge 564w

Joyce, Mr Eric


    Counterfeit manufacturing, Northern Ireland 334-5w



    House of Lords 162

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